The Amazing Movies Thread

Lol! Just realized I had a few errors. But I think you know What I meant, anyway I finally finished it. I have to say Definitely 1 of my favorite horror movies! Thanks for recommending it! It’s a 10/10 from me! :black_heart:

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I saw this 1 in the theaters when it first came out. Surprisingly really great movie, as for the others I can’t remember if there good or not.

Also if I’m not mistaken a statue of Santa Muerte pops up in this too? I can’t remember.

Just watch this one for the first time great movie.

Heres 2 fun horror B popcorn flicks I just discovered:

‘Deep Rising’ was was surprisingly good I heard it was going to get a sequel but bombed at the box office there’s nothing really wrong I can say about this movie except for Wes Studi being cased as the captain of his squad…I just thought he didn’t fit in that roll.

‘Dagon’ is great too but does suffer from some problems like the the main character guy and his girlfriend are ready stupid lol also I thought the fish people plot should have been explained more and it just didn’t make sense on why there fish people and there’s other people who aren’t fish people. But besides that it’s a hard 7/10 I would give it a 8 because I thought the atmosphere was great (also any scary/horror film as heavy rain and it’s thundering and lightning always gets a +1 on my scale I think rainy environments always fits horror movies) but just them not explaing more makes it a 7 for me, oh and FUN FACT this movie is actually based off 1 of H.P. lovecraft novels. Overall great flicks I recommend these 2 films to any horror fan. :+1:

also is this movie actually feels like it could be a video game, Now I think about it it would be a cool game to play.

(this film is also called Endless Descent)

When it comes to horror I also love it when it takes place underwater like Leviathan, which I mentioned that movie on here before another great underwater movie I recommend.

I just discovered this movie at random, I’m glade I watched it the 80s has alot of gems.

Update. I just found out that apparently ghost house is a film series?? In the pic it’s says “La Casa” which apparently translates to ‘House’? I’m just going by Google so there is a chance it’s mistranslated. But in the picture it says 4 Soo where’s 1 and 2?

Another update.

A while back on here I recommended the 1st 2 TMNT movies(90s Ver. not the reboot! Those are bad!) (Which by the way if you hadn’t seen that please DO! Don’t pay attention to what rotten tomatoes says they’re talking about the 3rd movie.) INFACT about the 3rd movie I wanted to say that It originally was just called ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3’ But in later releases was actually called ‘teenage mutant Ninja turtles 3: Turtles In Time’ which there was a arcade game called that if anybody remembers by Konami Which is weird because I never caught on to this until I watched the angry video game nerds review about it and I’m just realizing it when I actually owned the Blu-ray version (triple feature version)

So yeah just thought I’d share that =)

Origin of Evil honestly took me by surprise! It’s very rare I think to have a shitty 1st movie and All of a sudden part 2 is Fucking gold…I literally think this is ONLY movie I’ve seen that the 2nd is better than the 1st! If nobody remembers (well I’m pretty sure not a lot people don’t remember that movie because it sucks balls lol) the 1st film came out in 2014 that 1 was just called ‘Ouija’ Oh wait! Now I think about it ‘Annabelle: creation’ was another 1 that surprised me compared the the 1st.

Oh man I forgot all about this movie, this is actually based on the short film on youtube which is pretty creepy I’ll link it here:

Okay so this movie is a prequel to the prequel Annabelle… which is another prequel to the conjuring? I think…I don’t know it’s kinda hard to explain lol But something like that.
I also like the first 2 conjuring movies too! Those are pretty good.

La casa 4 is honestly not my favorite horror movie but still a movie I enjoyed enough to recommend it.

This movie was made by Full moon form my knowledge they made a lot of classic horror films, this 1 I just happened to find it’s a horror/monster flick pretty great film it’s a 8/10

I saw this 1 by accident when I was trying to find something else and I have to say it really took me by surprise definitely a flick I recommend!:+1:

Is another good 1 too!

This is actually Pitch Black 3…This is one of those moments when a movie is named something then they have a sequel then they name it completely different. But the name to this is just ‘Riddick’ Which makes it look like a reboot but really it isn’t It’s a continuation of the 2nd movie This one I actually enjoyed quite a bit

to me it’s basically the 1st movie but more fun I enjoyed this movie quite a bit actually The first one is still pretty good but this one exceeds it even though it’s basically the 1st film but still a enjoyable watch. Especially the box scene I love the box scene lol But definitely binge watch all of these movies You can actually watch them all for free if you have the cinemax HD app.

