The Amazing Movies Thread

My all time favourite film, thoughtful and raises questions while including a lowest common denominator element apparently trying to appear dumber than it is. A really nice spin on vampires and my fave vampire story after Freda Warrington’s A Taste of Blood Wine (book).


And . . .since we’re in Iceland

This movie is fucking hilarious I can’t believe I’m just getting around to this! If you haven’t already I recommend checking this movie out I give it a 10 I heard the TV series is also pretty funny I’ve added it to my watch laters.

This movie is fucking awesome! I can’t believe I’m just getting around to it but I’m glade I did this film is a Revenge flick it is a trip to watch the colors of this movie is very artsy theres a lot of reds which the coloring of this really reminded me of how the movie Suspiria (1977) was made which that’s another great movie by the way if you hadn’t already go watch those 2 movies in the nighttime the colors really pop this movie is pretty gory too I cant think of any problems

with this movie Nicolas Cage is great in this movie the only problem i can think of is that this movie is slow in the beginning but it doesn’t pull you out of the movie it does eventually pick up paste OH and theres also a bit of Hellraiser cenobites biker gang thats in this so I thought that was pretty interesting this movie is just a crazy ride its a solid 9/10 grind house movie. OH the music is fucking awesome by the way!

You know what I honestly might change my rating to a 10 infact yeah I’m gonna give this film a 10 this is my all time favorite Nicolas Cage movie so far I haven’t seen much of his stuff like I think I’ve seen National Treasure I can’t remember if that movie was good and I started to watch the movie face off but I never finished it from what I heard he played in a few good movies, and in a lot of bad ones.

I was rewatching the John wick movies which I think I posted the 1st movie on here i think I gave it a 9 but now now I watched it again I have to say its a 10/10 same goes for the 2nd movie, part 3 gets a 9 though but still a fun ride I highly recommend everyone to go see it if you haven’t already.

I also got around of seeing all the Terminator movies again to refresh my memory The 1st is a strong 9 I enjoyed it a lot which is this the only time we actually see Arnold play a bad guy in a movie? I honestly don’t care for the rest of the franchise T2 I just liked parts of it wasn’t a bad movie I just thought it was okay T3 I honestly liked it really sucks that we can’t get a T movie thats specially in the future with purple lasers only then ill give it a 10.

T3 for me was a 8.

I also was re watching all of the Resident Evil movies whixh I think I gave the 1st movie a 9 but now rewatching i think it deserves a 8/10 its a fun video game movie even though it doesn’t follow the plot of the 1st game i though it was just a fun else world story of RE this is also the best out of all of them all the other films are a 1/10 for me ESPECIALLY the last

(blury text for spoilers click to view)

This text will be blurred[/spoiler][spoiler]I really wished that Rain stayed alive though she was a badass and I really would have liked if she stuck with Alice through out all the films (also bc I just really like that actress)

Oh! And I was also re watching all the underworld movies 1st movie is actually pretty good i think I gave the 1st movie a 9 and I think I said on that post that Rise of the Lycans was the 2nd best 1 which is true I did enjoyed that movie but after rewatching I just thought it was okay it could have been done better though also why the fuck is underworld so blue? Am I the 9nly 1 that noticed that it seems like there’s this constant blue tent throughout all the movies?

I finally saw this movie! And I fucking loved it!
This is a HUGE improvement from SS( 2016s) and also its rated R which fits it perfectly also has LOTS of gore the humor is also amazing James Gunn did a great job with this 1 and I think DC did a good thing Making him the Director his style kinda reminds me of that guy who did the movie Scott Pilgrim and Margot Robbie does amazing as Harley Quinn which i STILL want a R Harley movie i really hope DC does make 1!
But yeah if any of u have not seen this yet go watch! Its a easy 9 or 10

In my opinion the BEST out of all rambo movies …really I felt Stallone never fit his roll as Rambo until this movie (which is the 4th rambo movie) I dont know I just think Stallone plays a good older war torn grizzly guy really they should have stopped at this Rambo movie I have seen the new 1 I didn’t care for it as for the older movies I thought they were okay but I only really cared for the 4th movie out of all of them.

I finally got around to this movie. I hwve to say i LOVED it! Even though yeah it chessy but i didn’t mind i enjoyed it a lot I made sure to watch this to prepare for the reboot which honestly I didn’t care for the new 1 I mean there were some pre cool parts but that was pretty much it.

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I recently watch all th Indiana Jones movies, and out of all of them I think temple of Doom was the best out of all of them. I would give it a 9/10 the 1st was good too, and when they hit 3 I thought thats when they stumbled and 4 I thought didn’t feel like a Jones movie at all SUPPOSEDLY there making a new 1? I felt they should’ve stopped at temple of doom if you ask me.

This for me was a 7/10 its pretty fun action movie it as a pretty dope soundtrack too, they also made part 2 but i dont recommend that 1 its judt “meh…” in my opinion.

This is actually the 1st time Ive ever seen Die hard I wanted to watch all of them but youtube onky had the 1st movie for free, which I heard as they go along the nust get bad but anywho i think this is a solid 7/10 something I wouldn’t mind watching again.

This of course isnt a movie but I really want to put the word out on this anime not sure how many of you played the game which depressingly was not ready at launch and had a lot of glitches I heard CD has patched the game and there still adding stuff to it which is good but anywho this fucking show

Is AMAZING I mean its probably the BEST anime I’ve seen in a long time the studio Trigger did a AMAZING job with the animation its crisp looking its bright beautiful to look at lots of purple pinks neons they did a really great job here and the FUCKING

music is fucking banger! I honestly don’t have anything bad to say about this maybe 1 thing which is a lot of stuff happeds in a short amounts of time

I dont know I feel like they kinda were in a rush or just didnt have enough time or something dont get me wrong the story is good here I just feel they could have had more episodes developing the characters more which the characters here are good in the short amount of time you get to know them my favorite being Rebecca she was a fun character

overall a 9/10 if u haven’t seen this yet GO SEE! Oh and this does have a english dub for those who must know I honestly perfer to watch my anime in english ill only watch the sub version if I have to but yeah go see it! u won’t regret it its really gory they dont hold anything back here know my other concerns I have is that I heard the studio Trigger makes a lot of 1 offs animes so I really dont hope thats the case for this anime Im hoping they can maybe give us 5 seasons before ending it.

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To be honest the BEST Hellraiser movie in literally decades, its not a 10/10 but its still a solid horror movie the new Pinhead she does a alright job but of course the original actor from the 1st movie well

always be the best which I found out apparently the director or whoever did offer the original pinhead a roll in this movie but he declined it im not sure the reason though.

But i personally never liked any of the hellraiser movies the 1st 1 i thought was okay and the 2nd i thought was better but i had problems with that movie too and they pretty much got worse as they kept making them i honestly wouldn’t mind seeing a

part 2 of this movie for me its a soiled 7/10 the problem I had with it was that its 2 hours but only felt like a hour i wished it was longer with more cool spooky stuff of the cenobites oh also they do deepen the lore here also the puzzle box actually as more transformations now which i thought was cool.

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I just recently saw this 1. I have to say I LOVED it this is basically about a head Chef that loses his mind and kills everybody I guess this classified as a dark comedy there are soms funy moments in here Oh and i love it how they actually show you a presentation of each dish and show yiu the ingredients which i guess some of the food in this are real? I personally never had them but it was entertaining through and through the very end i was like “oh okay” …yeah not that well put together of a ending to be honest otger than that I HIGHLY recommend this movie ill give it a 9/10