The Belial Sigil Amulet - Who Has One? What Are Your Experiences?

So I’ll be purchasing an amulet for myself tonight to experience the benefits first hand.

I’m not sure if it comes on it’s own or with some kind of necklace so I can wear it as soon as it arrives… but that’s beside the point :slight_smile:

This post is to find out who has purchased The Belial Sigil Amulet… and what has your experience been thus-far?

If you are unsure of what I am talking about, here is the link to it:

Looking forward to your responses… and hopefully the conversations that ensue…

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I’m curious as to how big it is?

I have a black shirt with his sigil printed in red on it.
I treat it as a Thangka when I’m not wearing it.

I do wear a sigil of Belial but it is not that one. I also have an Obsidian and a Garnet inside it.

Having an amulet of any sigil is personal. I wouldn’t do it for just any Spirit :wink:

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I have the ring!!!



i was hoping for more anecdotal evidence if belial being a positive influence in one’s life

i didn’t get around to purchasing my amulet

not sure if i will or won’t althougn it’s still on the cards

in the meantime i did come across these musings Could BELIAL Actually Be A Miracle LIGHT WORKER Attuned To The SUN ENERGY?

feel free to share your thoughts :smile:

Have you worked with Belial much? See if a solid relationship forms before deciding to buy it.

well according to the sample compendium, it states that Belial shared with Koetting (I think it was) that there is no growth without suffering, although i don’t exactly believe in that premise and as such don’t resonate with that message… so i’m thinking that’s not my cup of tea per se

i have entertained the idea of possibly working with Algol for protection and curse reversal, nothing aggressive or in an attack sort of sense, merely to clear my path for a smooth ride without all the unnecessary interference i keep getting from the people and entities that be

this post was to get a better idea of what to expect from the Belial amulet, although the universe usually gives me a good sense of what to expect and at this point in time i haven’t received any clear indication that I should be working with Belial and as such Algol may be my prime candidate


Don’t go with what Belial says to another, you have to ask him yourself. Belial tells each individual what they need to hear.

It is true he brings harder conditions into one’s life but it is to leave an opening for what the Magician wants in return. A lot of Daemons do this though. Belial just gets noticed for it. :wink:

Find what works for you best, trinkets won’t get you closer to a Daemon if you’re not interested in them.


Well in that case I may have to pass up on buying the Belial trinket as you say :slight_smile: … for now anyway.

I’ve recently had too many calls from Algol, and as such am now exploring on how best to proceed.

Although to pay my respects, here are a few words in honor of Belial:

Belial you are without a master
Maybe you are an ascended master
Our unbecoming we do resist
May we thrive not merely exist
Connecting darkness and the light
To me you are the middle way
Neither evil nor a saint
A bright future you help us paint
Thank for your wisdom dear
Ascension just stepped up a gear
From ashes to ashes
From dusk to dusk
Life gets better
Without a fuss

Thanks and have a great day :partying_face:


That’s beutifull where did you get it

OK, now THAT rocks.

I am following this thread as I have also strongly considered picking up one of these sigil talismans. I sent a request for information in through the website but never received an answer. I wanted to know if these sigils are charged and consecrated when they arrive or should we do that afterwards. Never received any response.

From Etsy.