Random People waking up in a cube and have to find a way to the surface. You would think it would be a pretty boring movie but this sci-fi horror flick took me by surprise. Definitely worth a watch!

This movie is fucking awesome! This was directed by John Carpenter the same guy that did the original 78 Halloween movie. The music is fucking badass too with the fucking heavy metal…oh yeah soO badass John did good!:metal: which I think John also did the music for this movie this came out in 2001 which was the same year that Jason X came out which was another great Sci-Fi Film too.the

only bad thing I can say about Ghost of Mars is that there are like 3 scenes they repeat the same thing when a person is re-explaining the story I thought it was pretty annoying when They just kind of just showed us instead of we cutting to where they were to share the other person was but besides that great movie.

Okay let’s be real here… this movie gets a lot of shit and yeah I can see why I mean most of it is just people walking through dark corridors infact I remember in a video the nostalgia critic actually called this dark corridors the movie which he isn’t lying about that lol but I honestly don’t think of this as a Doom movie the

only thing close that it gets to look like Doom is they have the BFG and the 1st person mode at the end and thats Pretty much it… but yeah I honestly enjoyed it even though… yeah it’s not a Doom movie that i wanted but it’s still enjoyable they did make another doom movie that came out last year but unfortunately I heard

that 1 sucked too so that’s a shame I just don’t understand why they can’t do a Doom movie Justice…I mean the plot is basically there in the video games it doesn’t have to be complicated at all Just put a guy in a suit and have him be badass that’s all it takes but I’m holding out hope we’ll have a better Doom movie some day😭 lol

Edit I just realized I already recommend shutter island a while ago didn’t mean to post it again.


I really enjoyed this I thought it was pretty close to the games and it was brutal just like them to this doesn’t hold back the gore either. The only thing I can say that I didn’t like Which really it’s not a big thing it’s just a small nitpick. there’s this scene when there’s this pulsating alien thing on the ceiling and If you played the first

game you can clearly tell it’s a recycled noise from Isaac breathing heavily in his helmet which I thought that was odd. They couldn’t get some weird creature inhaling sound? And I was just a weird design decision I guess they were low on budget or something but, besides that small part really great movie. They also made another Dead space movie in 2011 called ‘Dead Space: Aftermath’ But I don’t recommend that one The animation was just awful.

Both films are Available to watch on Tubi TV.

@Timothy I know you said to post IMDB links but this is the only movie I know so far that doesn’t have 1. The 1st link it as is to Steam so I just posted a picture of it if that’s okay.

Another movie I forgot to mention! It’s amazing to see Fox give the okay to this movie! And I’m glad because it was really hilarious Definitely worth a watch they also made 2 others but I haven’t seen those yet.

I wanted to also add that it would have been REALLY great cameos to see Hugh Jackman come back as Wolverine in this movie and his reactions to Deadpool it sucks he’s done playing the character now.:sweat:

I love me some campy comedic horror and this movie was pretty good:

And I just finished watching the sequel, which was also decent:

Remember kids, if you want to stay safe from being a Satanic sacrifice, get laid.

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Oh yeah I heard that movie was cool! I didn’t know they made a part 2 I’ll put that 1 on my list.:+1:

In a review I was watching they said it’s like that movie Home Alone but with gore which I thought was pretty cool.

I still haven’t seen it yet manly because it’s a Netflix exclusive… which we have Netflix but the person I’m with refuses to find out what there password was again which angered me greatly lol

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Finally getting around to this movie after hearing about it for so long! Unfortunately I couldn’t see ‘Army Of Darkness’ (1992) which is 3rd out of the franchise They also made a reboot in 2013 but I honestly didn’t care for that It was just one of those Hollywood needs another 1 or whatever. I heard the TV show is pretty good I haven’t seen it yet though, But definitely the 2nd film is my favorite it seems there’s a lot of action It’s pretty fast pace, 6 minutes in And it’s just action Also the creatures in these movies would say zombies? but they’re not zombies they’re like demon creature undead things?? I don’t know its hard to describe but they’re definitely not zombies.