The 42 Letter Name of God Pathworking (Finished)

Okay, so we are going to be doing something a little bit different than my usual work. Following a pull towards the more mystical side of Judaism, I have decided to commit myself to this particular work. To prevent any copy right issues with the very small, condense source i am referencing this from, I will be providing to a YouTube video from the author himself, Baal Kadmon. This will explain what exactly is the 42 Letter Name of God, where it comes from, and a break down of it into its seven parts. It will not cover the rituals in the book, nor will I be following them in the contents of this journal. I plan on committing a week to each part and will be posting here twice a day. First will be a recording on the ritual itself that I will be performing upon waking up starting later today and the second will be an overview of that day before I go to bed.

At the end of the pathworking, I will be enchanting a piece of jewelry with all seven parts to mark its completion. Whether or not i will be using a tallit (a form of shawl used while praying) is still up to debate, as it is not an unusual concept to me after my time learning seiðr. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy.


Part One Day One: Ritual

So, I did something a little risky for the first go around. Instead of writing the first part of the 72 letter name on a piece of paper and carrying it around, I wrote it directly on my arm instead. I normally do not recommend this right off the bat but sometimes you got to go with the flow a bit to go to uncharted areas.

So, I began this ritual with a prayer, the first one to this particular deity in about 13 years. It was not in the same religious tone that it was back in those days, but more of a “if you wish to work with me and be involved, meet me half way. Show that this is worth it” kind of deal. It was difficult to start, but i did feel lighter afterwards.

I continued with my circle of black flames ritual. Even though I am not evoking technically, I was not sure what kind of power I woukd be dealing with and wanted a little more protection from parasites and imposters as the ritual continued. I put on a bit of music to set the tone. I choose a fairly beautiful piece of music of a female singer singing Pslam 23 while playing a kinnor harp (no particular significance on my end, just very soothing for me).

I shifted my focus to my heart, feeling it beating. I visuakized the blood pumping in and out as red light. I channeled up to my left shoulder and down my arm, flowing into the name written on my left forearm. I visualized it rising to the letters, filling them, as I chanted the part of the name in Hebrew. As the red light flowed through it, I could see a bluish white light come down and also touch the name written on my arm.

There was slight resistance, but i allowed the two to emerge, creating a new energy that began to wrap around my body. It felt charged but warm as well. I declared that in from this moment where when the forces of earth and heaven meet that i was protected from all harm, being firm with my intention. I slowly eased out of the meditative state and am feeling pretty good at the moment.

Let’s see what tonight brings.


Part One Day One Observations

So, I got results from the working. We will begin with the pros. I work in a factory with a massive parasite infestation. While I have my own methods to deal with them, one does get affected overtime by the environment they create in order to feed. There is usually a mass amount of stress and anger flowing through that factory, which wears one day over time. Today, i did not feel the effects in the slightest and the few bumps I had being in charge were solved very quickly. While I am still tired, it is more of the good tired of actually accomplishing something as opposed to just being worn out from all the tasks and drama. The individuals who normally add to it where not in sight at all last night as well and I did not come close to a physical accident, which is common in my work place. My thoughts were also, ore positive in general… So, in terms of general protection, it seemed to work.

That being said, I did make one mistake. Setting the intention to be protected from all harm does not protect you from pain, which serves as a warning sign to prevent extra damage in a normal condition. This seemed to be very much pointed out with my left arm whenever I thought (not even attempted) to push myself physically at work beyond what I am required. It was a series of pain that, while not sharp, would get my attention and get me to rethink. Not going to lie, but the imagery of a parent smacking a child on the back of the hand with a spoon for continuing to reach for a hot stove came to mind. Sometimes, there was a sensation of actually being “pulled back” from whatever task I was going for. Pains in my arm or that pulling sensation are not normal experiences for me, so it was worth noting.

I will be repeating the ritual to see if i get similiar results before beginning to tweak things.


Well. Is that how the protection is going to work though, by warning you what not to do? Is it actually about the fact you can still feel pain, or is just the way it needs to get your attention so that you heed the warnings and take proactive steps because of the pain?

