The Archons and Controllers are the Enemies of Mankind (Archon and Controller Thread)

I heal people more than anyone. I do this for various reasons including my own expansion and ascension. I also heal and refresh myself. Multiple times per day.

One night I found a device deep within myself, cloaked and unseen past the folds of reality. As I have been able to go deeper I have found them inside of many people. When I removed the device some bad habits left in an instant. This device had incredible influence in my mind. Later, I found something similar in my stomach. Got rid of it, lost 10 pounds and stopped craving junk-food.

Working on other people, I have found and removed these ‘devices’ multiple times per day. The more psychic ability a person has, the more the Archons and Controllers are interested via being able to harvest more energy. On the other hand, they deaden the higher senses of the individual for obvious reasons. They DO NOT like my work. I keep getting hit by wave after wave, in a restless onslaught.

Here are some things I’ve learned about so far:

  1. They are responsible for the UFO stuff seen of late. The Controllers want people to think they are aliens with neutral intentions at best. Further belief and awareness is extending their reach.

  2. They have really co-opted the new age movement. Making them believe the Gray-ones, who are mostly nothing more than slave masters, are about peace and love. (I am aware of the separate tribes.) Many new agers claim to channel these beings and I have found devices in some of them most liking to steer their thought processes. It’s literally worship of beings who enslave them. Sound familiar?

  3. Cursing them works. Enoch’s videos have been a quick solution for a few of my ‘patients’ but they often have too tight a grip on others while not wanting to give up on people who are of a vast source of energy.

  4. Microchip implant technology is the worst idea in human history. If these go into people, the control will take on a whole other level.

  5. Hekate showed me Ares and I have connected to him. I was told to start using him in my healings after connecting with him for 7 days straight. The first day he showed me a little of what he can do while working on someone that I was having difficulties removing the drone from and he WRECKED it. We’re doing a full grimoire.

  6. I don’t know how much of the population has this cancer. But it’s more than you’d think for sure, in some way or another. Other people without it, I’ve been told, are sheep so they’ll fall in line regardless.

  7. Did I mention not to chip yourself? It WILL get hacked. We all know though, people are this damn stupid to go along with it.

  8. King Belial is the first to tell me of these. But he did it in a way for me to be able to look back and say (thats what happened!) ask any deity that you work with. The response, or lack of response says a LOT.

  9. I know this all sounds crazy, but I probably do more distance healings, as a magician, than anyone on the planet. I urge you all to look into this for yourselves. The implants for those capable seem to be deeper buried. You really have to search yourself.

Full color coming soon:

Edit: I started this thread to share information. Any other information that anyone else has is much appreciated.


Many of those devices may very well be natural extra-dimensional components of the body and mind that are simply running on the wrong frequency. Setting them outside the human psychosphere and tuning them to your control will free up their power and capabilities. At the end of the day the power of the Archons as you call them is something that can be tapped and harnessed for oneself and is based on the innate psychic potential in life. Though don’t fully trust any spirit of this system in dealing with them as opposition feeds into the intellect’s system. The best solution is simple to go outside the system as they are bound only within this solar system and reality chain. You leave that you can tap forces they cannot reach or control. They don’t want to suppress they want to convert and assimilate for by doing so the system can regain its original form before it was sundered.


Great input. They also put up blocks that make it difficult to get there. They sort of create the illusion that you have plateaued. This is why scanning yourself and sort of monitoring your own energy system is important. Everyone should make this a daily practice. You may be surprised in what you find.


For the people I have worked on, they can be removed. They were definitely placed there maliciously as any soul-phylactery can be. I think claiming they have that much control, in that they render all of reality gives them way too much credit. They can be fought and at the end of the day, are not THAT strong. They just blindside the unsuspecting.

They have influence over reality in this system but as I said they are bound to this system. They cannot leave it and a single individual is also capable of doing massive changes to reality often unseen by tapping into the latent psychic force found within themselves and all other beings. Working to tap this energy requires constant concentration and focus to delve into the mind and access that force at its core and do so safely given it is often more power waiting there than most are able to handle. You see the destructive side of this in kundalini that tends to result in psychosis or death as the energy runs rampant out of control.

