The Demon Scents


Hello guys and girls,
What is your experience about that?

For me, for a example, Lord lucifer scent is kinda of a mix of musk, ylang ylang,roses, vanilla and crystals? ( how to explain a crystal smell?!?)

And before begin work with demons, i knew some where around me in the past, and i had the scent of rotten flesh, but maybe because of my Xtian past, i took it as a rotten flesh smell?

Also, i am fond of essential oils, so maybe that is the reason my nose interpret a nice demonic presence like that?!?
How the scent of Demons are for you? just curious!


I once noticed a heavy scent of freshly peeled oranges during an evocation but I don’t know if it was demon related or if my mind played tricks because I fell asleep all of a sudden :smiley:


Sadly I do not have clairsalience - I can’t smell them usually.

I’ve smelled human ghosts, I think they’re more likely to associate themselves with Earth scents and project them. I’d always smell cigarette smoke in my old house from a guy that hung around.

The daemons don’t have a signature fragrance for me, but I’ve never looked for one either…
On the other hand, they do seem to have preference for incenses, and over time that might condition me to associate one incense with specific spirits.


when I evoke Astaroth I get a scent of lavender and some cinnamon, but only for a second


Everybody smells different, OP! IME ‘demons’ have a lot of heavier smells like tobacco, cologne, and brush fires; ‘angels’ are a lot fruitier like lemon, cinnamon, and strawberry, and so on! You can also smell intention and intelligence if you try. :slight_smile:


I have to wonder then, if we naturally Smell like tabacco or strawberries, if that hints at our spiritual nature? Basically what I am asking is, if we smell fruity, do we have an angelic nature?


Nope! That’s just how I interpret their energies with my nose. :slight_smile:


That is a good questions , i was asking it myself, because there are several blogs talking that “Saints” ( in the Xtian view) smells like flowers, and they call that a Charisma!


There is a specific ancient God that smells like creme brulee to me and each time I’m getting weird cravings, so there’s that :joy:


Haha, same, there is someone around that smells like fresh baked pastry, and so i have the crave for that,lol!


Only time I smelled a scent was when working with Forcalor and it was like sulfur.


Sometimes Lucifer smells like roses and it’s a dead giveaway he wants attention. Other times it’s unisex and hard to describe but if comfort had a scent that would be it.

Lilith smells to me like vanilla or amber mixed with a fruit that is intoxicating and smothering.

Queen Beleth smells fruity and bubbly to me - she will likely kill me for that but it’s true.

King Paimon has a Smokey smell.

Duchess Bune, a fizzy sort of acqua smell that changes slightly with her mood.