The Benefits of a Pact Based System


In this post, i want to share with you the Benefits of using a Pact Based System when it come to Magick, working with Entity etc…

But First i want to give you my ‘‘belief’’ about what Pact are, of course this is all UPG,

What is a Pact :

A pact, in its most sum up definition is an mutual agreement between you and an Entity, or a Group of Entity, or even with Entire Kingdom of Spirit etc.

First in my experience their isnt one kind of pact, instead, each entity or sometime groups of entities will have their own way of Making Pact, For instance, Some entity may only ask that you enoy what you will receive from the Pact and use it as you want to, other will ask you to do things for them to avance their agenda or the Agenda of their Superior etc… Other will want to develop a good Relation with you etc…

So its important, in my opinion to keep that in mind when working with an Entity in a pact based system of Magick, to not have any expectation but to just ‘‘go with the flow’’ per say.

What are the Benefits of Making a Pact with Spirit :

Well in my experience their is many, but i will just give a quick summary of those i consider the most common one,

1-The Manifestation of what your Desire, of your Final outcome happen way more Quickly, even more, it is easier to make Bigger Goal, Manifest using Pact :

This is simply since all the parameter are clearly defined in the Pact, the road to manifestation is thus clear, and free from obstacle, also if your pact involve to create a Strong Bound with the Spirit or advance their Agenda, then it is certain that if you do such things, the Entity will be very much more willing to make your Desire manifested, to give you your part of the deal per say,

2-Pact are a great way to develop a good Working relationship with Spirit and especially Entire Kingdom of Spirit :

Pact really show all their Splendor and efficiency, in my opinion, when they are make between a Magician and an entire Kingdom of Spirit, the Efficiency of such a Pact are Incredible and must definitly be experienced by the Magician to see their Potency,

For instance, i made a Pact with a Certain Entity and his Whole Kingdom, i cannot say much detail about it, but one of the term of the Pact is that, in exchange of me advancing the Agenda of this Spirit King and his Kingdom, along with a Daily Practice i must do, this Entity will provide me anything i need in my Material Life, everytime i needed somethings, i was going to this Entity, asked Him and most of the time i got what i wanted in 1 Day or Less, the Manifestation of my Desire was incredibly fast.

When working with Pact, you definitly create, most of the time, a deep working relationship with Spirit, and even sometime, a deep personal relationship with them, I’m sure their is no need to explain why this is extremely useful and recommended.

Their is of Course much more reason why working with Pact is great but those two are in my Opinion the Most common one.

How those a Pact is Made? :

Well their is not really a Single way to make Pact, but the Method i use proved to be efficient so far so i wil share it with you,

1-First Find the Entity you want to make a Pact with, this Entity should be able to provide you what you want or at least seem to have a common goal and agenda as you.

Evoke him or Her and Explain to him your Desire, what are you expecting of him, If your goal is very Minor most of the time the Spirit wont even propose to Make a Pact, he will just manifest your goal as with any Usual Evocation, Of course if your Making a Pact, not much for manifesting a Goal, such as Money etc. But instead you approach a Spirit to make a Pact in order to advance the Agenda of this Spirit, create a Better relationship with him, learn from him etc. This is another matter and in my opinion is a great and respectful way to approach making pact, i definitly recommend it,

So if this is your reason for making a Pact, then most of the time the Spirit will be more then Glad to make a Pact with you,

2-Then when the Spirit have agreed to make a Pact, sit with him and fix the term of the deal, even if your making a Pact with him to advance his Agenda, dont be affraid to ask for things in return, i would even say, Its a Must, to not be exploited, I mean would you work for free? its fun to do by time for certain person, but not all enjoy it and definitly none would do it all their Life, and your not different,

Instead of asking a this for that, Talk with the Spirit to find what is best for both side of the deal, it can take quite sometime, i one time was up to 1 hour 30 minute to 2 hour talking about this with the Spirit, fixing the Parameter, so take your Time and be caucious about the details, it is very Important,

3-When all is clearly written and fixed, Then Sign the Pact, and then Let the Spirit possesse you and sign the Pact using your body as a vessel, then If the Spirit recommended it, anoint the pact with drop of your Blood and TA DA! your done,

4-Keep your Side of the Deal and the Spirit will keep his,

Hope this Post was Useful, if you have any other Question feel free to ask them i’ll try to answer them in the best of my capacity!


can this pact be done for few weeks? And what are the spirit’s terms? i mean what they can ask us to do whats their terms


Pacts can be as short as a few days to lifelong, or several lifetimes. It’s up to you and the Spirit and what you both desire. Some people will make a pact to serve a Spirit in their next lifetime in exchange for whatever it is they may desire.


thanks for your guidence :slight_smile: Can you please guide me little further as myself begginer what entity demon to wrk as newbie And can we manifest our petitions desires only with sigil magick just to write our wishes on petition paper and put boold on sigil and thn burn it ? i mean without invoking any demon in starting rituals, Please excuse my english :smiley:


It’s perfectly fine, no need to be perfect. :slightly_smiling_face:

You can call a Demon with just their sigil and enn, though you have to imagine the sigil as a door way. Imagine as you chant and call the Spirit that you’re calling to them in a room a few rooms away from you, where they can just barely hear you, but as you keep calling them towards you they hear you clearer and clearer.

After that you can give your request verbally, no need for paper, though some people prefer that to feel more professional or “in the mood”. You can give offerings if you’d like, but it’s not necessary unless you want to form a closer relationship with that Spirit, or they ask an offering from you as a payment for a mistake you made.

It’s that simple really, but it takes practice. Hardly anybody has a solid evocation / invocation their first time, I certainly didn’t. If you’re looking for a Spirit to start with as a beginner, that really depends on what you’re goals are. If you aren’t sure, I’d recommend Lucifer, or King Paimon. If you could express your specific goals (if you have any) I could be more specific. :smiley_cat: