The Darkside Chronicles: Evocation, Psychic Senses & Successful Magick

I’m no Master, I’m no Adept. I’m just a regular guy stumbling through Spirituality and the Occult since 2004. To say that I’ve been around the block spiritually since 2003 is an understatement. I’ve had several sabbaticals through my journey as I went back and processed my experiences and tried other paths. I had become a jack of many trades, but was I master of any? Sometimes it was because what I experienced scared the daylights out of me, sometimes it was because I didn’t give it my all, but mainly it was life circumstances. The truth is that I could’ve pushed harder, I didn’t, but I’m doing it now.

Come 2003 and I was stuck in a situation that had my life in shambles. I was a fairly religious guy growing up (not Christian) but ofcourse that wasn’t helping. Also I was younger, in my early 20’s then. I started off with Wicca, a few months in and I couldn’t do it anymore. I started looking for Satan, surely the Devil could help me out. There have been stories through time, maybe I’ll give the Big Guy a shot.
In the early 2000’s there wasn’t much info available, BALG wasn’t around, YouTube was not even conceived. All we had was OFS Demonolatry and Joy of Satan. I started doing what I do best, researching, reading, asking questions and over-eating. OFS Demonolatry it was.

Since the beginning I’ve oscillated between the Goetia, Aghora, Tantra a bunch of Zen, but it was mainly the LHP.

Every few years I gravitate away, I find myself getting pulled back to the LHP. I’ve come to the conclusion that this is my path.

There is a lot more and I will break it up into smaller parts so its easier to read.

I didn’t have open Clairs, I couldn’t see or hear spirits, but my Magick WORKED, it always did. I’m here to tell you, those of you who are struggling, that Magick is real, the Spirits are Real and this Works!!

I’ll write about my experiences and share what works from a “Boots to the Ground” perspective and how you can make it work too,

This Journal is Dedicated to King Paimon who is my Patron Spirit and has always assisted me in ways indescribable. A lot of my experiences will be of workings with him and also my other workings on a regular basis.

I invite inputs from all of you, I’m here to learn so all suggestions welcome.

All Hail King Paimon


Absolutely fantastic my friend I look forward to seeing more. Bookmarking this right now.


Thanks for the kind words and the encouragement @Mike_Bee


One of the keys to succesful magick is research and organisation. I would always struggle with finding detailed descriptions or offices of the Spirits.

It can get pretty annoying to search for the enn separately and the description separately.

I’ve been using this app called Goetia Guide. It’s made by practitioners. A lot of you probably have it, for those who don’t, check it out.

The planetary correspondences and colours etc are subjective but everything else is pretty good.

Here is a link.


King Paimon’s Method for Mind Control

A few months ago, i was wondering if I could learn Mind Control from King Paimon and do certain smaller jobs myself.

No sooner did I get done thinking about this I saw an older Post by @Xag_darklight about mind control methods by King Paimon.

I’m attaching the original post for reference at the bottom. This method is an Adaptation of the Original Post and I am not the creator of the original method. I’ve only used it as a skeletal structure to build my own method, which works for me like a charm.

I’ve been using this for months now and have used it with Simple, Moderate and Harder Targets.

Repetition is the key to succes with this. I do it for about a week to 10 days. King Paimon told me 10 days is ideal.

So this is how I do it for successful results.

  1. Close your eyes and get into a trance as deep as possible.
  2. Once you’re stabilised in trance, visualise your target in front of you.
  3. Once the image of your target is solidified, gently push them towards the background where they are still visible.
  4. Then visualise a white orb, upon creation of this orb, chant this Mantra out loud (not too loud, adjust the intensity to your comfort level, so you’re not thrown out of trance).

