That nasty curse I was conceptualizing

The Four Horsemen’s Vengeance.


ritual altar
target link
pen and paper
white candle
red candle
black candle
pale candle
(any pale colour would suffice)


Write down your how each of the four horsemen will affect your target on four seperate pieces of paper. In the top left of the ritual altar, you will place the written intent for Pestilence, with the white candle on placed on top of it. In the top right of the ritual altar, the written intent for War, with the red candle on top. Bottom right is Famine and the black candle, and bottom left is Death and the pale candle. In the center you will place the link to your target.


Assuming you have your setup completed, you will begin by envisioning each candle to be linked to the object that represents your target, then charge the links to the target with all the hatred you can muster towards them. When you charge the links, your hate must be your hatred for the target themself, the stronger the hatred and rage you work up into the links, the more powerful the links will be and the more quickly the spell will get to work. After you charge the links, you have to cease your rage and hatred, and enter state of calm detachment.
After you are in your calm and detached state, you will light the white candle and recite this incantation:

I call upon the rider of the white horse, Pestilence. My most hated of foes is as the leper, rejected and refused. All doors are closed to them and all paths are blocked.

Once recited, you will envision your target being rejected by those who know them in passing, and shunned by those who are strangers to them. Hold this image until it feels actualized, then return to your detached state.
From this point, you will light the red candle and recite this incantation:

I call upon the rider of the red horse, War. My most hated of foes is as the traitor, branded and hated. All who would have been their allies reject and condemn them.

Once this incantation is recited, you will envision your target’s friends and family turn against them, and everything they try only drives them further apart. Once again, hold the image then return to the detached state.
From here, you light the black candle, and recite this incantation:

I call upon the rider of the black horse, Famine. My most hated of foes is as the beggar, hungry and penniless. All wealth evades them, and all they own withers away.

After this incantation, you will envision your target as a beggar on the streets, alone and dressed in rags, as the world just walks right on past them with nary a glance. Same as before, hold then return.
Now for the last horseman, you light the pale candle and recite this incantation:

I call upon the rider of the pale horse, Death. My most hated of foes is as the corpse, sickly and changed. All that they were is gone, all that they would have been is forgotten.

With this incantation, you envision your target’s funeral, the casket being lowered into the ground, with only a couple of people in attendance. Hold and return.
Now that the horsemen have their missions, you seal the ritual with this incantation:

Pestilence, War, Famine, and Death, cry havoc and ride swift against my most hated of foes, seal their fate with the force of the apocalypse.

From here, you let all the candles burn out, bury the spent candles and written intents at least a hundred meters away from your home in four different directions, North for Pestilence, East for War, South for Famine, West for Death. The link to the target will be broken into four pieces and buried with each of the candles. Do not look back once you bury each link, no matter how much you feel the urge to.

Yeah, this is the spell that I was conceptualizing in my other thread. I really do not want to see this actually be used, because I shudder at the thought of the suffering this would impose on another. That said, if you ever do end up using this, I would like to know how well it worked for you, just no details please.


I have a question, what does this fetish of the target have to be? Will written names work or must it be an object?

Neat. I wouldn’t want to use this spell either unless someone did to me something clearly unjust. Apocalypse is not something to mess around with.

Also the mention of the four horsemen killing people made me think of this Robot Chicken skit (may or may not be related);


Anything you can link with the target.

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