The Demon King Beelzebub - My Contribution into BALG's Upcoming Compedium of Beelzebub

My Contribution into BALG’s Upcoming Compedium of Beelzebub

From August till now i had worked with the sixth Gatekeeper Beelzebub,Now i had worked with this being for years and i decided to share my gnosis and expirience with Balg in the form of a book,of an essay to the compedium,Theres lots of lots of knowladge and work put there in my grimoire of Years of work with that being and some of it recently as i passed through his gate.

Below are just some of the things that this 78-80 Paged and almost 20.000 worded grimoire contains.

The Demon King Beelzebub

these are just some chapters and maybe just a few pieces of information that i liked to share publicaly,theres so much more than that.

  • Beelzebub The Lord of the Black Pyramid,How to evoke beelzebub in his ancient and one of this most powerful yet mysterious Form as the Herald,King and lord of the Black Pyramid.

  • My five day disiplince of hardcore black magick with beelzebub’s left hand man,Abezebithou

  • The Litany of the Nine Gatekeepers and of the prince of darkness,The Primordial serpent,to evoke them like no way before using this litany

  • Creation of Dark gods and beings of darkness,using the access into the “Life Giver Chamber” of the black pyramid.

  • The Black Pyramid,the secrets and powers behind this ancient mysterious place of outer darkness.

  • Dark godhood & How reach Physical states of apotheosis,how you can become a dark god using Truly intense transfiguration exercise to practice everyday,willingfully and truthfuly.

And Much, much more,These are just sparks that i liked to share.i covered so many topics in this grimoire that is incredible even for me to say.

There will be maybe a group ritual,a coventant to do but that is on my plans,to ascend you,to awaken you in the chamber of dark knowladge of the black pyramid.




Sounds exiting man Congratulations


Any idea why some of his legions are b, first name,?

Congratulations for the book. When it will be available?

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Congrats @Xag_darklight
Looking forward to it.

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It will be in a matter of a few days.


Thank you guys :slightly_smiling_face:


How about your king paimon grimoire?


Congratulations! :smiley:


The book needs something editing and re work into, once i finished the rework then i can talk about it.


Thank you Sister :slight_smile:


Congrats ! :blush::blush:

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Congrats! You’re a published author now.


I certainly look forward to this. Bravo my friend

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Hi, when will the book be released?

already released

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I’ve only ever downloaded the ebooks on my kindle via Amazon. I can’t tell which one is just the book as in digital. I don’t need a fancy leather book version but i can understand why some would choose a special book like this.
I will try to download the sample.

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Thank you @Lop_Pollo

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