Something I'm conceptualizing

So I’m trying my hand at developing something particularly nasty, my equivalent of a magickal nuke.

I’m thinking of a curse that is based on the ideas of the four horsemen of the apocalypse and inflicts effects in stages on a target.

The first stage would be Pestilence, closing doors and blocking paths that the target would be able to take, as if the target was a leper.

The second stage would be War, turning allies into enemies and putting family at odds, as if the target was a traitor.

The third stage would be Famine, cutting off the flow of wealth and other necessities, as if the target was a castaway.

The final stage would be Death, passing the target on into another life, as if the target’s life had ended.

With how I envision it, the final stage could be either the target packing up and leaving all they know, them actually dying, or them seeing the faults that they were cursed for and facing a reckoning over it. Either way, they are permanently changed from what they were.

As for the other stages, it is a lot more self explanatory.

I just gotta come up with a ritual for this. I’m thinking a White candle, a Red candle, a Black candle, and a Pale candle, placed in a square pattern in order going clockwise, with a link to the target in the middle. As for the incantations, I have yet to figure out what they would be. Also, each candle would be placed on a sigil that represents how you want your target to be affected within that horseman’s sphere.


I guess nobody has any thoughts on this?

Have you tried Evoking the horsemen? Perhaps they’d have input?

I’d also invoke those aspects to add more energy and power into the rite.

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Ive heard of an effect like this with a planetary curse involving mars and saturn but it wasnt aimed at death so it basically stopped at the 3rd stage.

From what i remember about the story guy had his own business, wife, family. Pissed off the practitioner and he used this to teach him a lesson. He ended up losing his everything and becoming addicted to crack.

The invoking of them was an idea I had too, but I’d already be calling upon them in the ritual so it kinda would just be a bit unnecessary in a way.

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I got a buddy who was telling me of something called ‘The War Dogs of Horus’ which follows a similar idea… That is what inspired me to come up with this, well that and this bitch I work with really makes me want to.

Fair enough, the only warning I would give with intense aims like this is have zero doubt when you hurl the lightning bolt so to speak.

“Magic Backlash” is a result from not letting go of all that destructive energy gathered, not karma. That and you may wanna do a divination to make sure the target isnt a practitioner.

Nothin worse than a lightning bolt only to have it countered or reflected back at you.

Other than that happy hunting.


Well aware of the requirement for lack of doubt.

Did some divinations that told me not to use this on that person I was considering using it on. I’m still gonna develop the spell though.

I finished it!

This spell is a nasty little thing. see the linked thread if you actually want to know how to do it.

I got a Grimoire called the Alter of sacrifice in it there is a passage for the 4 horseman of the apocalypse.

Just be careful =) I drew a few cards on this and it showed it would fail. Namely one being The Sun major arcana which symbolizes ultimate protection and completion of all needed cycles. Then The Empress which signifies divine protection of the goddess. Then some other cards showing the person essentially has “the high ground,” where for whomever faces them it will be as an uphill battle.