The circle of the Demon Kings

Did you ever tried this magic circle? What were your experiences with it? I kind of like ritualistic :sweat_smile:

The Demon Kings

  • Air, east : Oriens
  • Fire, south : Paimon
  • Water, west : Ariton
  • Earth, north : Amaimon

No, sorry.
I normally use the following:
Lucifer for air.
Satan for fire.
Leviathan for water.
Belial for earth.


East: Oriens
South: Amaymon
West: Paymon
North: Egyn
That is how I have it on my Table of Practice.
Have you tried it (the version you posted)? What are your experiences with it?


Not yet, that’s why i was wondering what the other guys experienced with it. Your invocation circle looks great too.

I used a lot:

Hecate Nogar - West
Hecate Buriol - South
Hecate Romerak - East
Hecate Debam - North

Hecate Nyctipolis Suministra Azoth
Anana Hecate Ayer

Table of practice is not an invocation circle, but that doesn’t matter. The way I listed them in my reply corresponds with Agrippa. Where did you find the variation that you posted in you opening post?
And what are your experiences with the one below?

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That circle was in one of Crowley’s works, i don’t remember which one. The demon Kings of the 4 elements.

With the Hecate circle I have very good results. Very empowering. Well I might use some other circle and the 5th Element beside me to be Hecate like a pillar of power.


I do the same as you.