Your spoon analogy makes me think it’s just like when my kids were little, I’d rather hurt their feelings and give them a little pain, so that they would learn not to do it- than see them seriously burned because they didn’t understand the danger. They needed to listen, even if they didn’t comprehend why.

Crossing the street, or running away from me in a parking lot, would be the other ones I could think of when I’ve wailed ass, because I needed them to fear me (or the known punishment) enough to listen no matter what in those circumstances, because they were too little to get it, and too close in age for me to carry both at once- especially if I had to carry things too.


That is a good point. I tend to get lost in what I am doing that it is easy to miss warning signs unless something like pain snaps my focus. A little pain to avoid a disaster is far better than the alternative. So, yes we can say this works for protection.


Yeah I mean you kinda said that, but it stood out to me that I saw you aslo say about it being a mistake twice, (the lounge I think) and my deep feeling on it was no, I don’t think it’s so much a mistake as a safety mechanism of how it’s going to work maybe. :woman_shrugging:

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I did consider it a mistake, as most protection workings I have done in the past did not function quite like this one as pain was not a factor as much as just urges not to do something. But this is a new working, perhaps as you said it is a safety mechanism, one that has not been present in other workings. I will have to take back my comments of it being a mistake.

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Lol well don’t do it just cuz I said something crazy, but maybe keep an open mind about it and see how it plays :stuck_out_tongue:

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lol of course. I will be repeating the ritual as I did yesterday to compare results before making any changes. That will likely be the best way to understand it more.

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Part One Day 2 Ritual

I repeated the ritual as I did yesterday. The only difference was instead of my usual black flames to set up a ward against imposters and parasites during ritual, i used white flames, it was a little more intense than usual, kind of the same intensity of a fire being blown to heat up metal. The technique of combining energy from the blood coursing in my body and the external energy combining within the word written on my arm was much easier today. The sensation after the shield was established was similiar to having a wet cloth placed on your forehead when you have a fever, only around my body. Feeling pretty relaxed.


I really like that! I’ve sometimes used white flame for cleansing. Awesome, my friend :slight_smile:


Gonna follow this thread, as I’m planning to pathwork through the 42 letter name myself starting in January.

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Part One Day Two: Observations

Alright, there were both similarities and differences with today’s results compared to yesterday’s, including something very surprising. Let’s begin with the similarities: no parasite effects, no people blowing up on me in anger, no accidents, and an occasional pain in my arm when I go to push myself, only to be redirected to another task. So there is a bit of constancy in terms of protection.

That being said, I was not exactly feeling all light last night and not quite in a good mood as I was on day one. There were some discussions prior to work that got me feeling pretty annoyed, mainly of a topic I will not go into in order to keep to the forum’s rules. It is a subject I am tired of discussing and hearing debates on. Combine that with some examples of a lack of basic human courtesy upon walking into work and given tasks equalizalent of trying to row a boat up a set of rapids with a tooth pick during my shift, i was not happy.

But there was not a weight to that sensation and I was not drowning in the emotion. In fact, I was experiencing it but also not attached to it. In a way, it reminded me of what @DarkestKnight said about his use of white flames, as it felt like i was purging. There was also a sensation of being observed by an almost parental figure waiting patiently for a child’s tantrum to end, although i was not able to see or really pin point who was watching. I just felt like they were there. A really odd sensation as I can see and talk to spirits.

The surprising element came when i was spending a good hour fixing a machine. We have recently lost our maintence personal so i often have to fix machines myself while waiting for support from the other shifts. When the guy from first shift came in, I informed him I needed help and pretty got blown off. He instead worked on another machine that was running. I waited patiently for about a half an hour until I had enough. I got the urge to visualize the part of the name written on my arm (covered at the time) and drew energy from my blood, chanting the name to myself. I visualized it wrapping around the guy’s head with the intention “get over here and help me”. Within a couple minutes, he stopped what he was doing during mid adjustment to come and help me, as well as train me on what i was missing to fix the problem.

Afterwards, I got a brief glimpse of my grandmother lecturing me in her garden telling me that God helps those who help themselves. The frustration and tension melted away then, leaving in me in that feel good state i was in yesterday.

