The Church of Satan literature and the Necronomicon

Do they actually work?

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The Necronomicons (there’s a few) yes. Most people start with the Simon Necronomicon and that seems to be the most talked about online.

I don’t know about CoS, I see that as a sect of xtianity and that shit’s so poisonous I think it’s best not to touch it with a bargepole. It’ll work, it’s just very bad for your spirit, the paradigm is too broken and it’ll fuck up your connection to your inner deity. “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.”

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Yes try the Cthulhu ritual

Not sure about the Church of Satan literature unless you mean The Satanic Bible etc.
But yes the Necronomicon works and what is set out in the satanic bible works too, if that’s what you meant, not sure about other texts in the range.

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The great thing about Anton LaVey was that he introduced me to atheistic Magick - just the multiverse and me! He also wrote a lot between his printed lines, so learn to read between his lines. Without Anton LaVey one wonders whether forums like this one would viably exist. Despite the plastic horns and mardi gras exterior, he deserves more credit than he’s given.

Study anything of his you can get your hands on.

P.s. I also adore Anton Long.



We lost something when Anton LaVey passed beyond

Something I didn’t find again until EA and JS

Most magik systems are dogmatic Most Satanism included are Demonolatry

Until I found BALG I really felt alone in the hack the system for my betterment mentality

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Which version of the Necronomicon is the best in your opinion?

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The one you’ll work though and complete.


I agree I think Anton did a lot for the movement.