The Book of the Sun of Gnosis

I make lot of long ass topics
But thought I should share this experience with you
For some occult knowledge purposes.

So I went on road trip with my friend’s yesterday
As we stoped by for a bathroom break
Me and my other friend decided to explore the area ,
While they get there business done .

So while we were walking around .
We found a small lounge located in the middle of the desert where most people are not likely not to see
I know something was up.

So Me and my friend casted a protection spell before stepping inside the lounge
And I found exactly what I expected

It was black magick altar
The owner was not around so we took a look around
The place smelled like dead ass animal blood
But that’s not what cought ower attention

As we found a grimoir
A grimoir that I set my mind on getting my hands on for the past couple years .
But did not know how to get the original copy since most of it is forged or not fully complete and with that being banned from Islamic history

And that is Shams al-Ma’arif
( “The Book of the Sun of Gnosis and the Subtleties of Elevated Things”)

If you’re not familiar with this grimoir

In my opinion there is not a book in the history of magic that is as powerful as this grimoir
I’ve read a lot of occult grimoirs but this one attracted me for a very long time
,it’s even said to be written by the biggest djinns

A bit background story about the writer

Ahmad ibn ‘Ali al-Buni

Duo to his extreme dedication for knowledge , he shut down all the doors of communications with humans .
He did not welcome any students
nor he got married He refused to teach anyone about what he know.
And dedicated his hundred years of livin traveling to get as much knowledge about spells and rituals with the help of djinn
And was even said that he found manuscripts in the pyramids that helped him creat this book .
After dying at the age of 102
the grimoir went viral around the village
until they put a end to it by banneding it .
And started riping some important page’s of the grimoir .
But there still original copies around the world that no one really know where there might be .

when my friend and I saw it we were like
Finders keepers man
So we opened it to see if it was the real deal
And it was only 250 pages the original one is up to 600 pages
As we were reading the book I noticed a black shadow on the corner of the room
And the energy i was getting from it
seemed angery
And i was like okay let’s get out here now and we apologized for touching the grimoir and getting into there territory
And then a strong wind went by and turned the pages of the book to page 135
We read the page but understood nothing of it. It was extremely complex
So I thanked him and told him that were leaving and asked him not to follow us around or anyother spirit that’s watching us at this matter

My friend and I originally wanted to take the book with us
And to break those complex contexts
but felt that were going to bring thes instance spirit’s with use along the way good or bad
so we desided to let it go(I completely regret doin that )but
It is what is
mabye someday I’ll get my hand on the original one.


I’d like to get my hands on that but I’d either need an English translation to read it or buy the Arabic version just to have it sit around for five years before I start to barely read it. Interesting post, btw!


I made an account Just to reply to you, DON’T come near this book it will end your life It’s not a joke. My friend got saved in the right time he was Just curious and he managed to get one , at the first few days he felt bothered and not comfortable all the time and then the dreams the ugliest nightmares you can Imagine and whenever he woke up like if he got hit the mark on his skin remains It’s like he is being hit for real and then he reaches the spell when you can see the ( jin ) there are no such thing as spirit or a soul od a dead person and the only time you can see the angel is on your death ( ezreal) the angel of death…Anyway the (jin) they live among us and and they have been here since the beginning of the humanity and my idiot friend did it and started to see them after few days of suffering he talked to us he looked like shit and didn’t sleep for days they started to mess with him It’s like amusing to them like he became their toy he doesn’t know how to counter or hurt them and he wad afraid of them … so we took him to a very knowledgeable (shek) and he know all about the jin and how he can make them obedient to him so he helped my friend and he blocked his eyes from seeing them after that he burned the book… alot of the people who red the book ended up killing themselves so Please I hope you take my opinion with consideration and sorry if my English was bad


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Tell us about it in more detail! Please!


Hello, I have that book, but it’s not compatible with your spiritual orientation, I have an old version, it’s simply a mixture between Alchemy, Astrology, and other ancient sciences that are lost with some knowledge of the future. The book’s dangerous part is when you try to apply it’s guides to contact spirits, the problem here is not the method, but the result, the spirits are different from what you think you know, they’re extremely hard to contact with a very delicate personality.


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Hello I was wandering if you could tell me more about this knowledgeable (shek) you took your friend to. How did you know that this person was legit. I’m curious because I have come across meany fakes or not as knoligable ass that cleam. I seeking one that can truly help. So any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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Huh, it’s funny I see this thread bumped because my neighbor has told me about this book and I intended to research it but had forgotten all about it. A shame it doesn’t have any English translations.


