The Decoding Your Dreams Thread

Earlier this week I had a really amazing dream where a member of my close family who died from alcoholism was acting like the kid in The Exorcist, crawling up walls and looking quite monstrous and frightening, and screaming out for more drink with the inside of their mouth all gross and filled with dried spittle and things.

I watched them, feeling really powerless (and really caught up in it, it wasn’t a “lucid” dream, it felt real), then in the dream I invoked the Ahriman current in my spine and “cast out the lie” in them (addictions lie, they promise happiness and bring destruction, etc. - my worldview, anyway) and the person fell back, at peace and very calm and healed.

I don’t think the dream was to do with their actual spirit because I already escorted that to rest ages ago, I think it was to do with the lock on our dark-empowered natures imposed by society, and the way that casting that off allows us to see things more clearly, and I know that person had amazing psychic powers they just couldn’t handle in the everyday world in their generation, and that’s part of why they tolerated the addiction.

It helped me to see just how much choosing to embrace power, and to step into the darkness to find out what’s in there, is the healthier path than the one this person took, trying to blank out the pain of their innate talent, and in the end finding an inner demon that took their life for no reason.

If I ever seem a bit overly-committed to black magick and stuff, things like this are the main reason why, and remind me what happens when some people try to drown themselves in the illusory safety of the mundane “well-meaning” world and all the pitfalls it contains.

Thanks for sharing that, the lesson really speaks to me.

I was waiting for someone to dig up this thread. Was too lazy to get it out meself.

ANYWAY! I keep having a dream that’s disturbing, even for me.

I “wake up” in my dream, in a meditation. All the walls are white around me. E.A. stands at my left, and looks like he’s going through some insane machinations of some sort (his eyes kept daring back and forth and he kept muttering some weird words, “Arakasa” being one of them) and then suddenly he’s at my right. I get up and approach him, but then the image shatters.

A door is left in it’s place. This varies from a wooden door like one would see in the past to a spaceship door, but it leads to the same place.


Long gray hallways with an open sky and shipping crates on either side. It’s a labyrinth, and things are firing bullets at me. I look down and realize I’m in pants-shittingly heavy armor, and try to take it off but a bullet goes through my arm and I run for it.

It felt real for some reason.

As I make the turns- Right, left, right, left, right, left in that order- I come to a gigantic red shipping crate and I enter. I do not expect to see dark gray walls lit by dozens of candles, with multiple interlocking magical circles on the ground that I am still trying to decipher. On the walls, “That which is dead/may never die/ the truth they hide/ on swords they die”. As I’m looking about the room, baffled, I see all members of my family- extended as well, decapitated in the innermost circle.

Their heads are suspended by chains over the torches. I scream, and as the decapitated bodies roar at me I start to sob for some reason and run through the opposite door, only to run through a small hallway of blue earth crumbling around me, green water falling on me, red air pushing me forward and white fire scorching me. Each are separate hallways as I sprint to the end, and end in a large chasm. A golem stands in the center.

I run towards it, and it embraces me, before we fall off the cliff behind it and I wake up.

I understand the first symbolism, with E.A. being a doorway to something more (his work is how I got into the occult in the first place) but the rest confounds me.



I have tons of weird an strangely meaningful feeling dreams every night.

But lets just write this one here for fun, because in this dream i thought of this forum.

I accidentally had broke someone’s neck while dancing or something??? not sure, but it was a small black guy. And i was to be sentenced 20 years in jail for murder, even if you don’t get that much for anything in this country. And then i though “well damn, now i really need some legal aid spell” But i just started thinking of Sri Narasimha Kavacam and i remember being in golden robes and lotus position… I also felt small, or was concerned about having too small arms/shoulders (like i didn’t have bigger problems?)

There it is as detailed i cared to write it. Oh yeah, and before that or after it i think i was with a skinhead and a black guy in my dream - so what the fuck.

I guess that was a night of multiculturalism in my dreams… Hindu deities, and black people + 14/88.

