Q&A with King Paimon [CLOSED]

For those of you that know me and read my Journal, know that King Paimon is my Patron and I work closely with him.

For those of you that don’t, I have to tell you something. King Paimon is my Patron and I work closely with him.

I’ve recently started Invoking him on a weekly basis. Sundays mostly.

As an Offering and Sacrifice to King Paimon and as a Service to the LHP Community and my fellow Practitioners I will be taking the first three questions from BALG members that post them on this thread on a weekly basis.

  1. Please post your questions when you see the title say OPEN.

  2. Please do not lose your shit on me if he chooses not to answer your Q. I do not control him, he decides who he wants to answer.

  3. Post your question on here. If you want a private response, do mention it. I will be posting answers in public unless explicitly mentioned. The reason is everyone can learn from one person’s question. Unless it’s confidential then it’s totally understandable.

  4. Please do not ask controversial questions and ask things that are in adherence with the Forum rules.



First of all Kindraathe thank you, and King Paimon for offering us an Q&A.

My question is…

Should i open-establish my own Lhp shop for many magical regards and my website?

Or when

In King Paimons eyes is the right time to do that?
What should I look out for and prepare myself for.

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Good day and thank you for the opportunity.
My question:
I (roughly) know where the dark corner is that i want to go yet I struggle from fear of loneliness and futility of the end which causes a lack of motivation in me.
Is he willing to answer my call and more importantly stay in my corner If I give it my best?
(Wether you post the answer here or in pm i leave to your judgement)

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Thank you for doing this :purple_heart:

I do have a question for him. I wish to enter a pact with him for a boost in college, I strongly want to excel. I would like to know his opinion on it.
Please respond in pm.


Ok we have three questions.

This thread is CLOSED till next week.

Thanks for reading.