The Day After Ragnarok: When Gods Die and Return to On A Copy of Earth

Ragnarok as already happened. The real Earth is long gone and dead. Her gods with her.

This what we call current reality, is just mere fragments of long gone better ones.

Odin as been showing me signs of this.

He and the rest have already gone through the real Ragnarok.

No wonder no one here gets me. My memory holds on to the old ways so hard.

Odin is changing form. He is trying to get back to his real powers. He as changed. I have changed too.

Odin with not just two full working eyes, but three. Cool.


was the old earth in astral plane?

No. In the 3d and more stable then this current garbage we call home.

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Love this prison planet full of chem trails , toxic food, indoctrinating education system and social media zombies

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Ooo dont forget the occastional “Karen” at a JCPennys



You don’t know what a Karen is? Search it up



My dream. The reason we don’t go back to the moon. If we exposed to the sun’s radiation we turned into reptilians.

Next scene is scientist is arguing how Darwin’s theory is the best one of evolution. I I brought up the theory of cells traveling on a comet that’s seeded the planet. He said it was stupid. I said we don’t know what happened.

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Either you’re contradicting yourself or you don’t actually know how Ragnarok plays out.

Odin dies during Ragnarok. He gets eaten by Fenrir. You wouldn’t be communicating with him otherwise.

I wouldn’t flatter yourself.

We “don’t get you” because you’re a narcissist that keeps spewing fan fiction.

You’re not a special snowflake. You’re the same decaying organic matter as everyone else.

He seems to be the same from when I last spoke with him.

Yes. Instead of using Tiamat as an excuse to try and place yourself in the spotlight, you’re now using Odin.


During Ragnorak which is a time of death and rebirth, Odin dies, Thor dies, Loki dies, the Jotun involved dies, Loki’s sons die. However, Vali, Modi, Magni, etc survive and the worlds are reborn but ruled by the sons of Thor if I recall. Odin due to his ability knew this and accepted this. Hel survived also so all that died were in the realm of the dead.


she said this was in a 3d world. Could be that he is now residing in spirit world after death of his physical body

What in the fuck does that mean?!

Gods are spirits. They have had physical incarnations, but one incarnation dying doesn’t mean the spirit itself dies.

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So is every other person on here.

“I think I can become a living god.”

“I talk to spirits.”

Pick your poison. No one on here as the high ground on sanity. Anyone pointing fingers at me.

I could go anyone’s profile, and just ripping on anything not following the mainstream narrative.

I don’t because it’s against the rules here.

And being so judgmental is so last 20th century.

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By any chance, would you be willing to channel Odin to see what he says?

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The concept of the world existing in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd is present in Aztec mythology where two primordial god brothers constantly destroy each other’s world/earth, but Odin did not rule earth, now if we assume or claim earth is Midgard then Thor was the protector of Midgard and Midgard to the Nordic was their region not the entire world.


Narcissism is when someone has a strong sense of entitlement (often undeserved due to delusion), a hugely inflated ego and a constant need to be at the center of attention.

Claiming to talk to spirits and thinking you can become a living god isn’t narcissistic. Going around proclaiming that you are behind EA’s successes is.

Also, it’s adorable that you think flagging my post is going to stop me.


It means he was in a physical body

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Yup she said Earth not the whole world was destroyed

It takes more than one person to hide a post from the community. You broke the rules so you got flagged.

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