So i’m not the only one who has dreamt of E.A without ever meeting/or knowing in real life but in the dream I had last night it started out with me and a nerdish type guy who wanted to have sex with me but I turned him down so the dream changed to this living room area and this guy who felt and looked like E.A he put his arm around me like to guide me some place (I don’t know where the place was ) but we went then it was like he turned around to think about something then the dream changed to the place where I grew up at my old house and there was crows all over the energy they had was very dark and strong but to me it seemed like they were just watching me -letting me know they were there to help if I needed in the dream I was very happy to see the crows.

lol…i dreamed koetting to weeks ago…and for two days in a row…i can’t remember exactly what whas that dream, but it was good…

I keep dreaming about dead people from my past crashing my car… I love my car way more then I ever cared about them… Also the whole world is connected by the same building that is built like a jigsaw puzzle. these things have been re accuring ever since I started back on the left hand.
I love this thread dreams are so cool

i had a dream E.A. was eating a raw steak and as he was eating it he was saying thats the best way to eat it, and thats how his ancestors got their power…idk wat that means

What the hell is up with y’all dreaming about Koetting? I for one have never dreamed about him, or Dante

Well I doubt he is flying around invading anyone’s dreams ala “Inception” :slight_smile:

I think it comes from each individual, the only time I drempt about any occult persona is when I am studying their works (via books, videos, or reviews of their services or teachings) The mask my subconscious choses to wear is that of an authority on the subject (the author themselves) and then it proceeds to give me advice baised on what I was researching, and is often a way to view the subject from the prospective of an authoritative outsider.

I have been given really solid advice by myself disguised as Andrieh Vitimus, E.A. Koetting, and Dante Abiel.

Yep I agree

Strange then. If what you say is correct, there are quite a few people whose minds work similarly.

I agree, I have been working on memory argumentation and I have found that by altering my own memories I alter the memory for the group if people who experienced the event with me.

Funny to see how similar minds are, or possibly how connected our minds are. It reminds me if my evocation of Dantalion.

Can you share a little bit more about the memory alteration and group response? Possibly in a new topic? I stumbled upon memory alteration mostly by accident and found that it was much easier than I thought (both to do and for it to take root). Curious what it has done for you and what your experiences are.

Dream researcher Linda Lane Magellon came up with the term Dream Meshing to describe how the dreams among groups of people (like the group here at BALF) have a tendency to synch up, often containing the same content. Not quite a shared dream, almost a precursor.
Looks like her site is gone, but here’s a link to one of her books

Sounds a bit like my Remote Influencing of Dream experiments. Check out the description of the platypus I sent on the top of page 3 in this thread.

I had a totally random dream where I was playing miniature golf with several of you lot last night.

Along with playing that, we were making shepherd’s pie and meatloaf together, as you do. Anyone share that dream?

And note to self: lay off the cheese before bedtime… :wink:

I love shepherd pie :smiley: but sadly I didn’t share that fun dream

I had an interesting one the other night.

I went to some barn, or clubhouse in the middle of no-where. I pulled up in a limousine(I totally don’t have one for real), and a group of men greeted me.

I didn’t know why we were going to this place, but it felt familiar. I didn’t know any of these people, but they kept calling me ‘Sir’ and winking at me. They were having some kind of meeting, yet even though they kept calling me ‘Sir’ and winking at me, they wouldn’t let me hear the finer details of the plan.

Reminded me of Fight Club.

What the hell have I been doing at night?

fight club movie trailer

You’ve been put in a position of authority that demands some respect, and therefore probably responsibility, but you don’t yet know the full picture maybe?

I had a terrifying dream last night. As usual, my consciousness jumped from person to person so I did not stay in one body the entire time. The first one, I was a serial killer who had his victim’s body on display in his home on the outskirts. Elvira, mistress of the dark led me into the city, which was over run by zombies. The killer and Elvira safely got into a building fortified and protected from the zombies. At that time, I switched to the leader of the surviving humans, stuck outside. It seems the zombies actually organized themselves into s government.
I was cornered and about to get killed.