Jinns scare the shit out of me. Recently there was an incident that occurred in Australia. A man tried to stab someone to death or he actually did (do not remember) testified that a Jinn instructed him to do so. Obviously the court didn’t believe him but I did. From that point on, just the word alone freaks me out.

Here is the article



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Thank you for sharing this with us,
i’ve in fact been looking for that book for a long time now.

It’s one of three,
if i remember correctly.

Got to take some time for looking into that however,
and won’t be able to do so quickly.

So i’m following this topic from now on,
so i may get reminded towards it,
when time matches up with it.

(propably 3-5 years from now.)

Special note to OP:

You’ve done right,
to go without taking anything from the place.

If you’d had taken anything,
you’d had made an enemy of the scale of our skill level,
and propably not kept it for long,
before having to give it up.

Unless you know how to read the Original Language,
(Hebrew, but not just hebrew in that case, i suppose),
the book would have helt only so much protection for you,
and apart from that,
you’d also had hurt ongoing Spellcraft,
that was being conducted with the book.

Your desire to find the book,
was answered by showing you,
that it truely exists.

But having a look at it,
and taking it and working with it,
is a huge difference.

The Dark spirit,
you percieved,
was either the owner himself,
or one of his servants,
protecting the magickal place.

I’m very glad you got to the right decision,
and came back to talk about it.



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My first time hearing about the book, probably because I’m not into books.

But if it’s really this interesting, I will try to get it. I’m yet to meet what will scare me, so I will definitely practice stuff written in it if I’m able to get it. And I will sure post my experience here.


My Suggestion,
regarding your further work,
towards having and working with that book:

Aproach dark spirits you do know and work with.

Formulate your intent,
of getting access to it,
and offer yourself,
to go into a trial phase,
where you work with it,
only in the Astral Dimension.

the Djinn,
will more likely,
allow you to access it there,
and it’s easier to access this way aswell.

By studying it there,
and taking some of what you learn into practice,
you kind of qualify,
for if you can handle it.

But also,
leave space,
for the possibilty of failing at it,
without risking your life for it.

Make that an explicit demand,
upon the terms of the agreement.

To be allowed to leave peacefully,
in case you find yourself uncapable of dealing with the book.

Why i suggest that?

Because on a book like that,
you don’t know how much protection is assigned to it.

State specifically:

I allow,
for the knowledge,
i’m unable to use,
and work with,
to be removed,
in case of my failure.
I choose this aproach,
because i’m to valuable,
as a Magi,
to be lost,
by falling to foolishness,
and in honor,
of those Spirits (Djinn),
that originally created the Grimoire.

Then, name the man you’ve mentioned to be the author,
and ask for permission,
to be guided by him directly,
or by his familiars,
if he denies the request.

The Ancient Oath or Red Sulphur

definitely the book i had been looking for.



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Been working on my Planet yesterday,
giving life to it.

i find this,
being casted as “Live feed”,
right now:




This should be revisited! :slight_smile:
It is mentioned here as well! :slight_smile:

Dear ms_k,

Thank you for your contribution.

I assume you mean this version:

Another facility of hiding truth,
and keeping it from the public.

Please take the time and introduce yourself to the forum,

If this post really conflicts with your morals,
and you do not want to participate in this forum,
but found yourself forced to do so,
as you explained in your post,
please have a private message with @Lady_Eva.

She’s well versed in the techniqual background of the forum,
and can also help you in case you’re really expieriencing possession which you do not want to have.

In regards of your Moral Compass,
maybe you can find relief in that you didn’t publish it,
nor spread it at all.

You merely served your gods,
the way they requested from you.

[open link for original photo copies of the Tome of Sun.]

The book has always returned to us at our bidding,
do not fear,
and do not worry.

You shall not study it,
if it compromises your beliefs and you wish to stick to those.

Should you be willing and interested to grow,
to see the other gods,
to find out about the lies your imams told you,
and the truth why they prohibit works which differ from their favorite version of working with the divine,
you might find lots of guidiance and help amongst this forum.

But beware.
That, woun’t be an easy path.




Hi Ahmed ,

can i ask … as magic is prohibited in islam - and apparently an automatic dismissal from the joys of life after death … why has the author used Bismillah at begining of each chapter ?? is that not a contradictory??