The dangers of enochian magick

Last time I did Enochian illness and insanity set in and I went crazy for 6 months and ended up institutionalized. Is this normal? It was a half hour ritual to create a highmagickal talisman for Beauty, does anyone know why i received this backlash?

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Cacodaeomons were not controlled?

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most likely not. If someone is practicing intermediate to high celestial magick cacaodaemons are one of the easiest elements of a ritual to control. Good theory though. I think it has something to do with the energy network, but i’m not 100% sure.


What do you mean by cacodaemons?

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I’ve practiced Enochian, and I have never had any such effect from it, so I seriously doubt it was responsible for your psychosis.

Enochian is powerful, yes, but the “danger” surrounding it is more myth than reality, in my opinion.


Before the psychosis, I had practiced enochian hundreds of times without any negative backlash, it was only just this one time.

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cacodaemons,if i recall correctly, have three letter names and arecontrolled by those with four letters or five letters (I think these are kings).
Whatever the case, since its not likely, it could be a test.

What I mean is the occult increases the possibility of mental illness and suicidal thoughts, etc, even illness. Its usually a test, albeit a tad harsh imho.


Yes but you have to consider your mental stability before doing magick. This wasn’t the only time you have had a break. you’ve told us this in this public forum before.

Magick can disturb the most stoic of people,
It’s not recommended that unstable people do magick for this exact reason.

It’s not the Enochisn, you need to be in a place where you can maintain a high functioning mental state before doing magick.


Well enochian beings are no angels probably some kind of elemental beings who are creators. Not anyone is ready for them

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Perhaps the ritual was hijacked by something with terrible intent. Regardless of how safe some magic may be, a bad state of mind could have allowed something to get ahead of the ritual and run interception. Being very emotional or desperate for a result could be that “bad state of mind” I mentioned.



You should probably do a protection ritual.

I had a manic episode during my initation into the golden dawn but I don’t blame the magick, I asked for change and despite what happened I’m better off now than before.


Try protection magick by Damon brand he also has a book on enochian magick called “success magick” I recommend both. I’ve done the magickal protection rite twice now, I almost died but it’s a good thing I did the rite or I probably would’ve had permanent brain damage or facial deformities after my incident.


What I find disturbing was that the talisman didn’t attract beauty but extreme ugliness into my life, but I guess that was the path set by the spirits because in the long run I did become more attractive loving and inner and outer beautiful.

Is it possible that it might have triggered something latent in you?

Is there any history in your family of people developing/having mental illness?

I’m coming at this from the perspective of something similar to how marijuana use can activate mental illness in some people.


Problem is not everyone knows if their on the edge stability wise then they do the magick and some of those people find out the hard way that it wasn’t a good idea for them to do it at that time.

Too bad their isn’t a internet self quiz game you could take to check if you should do the magick at that/this time in life.

Add: like a ‘should you do magick today? Take this test and find out’. Not that they’d necessarily heed it anyways if there was one.


No but that’s a good point… the subconscious will know, and a pendulum or kinesiology aka muscle testing will get Yes/No answers from it for you? :thinking:

Doing a divination before a working is a good idea and it doesn’t have to be a full monty Tarot Celtic cross with all the bells and whistles.


@Mulberry That’s true. Also a good idea :+1:

Thought: Probably if everyone did divination before doing a major or even minor working there’d probably be a lot fewer people with bad magickal experiences.


My thoughts on that Fuego are the the energies brought up by occult work can easily add to existing imbalances. This is why Bardon and many other authors insist on using the magick mirror technique to shore up weaknesses in a Magicians character.

After everything I’ve seen in practice I wouldn’t recommend someone with serious psychological problems to engage in this activity. It’s a recipe for madness and disaster.

Some madness though can make a really powerful magician that’s able to push the envelope real far that’s true too.


Are you sure that this is what did it? It could be that you already had some of the pre-conditions for what happened to you, and the magick just happened to be around the same time. I’ve experienced Enochian spirits bringing great harmony and pleasant fellowship into my life, something which usually helps a lot, like a lot a lot with these kinds of things. People tend to go crazy and such when they are isolated. Even just some casual, light human contact, ideally involving some kind of activity, in a pleasant environment can go a long way.

Now that being said, I can absolutely see how some Enochian methods could push you over the deep end in a bad way. I’ve summoned the demons referenced in this thread a reasonable amount now (using the book Universal Magick, which has all the names and whatnot), and although it is uncanny at times it isn’t too out there compared to other demonic methods. Demons tend to be a bit more obvious when they are around and trying to catch your attention. Spookiness aside, the magick usually just makes me feel jazzed up and bounding with energy, like OH YEAH. It’s really kind of funny.

If you ever work with the Loagaeth tables, I think that’s where the insanity is. I’m sure some people will take that as a good sign, and while I cannot deny that there is value in being relatively outside of humanity and society for the purpose of focusing on magick, I myself would only go into this magick again if the rest of my life is pretty much stable, with various supporting structures that don’t need much attention from me. At least when I constructed like 2.3 of these tables, they fuckin blasted me, and I’ve done my absolute best to blast myself with magick energy before. In my opinion, these tables are for those who can make magick the primary focus of their time while doing the magick and who have already cultivated a set of skills such as meditative concentration, inner sensory clarity, and solid dream recall and lucidity. In addition to these skills, you should be familiar with basic Buddhist meditative teachings and Western occult ideas so that you can further these understandings.

Speaking the Keys can make things get a bit weird and wacky as well without the absolute intensity of the Loagaeth tables. I’m kind of tangenting from your post but people will probably look here for information so here it is.