The Confidence Trick

I want to build a large amount of power in a short amount of time. Who of you out there don’t?
Can a magickian gain power by making exaggerated claims when others believe or start to believe such?

Say I decided I want power so I open up a business where I cast spells for ppl…And 2 say I am not as proficient as I claim, is it possible to be successful by route of client confidence? In other words, their beleif in me having a high proficiency level in large part helps bring the outcome about, in effect in their minds im a powerful dude…Can their perception and over-estimation of my capacity result in me actually attaining such???

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That’s funny.

I reckon that instead of their belief making your magic work, it’s like… your belief in the power of their belief making you more confident in your magic and thus not hindering the workings.

On another note my advice for making you stronger is just introspection and chakra work. Maybe pathworkings and evocations too.


No. And the fact that you ask that shows you shouldn’t be charging, you’ll just be scamming people.

As well as what Encore said, the “client’s” belief itself will work in thier lives for them - they will be the mages not you. It’s a form of the placebo effect. If you can persuade them consistently ‘your’ results will be somewhat consistent, depending on what they want and what you told them to expect, but it’s unlikely and you’ll not build any good reputation this way.

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