Anzang En’zi Eek Zur’gal”

  1. If you are unable to chant loudly just do it in your mind.
  2. Visualise the Orb solidify into a glowing mass, full of energy waiting for your Charge.
  3. Your charge/intent must be succinct.
  4. State your intent in your mind 9 times and each time pushing it into the orb.
  5. Once the Orb is pregnant with your intention for your target then feel it’s intensity.
  6. The Orb is the Creator and your intent is the Creation.
  7. Now push this Orb into your target’s third eye and watch it being absorbed into their entire body, but mainly the brain/mind.
  8. Once this Orb merges with the target, your Creation is released for Fruition at the appropriate time.
  9. Repeat this for 10 days.
  10. Once you’re done with your daily practice then let go and forget about it.

This works really well.

Now there are other similar mind control methods I’ve used before which are kind of similar to this. But i find the intensity of this to be atleast 10x.


We took the kids to a long overdue vacation to a wild life sanctuary. Kids wanted to see lions.

The first day was an evening Safari, and we saw everything else but no lions!!

We spent beyond our means for this trip to happen and the disappointment was palpable.

The missus gives me a look, that I know all too well. In this case it means “Can’t you use magick for this?” I think to myself, “It doesn’t work this way”, but it does!!

I send out an immediate feeler to Belial and King Paimon while still in the 4x4. It sounds good.

Now in my previous posts I’ve mentioned that Belial comes to me in the form of Felines, sometimes Scorpions and sometimes in his huge red “Demonic” form with wings. It’s mostly Felines, Kittens, Cats, Tigers, Lions. (Interestingly my son literally just said something random about cats as I type this post, right at this time). I’ve even talked to @Jastiv about this and they have had similar experiences as well, with respect to Cats.

We get back to the room, I close my eyes and go into a light trance. I call out to Belial and King Paimon. I tell them, “kids need to see lions, it’s been too long for them.”

Now I stirctly only use Telepathic requests for emergencies and where I cannot evoke.

They answer yes. I know it’s on, like Donkey Kong.

I then have a “knowing” that we’ll see lions hunt/eat.

I tell the missus we’ll see Lions tomorrow.

An hour later I get an email notification on a thread on reddit.

Ok so now we’re seeing cubs too? It’s winter and it’s hard to spot lions.

The next day after using my people skills with the driver and guide, they suggest an alternate route for us, than was already alloted. It takes some elbow grease to move things around.

30 mins in and we see this.

Three lionesses feeding on kill, two Cubs (spawn). And a brief quarrel. I’ve taken a few videos. I was told we were very “Lucky” it’s not easy to spot something like this.

Mission accomplished.

There were a lot of “events” that led to this success. Like a bridge of events. It’s way too detailed for here. But if you are aware, you see the chain of events. You see Belial’s and King Paimon’s signature everywhere.

Hail King Belial
Hail King Paimon


Hi @Kindraathe,

Thanks for this write-up, very useful. I’ve tried the original method with no results so far, do you think a relationship with King Paimon is necessary for this to work? In any event I’m going to give your version a try :+1:t2:


I don’t think a relationship with King Paimon is required. When I tried it the first time. I had evoked King Paimon only a couple of times. Maybe not even.

It worked for me. The key again is in the repitition.

Also visualise really strongly and feel all the energies differently at first and then together when they merge.

You can literally feel the change in the target during your working.

I suggest starting with a simpler target, so when you get results you build confidence. Then use that to minimise doubts and lust for results for future workings.

This ensures you get out of your own way to let the magick work.

It is truly empowering to see the change in the physical based on your efforts.

I wish you luck and I will hear about your success soon.


Controlling your own thoughts with Dantalion

If one has troubling and obsessive thoughts there is no need to suffer through them.

Duke Dantalion is great at mind Control as well. But King Paimon and Duke Dantalion both work differently.

Duke Dantalion also works with obsessive thoughts. He can take them away or give them.

The importance of building relationships with Spirits is imperative. As you build with them and they trust you more and vice versa, it is easier for them to do things.

I’ve been suffering from obsessive thoughts about a certain subject for a while now, about 18 months. They do not serve me at all and are a constant source of anxiety and fear.

