The 42 Letter Name of God Pathworking (Finished)

And I can agree to that. I mentioned the time period I did more or less because it is traditional to the belief system behind this particular working. I am in the process of comparing my written records of my previous rituals during the time frame I mentioned to see if that drained state has been present in the past in my other workings.

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Part One Day Four Observations

Pretty similiar to the other days, although I did notice i was more focused despite being tired. Most distractions preventing me from doing the softer work load i was focusing on were minimal, which is saying a lot on a start up day in a factory. It makes me wonder if this would be helpful for studies as well.

As stated with the previous days, no parasite effects to speak of and no pain at all this go around. A good night overall.


I’m going to be respectfully contrary :smiley: and say no-one would ever have designated a single specific day if that was the case: each society’s equivalent of castes/classes would have had their own special days, so the servants and entertainers, merchants and cooks, were able to keep pampering them on their one big day off. Also to constantly reaffirm the difference, of course!

I think this is tied to planetary energies, that planetary Days are a real thing, and that what we bring into manifestation through our deeds IS influenced by that planetary day. :thinking:

After all, as magicians we often incorporate that into our workings.

If everyone was more magickally literate at some past time (the way we’re all more medically literate today, than even a King’s doctor was 400 years ago) then it makes sense to not want certain energies all over your stuff, or conversely, to honour those energies in work, by not working oneself (and maybe, with a jealous and vengeful “God” such as Judaism describes - a bit of both?).

Also, “On the seventh day God rested” could just be plain old psychological retraction, and again if you’re weaving reality in the image of that, then having a day of rest yourself when the Saturn/“cube as symbol of this manifest world” is the reigning energy, makes sense.


Part One Day Fove Ritual

Upon waking up today, my joints were particularly painful, mostly in my lower back and knees. This is a chronic condition of mine due to some bone deformation in my hips. Some days are better than others, but it did give me an idea on a way to change the ritual.

After the initial prayer, instead of writing the words on my body, I visualized the Hebrew in front of me. I gave life to the letters with my breath as I whispered the phrase and began to draw the energy being released from the phrase, wrapping around the areas that were painful, visualizing the phrase emerging from the energetic “brace” around the joints and condensing the energy around it. I visualized the general phrase dissolving in front of me and drew it into my heart, allowing it to mix with my blood via visualization. The strong impression of gold came to mind as I fused the two energies, one from the phrase and one from my blood, and allowed it to seep from my body, collecting and fusing together into a shield. I state my intention and finished the ritual.

The pain as of now is still very much present but the areas are a bit “lighter” than previously.


Part one Day 5 Observations

Not sure what exactly I expected with my little experiment but the results were pretty much the same. Light work load, no parasites, no accidents. The pain in my joints did not ease either, but I did not put that into the intention nor did it get any worse really. I would have to further experiment with it to see if it can be used in healing like Lady Eva’s Raphael chant, but it does seem to help maintain the individual in their current state upon use based on these experiments. Not sure how useful that would be in magic around health when one is already injured or sick, but might not be a bad thing to try in terms of enchanting vitamins to help prevent situations where one would get sick in theory. Something i will have to keep in mind.


Part One Day 5: Ritual

This go around, I decided to test this part of the name with something more physical in form. Something that could be useful to those who struggle with visualization techniques as opposed to my other methods. So, I created a sigil for the lack of a better word. I began by writing out the Hebrew in the center. From there, I layered two triangles to form a six pointed star. While the immediate recognition would be that this is the Star of David, my intention was to 1) balance the raw power a triangle can bring in a sigil based on my experience and 2) emphasize that this ritual is a give and take scenario (as sixes tend to represent that in tarot, as well as breakthroughs out of conflict). This is very important to me, as I am trying to meet the Divine/God half way with these workings as opposed to leaving all the work to them. Finally, I surrounded the symbol with a basic shape of a heater shield, which was popular in Europe in the 13th century. This is to enforce the intention that this is for protection as well as remind me of my ancestors, as it is a similiar shield style as my family’s coat of arms. This is what it looks like.

After the initial prayer, I began by chanting the name as I slowly gazed over the Hebrew, moving my eyes slowly as I chanted. When I could feel the energy build, i slowly began to trace the lines of the star with my eyes as I continued to chant. When I felt ready and the energy continuing to build, I traced the lines of the shield as I continued to chant. I took a moment to savor the build up of power before stating my intention: “By the Power of Earth and the Power of Heaven, I am protected in body and spirit from all harm. As I speak, so it shall be. So mote it be.” I took a deep inhale and gently blew over the symbol giving it life.

I tore off the page of the symbol, folded it four times, and stuck it in the back of my work ID carrier, where it would pressed against my heart while I am at work.


Part One Day 5: Observations

So, pretty much similiar effects as the other rituals. I will say that this method did give me a bit of a spring in my step, although I also felt like i was wearing full chain mail armor (which, for anyone who has never worn it, it is a fair amount of weight on the body considering you are wearing layers of cloth, leather, and the mail. For some reason, i kept feeling like i was wearing it again). I begining to notice the sensation of weight when using this part of the name, which reminds me of lead and heavy metals. It kinda reforces the idea of Saturn in a way and I am wondering if all of the seven parts will have that association with Saturn or if each will align with one of the classical planets. We shall see.

Either way, great visualization skills are not completely necessary to work with this part of the 42 Letter Name of God in my eyes based on this experiment.


Part One Day Six: Ritual

This ritual was similiar to the last, although this time i used visualization to draw the symbol in front of me. I used a bluish tint light to create the symbol, gently blowing on it as it formed to give it life. I said the prayer as it formed instead of beforehand to see if there would be an effect, which there was. The light intensified greatly, almost blinding. The visuals of blue fire came into form around it.

I allowed the symbol to come closer and allowed it fused onto my heart during the visualization. I could see and feel the energy spread to all my organs, bones and flesh. I stated my usual intention and felt a release when I ended it with so mote it be.

Definitely feeling energetic with a slight weighted feeling, although this feels more like someone tied a life line (something to prevent someone from falling overboard on a boat) around my chest as opposed to armor.


Part One Day Six: Observations

Same general results in terms of protection. I did get into a few tough spots at work but ultimately were able to solve the problems pretty easily. Episodes of anger and fustration did emerge but it was effectively channeled into my work and did not have the draining effect it normally did. Most of the anger had to do with how my coworkers were treated due to poor planning but I was able to lessen the blows through a bit of problem solving. A lot of the decisions on my end were more instinctual as opposed to strategy i noticed. In a way, it reminded me of a case of near perfect possession with Belial where it felt like i was sharing a body with something else and both of us were working in harmony for that given task. Although unlike then, I do not feel exhausted now that it is over.

I will note that i did have phantom smells of both hot iron and sulfur, which kept bringing up the word magma. In a way, that is a very curious link to how the earth creates new lands through that method, mainly islands.


Part One Day 7: Ritual

So, for my last ritual solely working with this part of the name, I decided to enchant a vitamin. I wrote the hebrew and draw layering triangles over it to form a six pointed star like i did in the previous picture a couple days ago. I placed the vitamin in the center. I gazed at the hebrew gently as I whispered how it is pronounced. I drew the hebrew using visualization with a bluish white light. I shifted focus to the star, drawing the lines with the energy.

I said the usual prayer, opening the door to that connection as i coukd “see” pillars of light form at each point of the star to connect to the heavens. The energy intensified and i began to channel it into the vitamin, watching the symbol and pillars dissolve into it. As i finished by stating my intention, I took the vitamin. It felt heavy on the tongue and has left the heavy feeling in my gut since.

Feeling about the same as I have after the previous rituals.


Part One Day Seven: Observations

The vitamin method has proven not to be a good method of general protection. During the course of the night, I had a parasite latch onto me (easy to get rid of but was annoying), had all the angry individuals in my work space, and I managed to get a small laceration on my knee with a piece of broken glass (not a serious wound but enough blood to scare other people). The three things all the other methods prevented. That being said, i did feel more energetic overall and when those things came up, I had a bit more resistance to it than I did otherwise.

I guess it would be a better method for personal endurance than protection if one was not going to go the more health direction. Another thing that comes to mind is that when we think of vitamins, it is something where the benefits are delayed as opposed to the immediate. Perhaps in the back of my mind, that association could have influenced the magick for something geared for long term benefit as opposed to an immediate one. I cannot comment on how it would be useful to prevent sickness overall, but if one is to use a vitamin method, using one of the others for general protection ontop of it would likely be wise.


Part One Summary

So here is what I have come to learn about the first part of the 42 Letter Name of God:

-It is very simple to use. While I did take a spin on the rituals, there is genuine power behind the word that can be tapped into just by gazing and chanting the name.

-It is useful both for protection (against accidents, parasites and individuals barring your way) and manipulating situations into your favor.

-It can be easily adapted into other forms of magic that work for the individual.

-Prayer does amplify its effects.

-There is a strong association to heaviness and metal, as the idea of lead kept coming to mind even in the moments of feeling light. The possibke association with Saturn is not something i can ignore.

-It seems to function better for immediate results as opposed to something that can be done once a month.

-It seems to strengthen what it is incorporated into, which suggests to me that this part of the name may act as an amplifier for the other parts of the name, which will have to be experimented with.

-It does not prevent pain, but seems to go the lesser route if you stuck between two situations where pain is the end result. Essentially, it will guide you to the lesser of two hard paths.

-There is a presence behind it, although not as in your face in the presentation as opposed to something like the angels behind the sephirots.


In terms of Law of Attraction and the precept “We don’t attract what we want, we attract what we ARE,” that has enormous value, I think, especially for anyone carrying a history of past trauma and unintentionally resonating so much with that, that moving on and healing is difficult. This is beautiful work. :sunny:


Right, I thought so too.

I think i should make a note that if anyone reading this is confused on what i mean by parts of the name/what to chant upon using them, it is discussed in the video in the first entry. Do not be intimidated by the Hebrew, as Baal Kadmon pronounces it slowly as well as has it written out in English underneath each part. Don’t worry about not having the accent behind the language as i do not and it has been successful. I did not write them in the entries as I thought it would be a bit boring to be honest. I will do it this time as my seven day period with this part of the name is over. You can find the Hebrew in the video.


I will continue with the second part, which is geared to influencing events Sunday night as I am following the lesson that Friday Night to Saturday Night might not be the best time to use them. And I have to work so being completely drained during that time would not be beneifical.


Part 2 Day 1: Ritual

We are moving on from the first part of the 42 letter name of god to the second. This part of the name of god is credited to allow one to change the outcome of an event and to control negative entities, whether they are spiritual or physical. For this first ritual, I went with a similiar technique as the first day with the first part.

I wrote that part of the name of god on my arm and gently blew on the hebrew to “give it life” before chanting its name. As i chanted the name, i focused on my heart pumping blood throughout my body. Visualizing it as red light, I directed up my shoulder and down my arm just beneath the name. I visualized the energy from my blood seeping into the word, giving it power. I prayed for aid to influence the outcome of my night at work by binding the two individuals in power that tend to create the obstacles. Allowing the external energy to flow into the name as well, i visualized my targets before me.

I pushed the combined energy out of my arm in the form of chains, wrapping around them as this part of the name of god manifested around them. Using the same sense of authority I use when commanding spirits, I issued my command to them to stay out of the way and not make the same foolish decisions. I released the energy and dismissed them.

My arm feels hot and reminds me of a roaring camp fire, although a slight sense of nausea. This is a very aggressive energy and felt both defensive and warlike. The association with Mars is something i cannot ignore, as i am very familiar with that kind of energy. We shall see the results.



