The Dark Gods I discovered - Sigils

These Sigils belong to four dark gods I discovered for more information on how I came across them check on my soul travel post

These are the spirits and my experiences with them.


The obscene
The gatekeeper
The right hand of justice
And destiny
The dark figure
Of the hidden world
One of the wise ones
Guardian of secrets
The one banished
Punished by exile
To guard the world
Of the dark ones
The horned one
The teacher of teleportation
He who also teaches man
How to wield the power of fear

( my experience with this being ).

I was astral projecting after getting strange urges like some physical and spiritual force was pulling me.

I followed the pulling sensation and enter a realm of what my astral guide told me to be a world of chaos, a place separate from creation.

Once I enter the gate to this world I met a ram horned like man with decayed and burnt skin, wearing a shadow-like cloak, with a gaze that pierced my very being.

I asked where am I, his words were simple " no where, but somewhere between nothing and something ".

We communed and he gave me his name and told me how he was a gatekeeper of some sort.

He agreed for me to call him in ritual evocation, the reason being he has never met " my species ".

So I gained his symbol summoned him and went through the spirits that I needed to work with to gain a understanding of their hierarchy and agenda.


The chief of the knights
Who guard the ancient ones
His sword is a lifeform
That breathes and thinks
Made from blood
of the fallen warriors
The one who breathes battle
The embodiment of violence
The defender
of the ancients
He who teaches
How to become strong
And how to devour your enemies
Also a teacher of mind control
Dakan is also
the spirit of madness
That casts a laughter
In the sorcerers mind
Do not get lost within this
Laughter for it can cause danger
To the sorcerer for it will
Induce a trance of insanity
Which is deadly and
Is difficult to escape

( my experience with dakan ).

After gaining Dakan’s sigil and how to call this fiend, I summoned him forth not expecting what would later occur.

After normal connection and communication began, he stopped answering my questions and would begin echoing a insidious laughter.

That made me enter a frenzy, where a trance of Insanity and phenomena occurred.

The laugh started off telepathically, then as echoes in the room and later on instead of them being whispered to my ears.

I heard the laughter within my ear drums causing critical pain.

I banished him, the night after skanash explained he was a intimidating force and he was testing me.

So I digressed onto the next spirit.


God of snakes
God of reptiles
Figure made of acid
Who devours all in his path
Is the commander of toxins
He can teach you
How to heal as well as infect
Yonder is the epitome of decay
And is the librarian of souls
He collects the lost souls
Who wonder the worlds
The teacher of sciences
That speaks with a hiss

( my experience with this being ).

Yondor was very unusual he spoke in a hissing sinister tone, with each word sending shivers down my spine.

He showed me intense visions, it was as if his hissing tone took me into a serpent like energy and relayed to me images which I wouldn’t described.

This entity has a deadly but calm attributes, as it was as if I was speaking to the serpents within him, instead of his own consciousness.


The shadow master
He who can teach man
How to use and merge
with their own shadows
Necro wields the shadows
He can teach men
How to create shadow servitors
He also is a keeper
Of the darkened waters
Which when entered
Gives the magician
A death and rebirth
Then the body and shadow
Become one in the same
Necro can also teach
clairvoyance and clairaudience
He can do much more
As he is the god of shadows


I started to doubt that these beings, were original at all or was all this a thought form, created out of my desire for something different.

I can now honestly and truthfully say, these are not In the slightest thought forms, these beings are so advanced and older than most beings I have ever encountered.


This is fascinating, but there are four sigils and only three stories :slight_smile: who is the fourth? Also, what order are the sigils in?


I wrote it all in my notes i’ll let you know when I find them


Dakan sounds like my kind of being, actually. I think I would like to meet it. Dakan seems to understand the battle of wills that happens before any weapons are drawn, and I think it taught you a valuable lesson with the laughter.


It indeed did haha his sigil is this one.


I found the other one i’ll edit it now


His name is necro


So where the hell did they come from and who or what paradigm are they tied too ? They certainly aren’t demons or they aren’t like nyaralahotep or however you spell his name and his kind and they definitely don’t seem to be a type of angel


They’re obviously entities beyond our knowledge. Never before seen.


Exactly which is why I’m writing a book detailing their heirachy their world and their system of magick


Sounds great. I’ll be the first to buy it :slight_smile:


Hmm, interesting. When I started reading this, everything seemed normal. It all changed when you started to describe Spanish. When you talked about his eyes and his appearance, I got shivers, And, I could have sworn I have seen him in one of my strange dreams.


Loving your posts each time man~ Yondor seems extremely familiar to me because in One of my shamanic travels I encountered a serpent with the exact same attributes plus it healed my bone problems and damages from osteoporosis. Good job man, keep this up~


Thank you for posting this info. It is really interesting. Can you please indicate which sigil is for which demon? You said which one belongs to Dakan (thank you) but I do not see an indication as to the other three sigils. Thanks.

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Skanash is the top one the left one is necro, the middle is yondor and Dakan is the one on the right


Some time has passed since you discovered these beings. Did you work/talk with any of them for these 8 days?

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Yes they gave me many more entities and have shown me how to create magick technologies that are just blowing my mind i’ll have to do a post on it soon once I figure it all out


Thank you for the clarification on the sigils. I am going to call on one of them soon. I am happy you are still working with them and they are teaching and helping you! That is awesome! I would love to read about your experiences with this new info!


I’m following all your posts and learning a lot … And I’m looking forward to new information on these new entities, magic tools and your book!


Do you have any more information about Necro?