The continuing education of Mike B

6-11-22 Saturday afternoon

I took a nap for three hours and had a dreamscape set in a mortuary chapel. Murmur was there with a riddle. I needed to find some kind of bag. “What kind of bag goes on your body”? A body bag…

Hmm wtf is this all about.

Time to talk to Orobas.


6-12-22 Sunday morning

Slept deeply and well.

Card of the day is Malphas

I love Malphas he’s a rock star spirit. Halphas and Malphas are almost undeniably Harut and Marut of Islam. These two are a pipe hard hitting duo.

Malphas gives awesome familiars too. I had one but I kept forgetting to feed it at the agreed ok schedule so it was repossessed.:rage: My bad.

I stumbled across a grimoire on the net called the grimoire of Harut and Marut. I’m gonna check it out.

I spent sometime yesterday checking out @anon39079500 shadownomicon journal and will probably continue that study today.



I just found this sweet little kitten howling for help in my front yard. It was dirty and skinny.
I gave it a can of sardines and fresh cold water and a safe corner of my temple. I hope it decides to stay with us.


6-13-22 early am

Gearing up for the evocation of Murmur on the full moon. Reading alot of good quality journal materials.

Here’s a fun fact. Shadows operate on multiple dimensions. They operate as a hive mind.

Very interesting.


Ok today I cleaned the temple and replaced All my expensive candles with salt and oil lamps.


6-13-22 night

I Just had a two hour dreamscape courtesy of Murmur. I was in a temple compound confronted by hostile Kung Fu priests. I had weapons and cut my way through them until I reached the owner…the owner… interesting choice of symbolism. This owner did me a grave bit of wrong 22+ years ago now.

I “overcame” this being and righted a wrong that’s been waiting two decades to finish.

I know the direction Murmur wants me to go in now magickally speaking.

This story has parallels to a friend’s death many years ago. I’d always wondered the disposition of this friends soul. I’m going to call forth this spirit through murmur on the super moon tomorrow. I’m going to be brave. Who knows what I’ll discover.

I know this sounds a little crazy. Actually this probably is a little crazy but I feel strongly compelled to get the answers I need to get directly.

Twenty years ago I didn’t have the knowledge and tools available to me that I have now.

Who knows maybe I’ll discover my friend already reincarnated or is happy in the afterlife. Who knows.

I know I gotta press the boundaries and test myself though. Or I’m not going grow.


I can feel dark Purple and black energy frm that necklace

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Same exact impression it gives me also @Amalek


:grin: im getting better at scans it seems

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I finally used it in ritual the first time the other day and I didn’t vomit from it.


6-14-22 dawn super moon tonight

Spirit of the day

Duchess Bime is an infernal Goddess in my book. Full blown, full blast.

She’s witty, funny, kind, helpful and generous.

Gotta be one of my all time favorites.

Today…more necromancy journal study. Tonight a highly experimental procedure. I fell back into the same dreamscape with Murmur so I know I was right to interpret it so.

I almost detailed what happened twenty years ago but it still hurts. I have an unresolved trauma and I think after this ceremony I’ll be able to talk about it more openly. Wish me luck.

Oh I’m going to go against prince Orobas wishes and experiment a little bit with spirit sex and relationships. I’m not going the succubus route I’m going to try to woo and court a certain demoness. I’m not going to name her just yet I want this to be free of jealousy or anger from others. If I fall flat on my face or ass so be it. I’m ready to try.


Not an easy thing to do, but I’m glad you’re trying. Good luck bro💪

Good luck :wink:


6-14-22 hour of Saturn

I just got done doing some baneful for a client. Today it was real hard to manifest emotions of hatred starting this rite. As the candle burned on I tuned out an focused on the wax drip on the side of the candle. Hard to explain what happened next. It opened like a seal and I saw my target in the wax melt. The wax melt stuck to the candle looked like a man crucified.

Something about the beat of this put me into a trance too.

I took my carving knife and stuck the tip in the fire and waited for it to get hot. I stabbed the targets body several times with this red hot blade with great hate.

I hit the mark on this one. I know I did.

Big ups to Abaddon the Lord of the Pit. He guided my hands and heart. Big respect.


6-14-22 6pm

It’s time to light the lamp of Orobas and begin preparing to evoke Duke Murmur.

The night sky is clouded and thunder claps nearby.

This is the PERFECT night for an evocation with a necromantic spin.

I’ve got my interview questions for the spirit ready.

I will be using my crystal ball. I’m ready just another hour or two.


6-14-22 720 pm

Ok the ritual was a success. I made contact with JW and got the answers I needed to hear. God it was like she was right next to me for a moment. That’s really really hurts…

I don’t want to talk further about it.

Hail Murmur.


6-15-22 425am

Ok I’ve settled my feelings and I understand something now. My practice with necromancy is going to be about healing. Healing for the bereaved and the dead souls. I want to be a protector of the dead and a shepherd to them to lead them to safe pastures.

I gotta say Murmur is a most excellent spirit. He’s so serious and respectful and dignified. I really respect him.

I understand why Murmur wanted this pact. He wants more spirit workers of like mind out there to do this work.

I can see myself volunteering at hospital or cemetery one weekend a month to help these passed on souls or thier families.


Totally get this. I typically find spirits that want help and spirits that aren’t ready. Maybe they know how to travel, maybe they don’t. The more out there, the more readily those that want help can get it when they’re ready.


6-15-22 730 am

I had a dream this morning when I took my nap. I was in a playground and there was a half sphere monkey bars and at the top was a plexiglass dome.

I climbed up and jumped on the glass with my considerable weight and broke through to the other side.

Broke through to the other side :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: that’s all for now.

Edit update

Forgot to give the card of the day.

King Purson

I’ve really been meaning to work him and I need to just do it sooner rather than later.

I’m off for a haircut and a shave I’ve got a date tonight.


6-15-22 9pm

Well my date went really well. Almost a home run but not quite.

Really good experience. Can’t say much about it though.


6-16-22 530am

Card of the day


Gremory is a Goddess in my book. My first meeting with her she was imperious and wary of me. The first thing she said was “who the fuck are you? Who are you to call me?”. She took her offerings and told me to fuck off and manifested nothing.

I tried again about six to eight weeks later and she was cooler. I got a stellar manifestation out of her.

She’s a patron of pirates, sailors, prostitutes, gangsters and ne’er-do-wells.

Hail Gremory

Not much on the agenda today. I’ve got djinn work tomorrow and Saturday. Still pondering my wishes that will be granted by my Djinn…

I need a meeting with mammon…soon very soon. Saturday probably.