Shortly after the last ritual, I took my temperature prior to work and found that I have a fever. This automatically requires me to get a COVID test. So, I will not directly be able to witness the results of my last ritual, only hear say, which is unacceptable to me. I will have to shift my focus with this part of the working to something other than work or put it on hold until I can continue to work in my usual environment.


Part 2 Day 1 Extra

So, I said I normally do not count hearsay as an observation for my magic. That still stands, but I figured I would make this note. My coworker informed me I was one of 17 individuals who called in sick. This caused the two individuals i bound to be so busy they were not able to do their usual freak out decisions and things were relatively productive despite having half of a skeleton crew. I also got a lecture about needing to worry about myself instead of work, but I highly doubt that was caused by my magic lol. Anyways, thought it was an interesting point to record.


Part Two Day Two

I decided to continue this while being sick. Seeing as I am outside of my usual environment for magical experiments, I am going to get creative here.

I have a few options here of course. I could try to influence the political atmosphere going on, but I would not be able to record the results here which would be unfair to those reading this here. So that is off the table. I could try to influence the results of my test, but that is unwise in case I do in fact have the virus. I could try to influence behavior of those in my household, but that crosses some personal lines for me. So, that leads me to one option, which ironically is something i have never been good with: healing my body. After all, healing in itself is a series of events within the body to get it back to a normal condition.

For this method I will be combining three key elements. The first is @Lady_Eva’s Raphael Mantra Wrap. This has had some success for me in the past and I am on good terms with Raphael (and honestly, I need some guidance not to go way overboard). The second is using the symbol for the Philosopher’s stone for manifestation. I have found this extremely helpful for me in the past, especially considering my interest in alchemy in my earlier years finding my own path. It has a personal meaning to me. Finally, I am obviously going to use the second part of the name. I am going to be performing this ritual while laying down shortly before laying down.

So, to begin forming the symbol, i write the second part of name in hebrew. Then i draw a circle around it. This is to add focus on the subject within the center of the circle. Then, draw a square around the circle. This stabilizes the energy formed within the first circle. Next, I draw a triangle around that square, empowering and intensifying that energy. From there, I write Raphael’s name broken up as it is in @Lady_Eva’s technique. Finally, we draw one more circle around the whole thing, symbolizing both its finality and expansion into our reality. The symbol looks like this:

I began by with the initial prayer to be met half way in this working. Then I visualized the hebrew writing above me in a strong blue light, with flickers of red. I began to chant the name and felt intense heat manifest before me as I chanted. I formed the circle around the hebrew and the energy intensified as if I was looking at a large bonfire. It was difficult forming the triangle, as the energy built into a pure inferno. It only began to settle once i called Raphael, chanting both names as the energy began to condense and focus into three individual centers. Finally, i formed the final circle, stating that by the power of earth and heaven my body shall be healed. At stating that final intention, I felt pushed down hard as three pillars came down on me, striking my head, chest and lower torso. The symbol dissolved into the pillars and the pressure did not eased until all the light was absorbed into my body.

It was an intense experience to say the least and I feel exhausted afterwards. I will be laying down here soon to rest.


Interesting. When I’ve used the mantra, I had the energy I used from the entire name as one side of the triangle, then the next side the entire name again, then the next same thing. I also didn’t use a straight line with it, and just allowed the name to form the triangle. Like this, only I did it with energy and pushed it to surround Luna, rather than on paper. I drew it, just now with lower case, but upper case letters were easier to hold the energy form to :woman_shrugging:


Part 2 Day 2

So, I fell asleep hard after performing the ritual. I had some pretty intense dreams as well, bringing up events of regret in my past. It was like a series of movie film going by, coming up to my eyes for me to rewitnessed the events. I accepted them and the film dissolved away as they passed. It was a mental purging.

As for my body, my mind is clear now. I am still a bit tired but the congestion in my chest has broken up a bit and the muscle soreness has passed. I’ve been up for about 45 minutes now and have yet to cough. This doesn’t mean the work is done just yet but i can see improvement.