The demon Behemoth

The trials and tribulations of wanting to work with a demon whose praises are rarely sung. Sigh Anyways, I’m looking for info on Behemoth. What does he like as offerings. What’s his sigil look like? I’ve found several but I’m not sure which is for sure his. Also what is Behemoth’s title? Is he a prince? Duke? I know he isn’t a king, but what is he(or she)? Help on this would be amazing. I’ve searched this forum but was unable to find anything except for info on a sorcerer named Behemoth x and that’s not who I’m looking for.

You can also find some information in this topic’s replies.

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I recommend this - your attempts on trying to find out about him are already being noticed. I would recommend you to actually meditate on his name by yourself and soon you will find out whatever you need to.

Best of luck.


There are the 3 dragons Leviathan, Behemoth and Ziz. You can use the names on your invocation triangle if advanced in qliphothic workings

Ari Refu Mata Dragon


As a person who regularly works with entities that have little in the way of (credible) documentation, I feel your pain. And there are no answers to most of your questions. Its someone else’s gnosis and that’s usually iffy until verified by actually skilled practitioners .

Behemoth is mention in the Bible, maybe some of the older texts, but I believe the Bible said he was killed. Fine. Doesn’t make it true.

Since I don’t know what your experience level is, I’m going to assume your senses are partially opened and you have some evocation experience.

I would call on one of two entities to act as bridges and help ensure you’re getting the “proper” Behemoth. Leviathan (mentioned alongside Behemoth in the Bible) and/or Tiamat, the primordial serpent.

Both entities have a lot of documentation to give confidence in their acting as guides for your quest. Assuming they’re willing, but a genuine, even if simple, offering to them would go a long way.

Hope it helps.


I have interacted with Behemoth a few times.

He is tall, slender but muscled. He is fair skinned with pale blonde hair, ear-length and layered. He has striking blue eyes and his features are handsome, beautiful and symmetrical. He likes to wear black leather, and leather in general. Black is striking on him.

I asked him once if there was any literature or books that he could point me to, and he pointed me towards Anne Rice’s novel ‘Memnoch the Devil.’ (I thought it strange, but kept it in mind. Now I am sharing it.)

He seemed a bit sad to me sometimes, because he feels he is forgotten or not many seek him.
Good luck in your search. All I wrote is simple UPG.


Hearing this makes me sad tbh. I can’t imagine being a spirit who is ready and able to help, and not being sought out. Must be so difficult. Bless him. Thanks for sharing your experience with him.