The Actual Physical Headache That Comes Over The 3rd Eye Stop

I began working with Kundalini a few days ago combining it with invocation/evocation while meditating. Boy did I push some sort of button! I have had a splitting headache (a real one) right over the 3rd eye location since I woke up this morning. It’s now 8:00 PM. Aspirin did little more than reduce the sensation.

Question: I have heard one expert after another DISAGREE regarding what is causing the headache. Some say it is the 3rd eye opening (good thing). Another said I merely overdid it and have a “sore muscle” in my 3rd eye and it will pass (no problem). Yet another theory is that I am stuck with it and I screwed something up (Bad news). There are even Youtube videos dedicated to headaches over your 3rd eye. Almost none of them agree.

What say you guys and gals about it?

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Sounds to me like a lot of qi in an area where your qi body is not used to having a lot of qi. Could be either just the pressure build up or it could be working on an issue in that area - depends how you feel about it, and knock on effects to you emotional body can give you clues as to which is which.

If you’re not doing any more qi work in that area, it should balance itself.
Qi is sentient, it avoids doing harm if it can, and tends to go where it is needed.

If you want to help it move along, focus on your lower chakras - energy follows mind, and so that will help move it down and back into balance, but also risks moving it away from an area it could be doing needed work in.