The 7 chakras of hell

Awareness of their existence and the correct impact on them is important, since many diseases and life problems are directly related either to blocking or to the predominance of energy influence from these centers.

The seven lower chakras rotate counterclockwise

  1. The first chakra is called ATALA.

It is located in the hip joints.

It belongs to the lower astral world, called ATALA (ABYSS).

In these places, Residents endlessly enjoy sensual pleasures, from which nothing distracts them.

There are many houses, parks, gardens and other places that surpass even those in the world of the gods in their splendor.

There is no change of day and night, so the illusion of no time is created.

And instead of the sun, precious stones shine on the hoods of huge snakes, which are found in many of these worlds.

The inhabitants of these worlds are free from anxiety and disease.

They do not know old age, fatigue, loss of strength and depression.

The only death they are subject to is death from time when their life span expires.
And time is the only thing they are afraid of.

Its inhabitants appear in our world, in the form of long-bearded sages with half-closed eyes, constantly immersed in meditation.

The attributes of Atala are fear and lust.
All phobias are associated with this chakra.

  1. VITAL

The second chakra is located in the hips.

These are the worlds of the Nagas, the worlds of dense bodily and energetic forms.

Creatures from this level appear in our world in the form of birds.

The attribute of the chakra is a manifestation of violent anger.


It is located in the knees

People who are conscious of this chakra often fight with each other.

The attributes of the chakra are a feeling of vindictive jealousy and envy


This is the center in the calves of the legs.

It is an expression of mental delusion, anxiety, dumb stubbornness and the instinct of self-preservation.

A world ruled by a Demon named Maya, the great architect of the Asuras.
He is known as the teacher of all Mayavis, that is, those who possess the art of witchcraft.

Maya is the original Guru of all magicians and sorcerers, that is, those who diligently master magical powers, witchcraft, astral achievements and others.

Whoever does this is under his protection.
It doesn’t matter – black magic, white magic, gray magic – all this is the area of Maya patronage.

Maya-danava, as the architect of the Asura world, creates magnificent flying cities and palaces.

Creatures from there come to our world in the guise of blind, lame, one-eyed and other cripples.

When people are conscious of this chakra, they declare the dominance of the material principle over everything else.
The motto is one: “Everything for your own benefit.”

The attributes of the chakra are constant delusions, stupid stubbornness


This is the center at the ankles.

According to Puranic and agonic cosmology, demonic Diti and Danu live on Rasathala.
They are all enemies of the gods and live in holes like snakes.

People often encounter these creatures, intelligent reptoids.

They take on a human-like appearance.
However, their appearance is not human, it is closer to reptiles.

Their areas are deep underground, but not physically underground, but on a more subtle astral level.

There are specific entry points to these worlds on earth – these are mines that people don’t know about, who dug them, where they came from.

These are the areas of communication portals with these worlds.

Sometimes there is very high technology there.

There are domes of five hundred meters, two hundred meters, in which the artificial sun shines, there is an artificial atmosphere.

They have a great dependence on sunlight or on the light sources they feed on.

In the world of people, they are very concerned about the use of tectonic plates, the development of oil and gas fields.

They care about the ecology of the planet, because when people misbehave, experience nuclear explosions, deplete the planet, it causes their anger.

Then they either turn to people or create earthquakes, or provoke some kind of conflict to influence people.

They are also concerned about the state of the world’s oceans and its seabed.

Many of them have vimanas, cigar-shaped flying ships in which they move both underwater and in the air, and even underground.

They are distinguished from birth by their power and cruelty.

Creatures from this level come to our world in the form of children.

They can be recognized by the cold wind that accompanies their appearance, so it is always cold around them.

On a microcosmic level, this fifth chakra below muladhara, the state of sense gratification, is located in the ankles.
It is the real home of the instinctive mind.

Personal selfishness prevails here.

People who are in the consciousness of this power center do not care at all about the problems of other people and their suffering.

When people are conscious of this chakra, they primarily take care of themselves and their well-being.

The attributes of the chakra are envy, anger and fear.
It is associated with Ajna and Vishudha.
It is this chakra that violates intuition, and leads a person away.
Overestimated self-esteem, ego, deprives intuition, in this case.


The center is in the feet.

The descendants of the Greatest Snake live on Mahathala, which has many hoods, and who are always in terrible anger.

Creatures from this level come to our world in the form of cats, dogs or monkeys.

On the microcosmic level, the sixth chakra is located on the upper side of the feet, in the area of the bend of the foot, where the ego completely rules.

For example, you accidentally hit this area, this is greetings from Mahatala.
This is an indication that some part of your karma associated with this world has been washed away.

The attributes of the chakra are a lack of compassion, selfishness of a very narrowed,
very concentrated nature.

  1. PATALA.

This is the center in the soles of the feet.

The lowest level of the underground worlds, the habitat of the Nagas under the leadership of the Great Serpent.

There are many Demon Snakes in this world.

Each of them has many hoods – five, seven, ten, and some have a hundred or even a thousand.

These hoods are decorated with precious stones, the radiance of which illuminates all worlds.

It is a sphere of the underworld that supports life on Earth.

Creatures from this level appear in our world only in an invisible form.
You can find out about their appearance by a loud rustle


Great! But, how activate this centers? Do you have any words of power, yoga position etc?

What do you think about it?

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Yes, I have something that I would like to share here in the future. I will post a continuation of this topic in the future. I read the article. Of course, the energy centers of the whole man have a complex structure, which can only be solved by diligent training and daily practices. But this is certainly very similar to what I was trying to say.
I would like other participants to express their opinions and experiences on this matter. How do you work with your power centers? Which practices do you use and which ones seemed more effective to you.