So, on top of protection, the first part of the 42 Letter Name of God seems to be also helpful in pulling the attention of another when you need aid. Whether that is energy manipulation or an actual spirit aiding the working, i do not know yet. I will have to continue to explore.


The god of the Old Testament is Saturn and I would assume that the 42 letter name is created out of fractures of Saturn. Remember Saturn is a harsh teacher thats why you might have experienced pain to avoid more pain. Keteriya explained it really well how Saturn works!


I have not heard of that connection between the two dieties, I will have to take a look at it more once the pathworking is complete. There are six more parts to explore so it will be easier to draw a conclusion once i have a more overall view of it experience wise. The prayer that the 42 letter name of god came from was first written down during a period when the Roman Empire was still strong, so historically speaking it is not far fetched to suggest that there were aspects of the Roman pantheon that blended into the more mystical side of judaism at the time, based on how far the empire’s reach was.

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I drew the conclusion that Saturn is the god of the Old Testament and the sun the one of the NT after comparing astrological correspondences of those two planets and the behavior exhibited by the gods.

Whereas the god in the Old Testament is brutal and harsh, the one in the New Testament is a healer, lover and a god with the attitude “yes we can!”. Its worth exploring the Bible in terms of an astrological view because it is a really powerful book based on polarity (Saturn-Sun). Good luck on your path working and may you find what you seek.

The issue what I have observed with many practitioners is that they believe YHVH is the god of the Bible but the astrological correspondences of the letters just mean the 4 elements. So YHVH is the physical plane and the cycle of manifestation… A look into Franz Bardons Kabbalah book might be helpful.


I will keep that in mind in the future, as I will be exploring the Kabbalah in another pathworking. The mentioning of astrology is interesting as welll And I’ll probably evoke Saturn after this one to compare experiences. While I normally do not go into the this god is really that god framework, I also have to acknowledge that very few cultures historically existed in a complete vacuum, including the Jewish community. So, i will put it in my endless to explore list on my quest for knowledge lol.

Thank you for the good wishes, and thank you for the food for thought.


Part One Day3: Ritual

I repeated the ritual as I did in Day 2. Not much to really note other than simply writing the name on my arm triggered the meditative state I dip into to use magic. This occurred almost immediately and I have memorized how to pronounce the hebrew to recall it quickly without looking at the book. So it is getting easier to use apparently.


Part one Day three: Observations

So, I am learning that the idea of observing the Sabbath might not be an entirely stemming from dogma. Fairly soon after ritual, I had a bad spell of knees locking up and a general sense of pure exhaustion going through my body that hung with me throughout the night. I tried chanting the name throughout the night only to have the feeling of being weighed down intensifying. That being said, my work load was significantly cut throughout the night due to staffing, causing me to do easier jobs that did not involve me sticking my hands into machines or lifting heavy loads. Parasites and people looking for a fight to pick continued not to be present, nor did I get into any other accident. If anything, sense of weight was forcing me to take it easy, much like the random pains throughout the other two days.

I will have to try using a part of the 42 letter name on the Sabbath again to see if it has a similiar effect before accepting it as not just being religious dogma


Part 1 Day 4 Ritual

I had to skip a day to rest due to how hard the last ritual hit me. I slept for about eleven hours after my last entry and have not been at complete full steam since. I have enough to begin to continue again and will be testing my theory in regards of whether or not this should be performed during the Sabbath (Friday evening to Saturday evening) in the future when i have time off work. I cannot exactly spent my few days off in bed the entire time to maintain my other obligations.

For this ritual I changed a few things to follow a few urges I was having. For starters, I moved where I wrote the part of the name to an area on my body that bears the scars from being a cutter in my teenage years. It felt necessary, as it would help to “rewrite” a part of my story for some reason. I did not use my blood magic technique this time, as there did not seem to be a need. Finally, instead of creating a circle of white flames, I visualized the flames rising from my heart and pouring over my body from my lips, with intense visualizations of my body burning away, leaving only a being created from those flames.

When I began to gaze and chant the name, it had a cooling effect on my body as the energy wrapped around me again. Not cold, but cool enough to sooth the tensions from the intense visualizations. There is a sense of peace remaining after i finished establishing the protection.