The Devil's Parable

This happened last year but I came to realize maybe you guys can help determine when this may occur? Or if you heard something similar?

He came to me speaking parables saying," I have blood on my hands but seeds to plant inside you ."
But I knew what he meant
He basically said He was going to impregnate me .
But the only occurrences that happened that was similar to it was when a human centipede came and planted his seed in me and I gave birth but that was all . He said more than one seed . Meaning he’s probably not done sending me spirits to do his biding or forfill his compromise .
I never asked him for this or even have a connection with him . But if I was to assume anything it would be , I think his saving himself for last ?. That should be interesting :rofl:

Well, what’s your opinion of all this? Do you want this random entities “seed” in the first place?

For me, unless that is more like, a seed of knowledge that’s going to help me grow, I’m going to tell it to fuck off will bells on. :joy: Random devils don’t get to tell me what I will do. If you’re LHP I would be surprised if you would just take all this crap lying down, no pun intended. :smiley:

Seriously, boundaries matter.
You need to have strong boundaries to do black magick and not get roughed up in the process, it’s not ok to let any old self identified “devil” or any entity come up and start taking away your power by telling you what to do.


I believe I had mentioned that I had no intent on giving birth to random entities seeds . He came to me out of his own content and effort . So I’m left to believe I didn’t and still don’t have really much of a choice in this decision maybe .

It’s not a devil it’s " THE DEVIL " himself
And its possible he may have other plans by now .
My ubi may be the one who will plant those seeds for all I know , which would make sense bc he’s the only entity I feel comfortable with doing stuff like that .

I do have boundaries but as what is simply nature , boundaries are only visible to you . And it’s up to others if they so agree on your terms .
I can’t make them obey my terms
That’s up to them individually.
I never asked for them either ,
They came by themselves .

This is a difference in worldviews then, I don’t actually believe in such a thing. I’m not religious and this is a deliberately vague concept from a religion I don’t believe in.

There’s the egregore created by the church to scare people, and the church itself uses the word in the plural, “devils” to mean the same thing as “demons”, more or less. Both words just mean entities the church doesn’t like, a dislike which may or may not be justified, because many of these Lesser Entities are merely parasites and it’s reasonable to kill parasites on sight.

I[quote=“SARAH_TAYLOR, post:5, topic:167571”]
So I’m left to believe I didn’t and still don’t have really much of a choice in this decision maybe … And it’s up to others if they so agree on your terms

No, not in this case… It doesn’t matter if they don’t agree that you don’t want some rando “seed”, when it’s your system and your energy, you have full control unless you give it away. Which you know, since you now say you would only allow your incubus to do it, so which is it, you have control to allow it from certain beings or you don’t? I think you do.

So, it’s your say so and you have to give permission, and you can withdraw permission.

If they fuck with you and you don’t want that, you give them consequences. We have multiple tutorials on how to kill and banish unwanted entities, everybody else can do it and so can you. You’re human, you’re actually more powerful than them and they can’t do shit to you, but you can fuck them up for trying. People don’t realise how powerful they are if they just try. There’s really no reason you have to let them just show up and dick with you.

Why don’t you know?? I think you need to stop being a doormat and control. You still haven’t explained WHY you would accept this. What’s in it for you? It had better be something amazing or why would you bother being so nice about it?

Dirty little buggers… Banish and cleanse. Nobody has to put up with being haunted by randos. This is not how you set and keep good boundaries. You’re sending the message that you can be used and walked over, and that attracts more parasites. I strongly advise you get this situation in hand before it gets worse.

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I never said I accepted this , I’m saying its been told to me .

And I’m not allowing them to control me , they are just talking about it . Nothing really has happened or went that far in depth , Thankfully.

That was a year ago lol not recent , meaning it’s not a problem anymore . But I wanted some advice on the matter or in better words to see if anyone has had an experience such as mine.

@SARAH_TAYLOR Sara this might sound trite or retro 80s but…

If you don’t want his seed then…

Just say no (emphatically).

As to if your ubi will plant tell it no (emphatically) too.

It’s your body, your astral body, your spirit/soul/ba/Ka or whatever you want to call it(I prefer to think of it as soul/spirit so it’s you soul spirit), and it’s your life.

If you don’t want a spirit (or even a human person) to do something you tell them a big ass “NO!” And if they try and force you you extricate yourself from the situation or fight back will emphatically emphasizing that “NO!”.

Most demons are about free will from what I hear so it will be a red flag if it persists in trying to make you do what you don’t want to (if it tries forcing you it’s likely an imposter).

So to repeat

Just say no.

And if that’s not enough banish it away fur not respecting your rights and freedom to refuse (for not respecting your autonomy and right to live your life your way and do what you want and not to have to do anything you do t want to).


Add: which made me wonder @Mulberry if they try forcing her is there such a thing as a spirit abortion to get rid of it if they go try implanting something in her?

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Yeah I know , it’s not a problem lol
Like I said this was years ago . I just wanted someone else’s experience in this.

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I already have this under control so don’t worry .

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:ok_hand: in that case… glad you’ve got it covered Sara :slight_smile:

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Speaking from my partial experience and for what I’ve seen in other people yess, you can!

Either consume the body or just banish like any other beings, but I’ve seen that these type of ‘pregnancies’ it can function like a parasite attached to your ethereal body, they start feeding themselves from you, so getting rid of them might result self-defeating cause they are ‘part’ (don’t know how to describe this) of you in a way, might also need healing in the next days or weeks cause it can f’cked up your energetic system.

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