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Hey guys. I have a success story here.

I don’t think it counts as a “get my ex back” kind of story cause I didn’t had a relation with the girl in question but, there is some rekindling so it might be helpful to those seeking to rekindle love

Anyways, I met this girl on Tinder bla bla bla we had great sex bla bla bla. She had serious daddy issues (her daddy divorced her mother when she was 2, but he’s a huge asshole and was stranged her entire life), so of course she trusted no man and she had the habit of pushing men away whenever she started to catch some feelings (basic defense mechanism). That habit of her caused us to fight a lot. More than once she told me she didn’t wanted to see me anymore. She tried to push me away telling me very awful shit about her. I was going to give up on her but I decided to try magick for relationships once again. Like many here, I got into magick to get an ex back but didn’t worked (I was desperate). This time I wasn’t desperate, I mean, I liked the girl but I wasn’t in love or anything. I called on Sallos, Sitri and Dantalion. It kind of worked. I saw changes with her.
Anyways, after she told me she didn’t wanted to speak to me ever again we were talking again (thanks to the demons and myself) but I fucked up and said something terrible to her. She got crazy mad and for over a week we didn’t talked to each other. In that week I decided to call on those same demons, but this time I was going to be more specific about what I wanted with her.
After that week passed she’s changed completely. She’s caring, she’s sexy, she’s everything.
A girl who wanted nothing to do with me practically wants me to be her boyfriend.

Anyone having trouble with love should call on those demons, especially Sallos. Just remember not to lust on results and to TRUST in demons. They can do anything if you trust.


Wow, mate! Congrats


So there hasn’t been much activity on here over the last 6 months in terms of success stories that I would qualify for this thread, but i thought I’d update this with a couple I’ve come across


I haven’t updated this in a while, so here’s a few more stories ive added to the list


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Hey guys…so just out of curiosity…do some of you still browse through this list? I update it once a month or so, but im wondering if i should just leave it be now, as the post doesn’t really get much engagement/likes anymore. Secondly, im curious if any of you have any particular favorites from the list that you can’t help but return to reading every now and then. My favs tend to be from peoples wins in love and lust, as that is my wheelhouse…in particular @zer0rez experience as it showcases how undeniably real and effective magick can be in the right hands.


ah thats good to hear


I read through this lists.
I refer people to this list too.

So it a nice compilation.
Very useful.

The money success story through servitor gets me anytime I read through!

So, kindly update.
Very useful!


Hi @Verdo This section is the one section that I always come back to If I can’t get something to work when we can see that others have managed to get it to work we can use this as a reference to aid our patience to get it to work usually by changing something that someone has mentioned here and to that end it is very useful for morale Thank you for running this It is like an encylopeadia for success Keep up the grand work Happy magick


Hello! I am visiting this repository very often, and I think it is one of the most valuable topics on the forum. I’ll appreciate greatly if you will keep it updated!

As for favorite stories - for me it’s money section hands down, since this sphere is the hardest for me. Love and lust is awesome, but I had great successes here myself, so it is not as interesting for me personally, because of no need for inspiration.


Thank you for doing this! Spent 4+ hours reading, enjoyed every bit of the ones I clicked on. Grateful to you.


Hi BALGers,

It’s morning where I am at the moment, and I thought I’d leave a few recent experiences here. I hope you enjoy these successes. These all happened in the past week.

  1. one of my financial servitors influenced one of my major clients to, out of the blue, give me a sizeable raise.

  2. After using the GoM’s method last weekend to contact the Olympic Spirit Arathon, I was presented yesterday with an unexpected second stream of income that will add very nicely to the savings account.

  3. I have been having some minor recurring medical problems, and after using the same method to contact the Olympic Spirit Phaleg, overnight I have just stopped having the problem completely.

  4. I’d had my eye on an auction item for a long time, a particular handbag which wasn’t cheap. I contacted the Olympic Spirit Bethor, and the next day, the price dropped considerably, and I was able to purchase it.

The GoM book I’m referring to is the MasterWorks of Chaos Magick by Adam BlackThorne. Highly recommended for the Olympic Spirits chapter alone.


By popular demand, I shall keep this updated. Thank you to everyone for your kind words :wink:

added two new stories today to the love and lust section


Well, it’s real handy to have something to link to the newer members, the doubters, the ones who just want to give up and all. There’s a lot of things and a lot of ways that work and it’s all subjective and remembering which post I read that I think applies to someone’s situation is somedays a challenge. I’ve not read every post in this thread or the forum (Except in the necromancy category) so it’s convenient to use and I’m sure everyone who makes this thread gets a feeler boost, knowing not only did they succeed but someone recognized that they did.

Somedays and some people need that, it’s just a nice feeling ya know.


Glad you find it useful. I’ve probably got the longest bookmark list on Balg because of it, but it is what it is :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you so much

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you’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

Omg, my post is now in this thread! That’s an honor indeed.

A little update: an effect seemed to weaken over time, but it looks like it was due to certain circumstances. Still, the barrier was broken, and it certainly was work of Beleth. I think I’ll work with him further to improve the situation even more - wanted a reason to call this great spirit again anyway.


Yes, thats normal. Glamors tend to wear off after a while. But good work anyways :slightly_smiling_face: