The Amazing Movies Thread

@Excalibur I seen it enough times in the last month that I think I might be some kind of masochist or trauma junkie.

The actor who plays the main character is amazing. The screenplay was actually written by a person who lived through that story.

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I watched this on Netflix and fell in love with it instantly. It’s a love letter to rural metal heads in the midst of the Satanic Panic, circa 1988; but it subverts all the gripes and is just a hell of a lot of fun.

AKA The story of my life.

Look for the greatest unexpected Belinda Carlisle drop in movie history.

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@Eddie_Romanov Have you ever seen Malmhaus (Metalhead)? I think you could dig that too.


No but it’s going to go on my list.


@Eddie_Romanov You won’t be disappointed. It’s one of my favorites. It’s hard to find, but if you have a subscription to Amazon Prime, you can find it on a foreign film channel. I pay $3 a month just to watch it when I want to.

My friend’s mom recently died. I should have watched Malmhause with her instead of Lords of Chaos. I think she would have loved Malmhaus. She hated Lords of Chaos.




@Alazif Is Malmhaus based on a true story?


@Excalibur yeah, it was written by that kid who the really talented young actor is playing. He was in the partisan army. Do you like trauma? Sweet sweet trauma? This is a simulation of it, but it hits real nice.


1 thing I forgot to mention about ‘Ever After’ is that it kind of feels like a Disney movie If that makes sense.

I think about it reminds me of Cinderella there are some definite similarities with that movie.

Letters From the Big Man is an independent film about a sasquatch and a woman getting to know each other while she lives alone in an off-grid cabin out in the wilderness. Certainly it inspires me to be a better person.

I found A Dark Song to be an incredibly interesting film and it inspired me to accept there’s infinity routes to get the things that I want.

Probably I will get snickered at but I enjoyed Practical Magic due to the main characters being natural witches. I think it inspired me to consider using glamour as a tool even if I’m not concerned with catching a man through my looks, I know glamour has different potentials and applications.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon cemented my respect for women in combat. After Earth was inspiring for my fear issues. “Feel the fear, and do it anyway.”

Just watched this movie. I highly recommend it!

Darkness Falls, Outpost and The Thing

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@Miles Are you recommending the original ‘The Thing’? There’s multiple versions

Honestly I loved the first one, though the second one from the norweigians point of view is just as good

Hope that helped, :slight_smile:

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This is a classic, I highly recommend this one!

Now I have to say the 1st film is good, The 2nd is bad, But 1 thing I did like about the 2nd is the old he creepy old guy, and the 3rd film I honestly enjoyed quite a bit It’s just '80s goodness popcorn flick in my opinion. They went on toake a REBOOT of this film that came out in 2015 I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT It’s garbage trust me lol I watched it.

Just discovered this 1! I highly recommend this 1 also! Basically a hint of ‘The Thing’ (1982) and ‘Leviathan’ (1989) I honestly didn’t like the characters in this movie expect for Craig Fairbrass just because he as a nice English voice, which also he voiced Gaz from Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 4. Other than that honestly a pretty fun 90s popcorn flick! If your a horror fan there’s no reason to skip out on this 1. I’ll give it a solid 8/10

-its also up on YouTube for free:

Just watched this for the 1st time. I have to say a really great sci-fi horror flick. Now I well say some of the effects did not each well, but if you don’t mind a little cheese in your horror movies then check this 1 out! To me it’s a solid 8/10 I haven’t seen the others so I’m not sure how they are.

OH side note H.R. Giger is also involved in this movie He was the guy who created the creature design for the Xenomorph in ‘Alien’ (1979) which I thought was pretty cool! If I’m not mistaken he helped create the creature. Which basically in my opinion it’s like Xenomorph mixed, with Frog, and one of those alien creatures from Star Wars.

@Eddie_Romanov Im Watching ‘The Stuff’ now. I love that beginning scene as soon as you start the movie This old guy is walking in snow He sees a pulsating bubble He says “what the hell is this stuff?”
them he scoops it up He rubs it on his face THEN he picks it and licks it! LICKS IT!!! When He has no clue what it is! He’s all like
“oh this is great stuff”

THEN his buddy comes over He’s all like

“Hey Paul are you looking snow?”
And then he’s like oh man dude you’ve got to try this stuff So then his buddy touches his finger with his finger that he looked off of and he posted in his mouth!

Lol! talking about cross-contamination holy shit! :joy:

But so far thanks for the recommendations This seems interesting so far! :+1:

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I honestly really loved this movie. This had a lot of bad reviews, I don’t understand why. A great horror flick!

I also recommend the original If anyone enjoys black and white movies.

This was a good zombie movies. there zombies but in the movie on the news channel they call them ghouls.