The Creation / Consecration of Demon Jewelry Taught to me by my Patron Demon Lucifer

Blood ritual to bind and charge demonic jewelry for use wherever and whenever.

(Caution: This will bind the entity to you just like if you got their sigil tattooed onto your skin, giving the entity the permission to come and go in your life at will. Use at your own risk. AKA results may very.)

1, First purify the jewelry with holy water (aka Florida Water) possibly while burning incense just to clear the area of unwanted energies.

2, Anoint the jewelry in your own blood every night between midnight and three AM for seven nights straight leaving the jewelry on your altar when finished. (DO NOT WASH THE BLOOD AWAY DURING THIS TIME FRAME!!! You need your energy attachment to build, not start from scratch every night)

3, On the last night cover it completely in blood as one final offering to seal the deal so to speak and wear item to bed that night.

4, On the following morning Wash your blood off with holy water and again clear your room of any remaining energy through incense or sage and you are done.

PS: If you ever need a stronger connection feel free to feed it blood when needed.

Also if it does not have a sigil on the item then draw the sigil of the entity your trying to connect with and place jewelry on top of it opening the sigil with blood before anointing the jewelry every night, then on the last night burn the sigil.


Has Lucifer ever made mention as to what is more binding, a tattoo of the sigil as it draws blood so the whole sigil is covered or jewelry covered in blood due to it being blood and precious metals?

I would assume a tattoo but thats just IMO

Coincidentally, I’ve done nearly the same thing with Azazel on this jewlery, It’s going to be a gift.
He also taught me how to collect souls into it.

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