The self knowledge and awareness for such mental practices builds up a strong mental shield of its own that is extremely hard to break as it resonates across a wide spectrum of timelines of the local reality in the system.


Then I guess I’ll keep doing what I’m doing… But man, am I facing an onslaught of them trying to get me “back.”

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We also have discussed archons at length here before:

Enoch Petruchelly’s free video banishing them is helpful, but even with wards they tend to return. Ascensionhelp .com has nice meditations to clear them, but I’m the end, as I’ve posted here before, I found the only thing that really works is to go on the offensive and attack until they don’t dare come back.

Don’t just kill them with fire, hunt them down and nuke the shit out of them :slight_smile:


Best solution is just to adopt their energy and domination patterns. To those in that system you will appear to be one of them and become ghost in their system. This also lets you use their domination system to your advantage over people that aren’t ready to break out yet and work to enforce it or just to draw energy and knowledge from it. At least until you build a strong enough connection to other systems they can’t influence to utilize those forces as well.

Why shouldn’t we kill them with fire Mulberry? I have had an octopus like archon parasite around my neck forever and every time I dice it and fry it to ashes with a jet flame it revives itself, or is replaced. I have seen a miles long row of them above my head, waiting to replace the one I just removed and actually made them follow me into the Sun where they burnt, the rest I followed to their origin, which was a layer around the Moon. I pulled all of them there into the Sun too, and their more blob like parents in a layer above, and even their parents too (tree like).
It always comes back though. Have tried just throwing it into a volcano or just chopping it up, but it only gets more pissed off the more violently I kill it.

On me it works by constantly pressing upon my throat chakra keeping my inner monologue going, keeping me talking in my head instead of falling a sleep. I am pretty sure I unwittingly invited it as a kid, when I was bored and since then my brain, or the Archon, kept me entertained.

Enoch petrucelly made a video about this

He said he grew his power to such a degree, that continuing the curses towards the archons and the death grids would continue feeding their existence

So depends on where your level of consciousness is at

Once you expand to such a degree, the only fight that exists is now inside of you, that’s why devas and buddhas an extreme amount of power they unleash wjth the simplest gestures such as mudras

Ive seen Enki annihilate cults wjth a simple hand gesture and it left the malevolent spirits as well as their host’s crippled as if they were burning in hell.

None of it is beyond your consciousness


I mean, don’t ONLY use fire: “ Don’t JUST kill them with fire, hunt them down and nuke the shit out of them” … meaning, do what it takes to get them off your back. In my case fighting the ones currently attacking wasn’t enough, as more replaced the ones I got rid of. So I took the fight to them.

Yes exactly. Nice technique! :slight_smile:

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So probably ignore them to death instead, if I feel to much power is wasted on cursing them.

Enki is an Annunaki/Archon himself. I am so split about these guys - working with Necronomicon spellbook gave great results, but then I figured out Marduk is an Annunaki/Archon and especially so Anu who you call in the ritual, so I quit. They helped, but I figure they probably also tie us harder to the grid preventing our evolution.
The Annunaki gave us civilization, but also enslaved us. The Old ones/Older djinn harassed us before, so will they when they come back again too? I am reading like crazy trying to figure this out, like grimoire of Tiamat and The Atlantean Necronomicon (which is just SUPERB, btw)
Thoughts? Could really use some good insight here.

How did you get rid of this devices. I have an attachment and he really fu#€# my life.

I saw a black cube astral implant in my brain that constantly radiated negative energies into my meridians, causing me anxiety my whole childhood. But once I saw it, I blew it up and was fine.

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why you didn’t just tap into that cube, and set it to positive energy? just like @Eldred_Darkthorn said

is Ra in Ra material is one of them?

This was many years ago and I was not that advanced then, don’t know even if I am now. Destroying is easy, reprogramming a whole different matter.