Yesterday, I was sick of it and asked Duke Dantalion to just take away these thoughts that do not serve me, the thoughts related to a certain subject that do not do me any good or are not required should be taken away. I’m done.

Once I asked, I let it go and started doing other things.

I felt light headed and tingly. A couple of hours later I noticed that i hadn’t had a single thought that didn’t serve me. Not a single one.

I couldn’t believe how fast this was happening. I tried to “indulge” in those obsessive thoughts to see what was happening. I could think about the subject, but I was not affected by it. I just didn’t end up thinking about it at all.

My mind feels clear and i can feel that these thoughts have diminished so much in value that they just float around and vanish.

If you had to define a “miracle” then this would be it.

I’m truly ecstatic. Thank you Duke Dantalion, you are the man, the woman, the “whatever form you choose to take.”

Hail Grand Duke Dantalion :black_heart:


This is phenomenal @Kindraathe !!

Keep up the outstanding work.


Thanks a lot for the kind words @Mike_Bee means a lot coming from an Adept.


Am I the only one seeing a ton of Duke Dantalion related posts today?

28th Jan, 2022

This is what I see him as. A little darker though.


Thanks Kindraathe, I’ll put your suggestions to good use. I’m going to influence a much simpler target and behaviour this time round.


What in an awesome picture! I tried drawing how he showed up last time and…

But yea I’ve been seeing his name everywhere part of it might be me encouraging people to call him though… we all know he likes attention.


I see the book!! I also see him with a book in his hand. Black robes with red borders. Athletic, tall and good looking.

He has not stabilised on a single form with me.

Earlier he would either come as male or female. It was never constant.


The importance of creating Spirit Relationships

On this trip to see lions, I went to eat dinner later than the family at the resort. Being from the food bizz and from the same industry, the Chef had made me something special and off menu. I was excited.

I ate really late and was was walking back to my room at 10pm in the dark. Tried to get off a few stairs and twisted my right ankle REAL bad. I heard a “crack” sound. Having sprained my ankle several times before because I’m an airhead, I knew all too well how bad this was going to be. It was cold AF and I was sweating. Not common for stoic ol’ me to panic, but I did.

I hobbled to my room and immediately elevated my foot. I had no ice and was in no mood to reach out to the phone on the other side. Wife and kids were asleep and I didn’t want to wake them up.

Now I know how this progresses and it takes a few hours for the entire ankle to balloon to a football and then you can’t even touch your foot to the floor.

I had a four hour trip by road to the city and to the airport to get back home the next day.

I immediately laid back, calmed myself and went into trance. I suspected someone had tried to curse me. So I called out to the Cavalry. King Paimon, Belial, Dantalion, Forcalor. I’ve been working with them for a while now and they’ve always helped me, regardless.

I haven’t worked with healing spirits and have no relationships with them, so I called on who I know. (More on the next part in the next post)

I asked them to not let my ankle get so bad that I would ruin the trip for my family. Healing is not their office but Spirits are usually multi talented and I know for a fact these spirits are. I heard Yes and also that there was no hex, I have ample protection.

With the crack that I heard I was skeptical but I kept my faith in the spirits. Through the night I could barely walk to use the bathroom.

A few hours later, even though my foot is swollen like a ball, I am able to walk. Well hobble.

I was Mobile!! It was impossible, this can’t happen. I’ve been through this before.

But it did happen. It defied logic, but it did happen.


Dear Kindraathe, I hope that you won’t mind this newbie reaching out to you via posting on your journal. I have been looking for some guidance on my situation with Duke Dantalion, and be it a coincidence or not, I was immediately led to your page when I logged in. I would love to message you directly but I cannot PM anyone at the moment due to being new to the forum, and hope that you would be able to instead. Would that be alright? Many thanks.

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Sure no worries.

P.S. We were all newbies at some point.

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Awesome work! Keep it up.


Thank you!!

I’ve read your Pathworking with King Paimon in great Detail. Great stuff. Thanks for sharing.