The Changeling Rite [Closed]

So I am developing this ritual that works in conjunction with my working with the Fair Folk and the Unseelie Courts. It basically attunes you to the dark fae of the Unseelie and opens the gate for you to interact with them.

And I need about two or three volunteers to try this on so I can be sure I have the connections and mojo to pull this off properly.

This isn’t something that puts you in anybody’s good graces. It holds the door open for you so you may enter the realms of the Winter Court and attunes your energy to it.

So who would be willing to jump into the the realms of the Fey Folk?


I would do it, but my senses are not awakened and so I may not be any help for your experiment. Hopefully your experiment is successful.


What characteristic the volunteers should have?

I would help you, but my clairs aren’t working, so most likely I wouldn’t be able to give you proper feedback.


Ideally someone with experience in the occult, so just not a total neophyte. And a willingness to submerse themselves in Faerie energy.

One of the big rules in the Fae Realms is to not eat the food of the Faery. This ritual says fuck that, and basically presents you with a feast. It’s not to be taken lightly.


Just how wrong can this go?


I would get mad too if someone steals my food. Also, dogs. Now, are this chihuhuas or pure bred dogos? Because if the later, it was nice to meet you, man.

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Id say every way possible. That’s half the fun.


Oh I will be a lab rat. This is one of the paths I should be working anyway… but have been very lazy about.


I’m up for it. Granted you still have availability. The fae appeared to me once before. Crazy experience. Like I physically saw them


Alright, @Angelb1083 and @Voodooking, I will be doing this tonight along with one other participant. If you could both message me your names so I have a tie to work from, I will post here again right before I start the ritual, which will be about 8:30-9:00pm EST.

Also now I am closing the request. I may do another run of them at a later date depending on the results of this run.


Starting the ritual momentarily and will report back when it’s complete.


The ritual, while yet to be determined if successful, has been completed. The sympathetic link were formed and I carried your energies into the Faerie realms. The gates opened to a host of Goblins, Redcaps, Dullahan, Banshee, and many other creatures in a cold shadowy forest.

My spirit ally, a female hobgoblin named Yuri, helped carry your energies through the gates and run it through the Mounds to attune them to the Unseelie Court. The crowd who had gathered called this the “Changeling Rite”.

While this isn’t typical of Changeling lore, I can see why this would be an apt name.

That’s all I can think to put right now. So we shall see what the participants think.


I actually lost track of time and was like who the heck is pulling at me. I did see a large hall like when connected the dots and actually paid attention.


I hope you post the results, this sounds great though lowkey worried since some people will be more focused on “what can I get out of them” and the unseelie arent going to just be chill with that lol but I love this idea either way lmao


For me it was a path I was pulled to anyway, so it just pushed my ass into gear. Though I do wonder what everyone else will find.


Oh fantastic! Good to know the links were established. Please let us know if anything else comes from it that you can link directly to this :smiley:

The Anonymous Participant also received a flash of inspiration in their own work regarding Fey energies and such during the ritual.

Now we are just waiting for @Voodooking


Side note I have had this peacock thing for the last few years. Seeing what you used in to ritual I see why they have been around.


Yup yup! Melek Taus, The Peacock Angel, is a big part of Feri Tradition witchcraft, and is also linked to Lucifer, Azazel, and the Gnostic Demiurge.


Seems like I was seeing signs of this coming. When I first started sensing again. I went to Omaha Zoo and there was a peacock just laying down next to the restaurant. He let me super close and the. Yelled at me when I left. That was went Azazel came to me again. Then pretty much two days after Lucifer finally complete showed himself to me. I was at a friends house and leaving I almost ran over a peacock. I now have peacock feathers in vases in my bathroom. I was waiting for it all tie together.


Well damn. Yeah, I would say you have some studying and work to do lol. I’m glad I could play a part in stitching it all together for you :slight_smile: