That Moment When 8: Strange days stranger nights

Tmw I cracked and bought more stocks and crypto.

tmw you’ve found a completely fine mini tablet that someone must have thrown away (dude, not getting out of the “SECURE BOOT VIOLATION” screen is not a reason to toss your device into the trash :sweat_smile: )


Not sure why I have ads featuring women’s legs and feet, and stockings/lingerie.

Im not that hard up to get off on this ad, but I dont get it … doesn’t it kill the mood by taking all the lingerie stuff off like stockings and garters?

And who and why is obsessed with women feet?


The targeted advertising on this site is really random compared to other websites. It constantly shows me ads featuring dating platforms for hooking up with asian women. I am sure that asian women are lovely and such but I can’t seem to find an intersection between my browsing habits and receiving these ads :sweat_smile:


Makes about as much sense as what happened this morning. Some lady goes ghetto and yelling and shouting, I thought two people were going to get into it over a parking space.
Turns out its a baby daddy, and as she is telling him off and saying she’s good, she hops into his car and they drive off.

We can thank the new trend called SEO (search engine optimization) for the ability to some up with a hit results “Asian Ass Porn” when searching simply “asian a”.

SEO basically takes some peoples pages or the most popular pages, including search pages.


Question – anyone here actively work with Shem angels and have clairaudience or clairvoyance intact?

Yep. Why?

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Cool. Would you be willing to help me? I want to plan a Petition to Vehuiah a week from today, and wanted someone to see if they can contact him after the fact to see if it was accepted. Plus any feedback from Vehuiah.
I will try to do the bulletproof immersion, with the exception off the ends, I may just recite as a mantra the name and psalm. Instead of the enn for immersion. Will construct seal and place under pillow.

Sure, I can check with him once you’re done.

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Awesome. Thank you @DarkestKnight

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Speaking of which, how do you generally immerse for angelic work, and instead of an enn, what do you typically use?

I don’t really immerse, no. I’ve been doing angelic magick for quite a while, so immersion isn’t necessary for me.

I don’t chant anything for angels beyond a simple conjuration. However, Damon Brand recommends singing their name.

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That makes sense, singing is a high form of praise, why Psalms were originally songs.

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Miss and love yall, hope everyone here is doing great, have been inactive for almost a year (I accomplished my goal) and I often find myself thinking about all the amazing people here and something keeps pulling me back. Im going to be more active on here again, not that I have another goal to accomplish but for the community and to further my consciousness.


I don’t get the Sinister Tarot, it seems very ### oriented, with emphasis on causal/acausal factors. The descriptions of the Major keys dont really make any sense to a Paul Foster Case devotee.
Waites standard meanings make more sense than Sinister Tarot.

I wonder if I’d get sued by making a Tarot Deck based off art from The Grateful Dead. The wheel has the little bears in a circle, etc.

If you tried to sell it, yes, you probably would. The art is likely trademarked.

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Well, the Baby Boomers need retirement money somehow.

TMW - You’re trying to draw your OC and you can’t get the legs right. :expressionless: What even are feet? I don’t know them. Why is art so frustrating? :joy: I’ve been grumbling at this pic for an hour now and still no progress. Maybe I should invest in a nice anatomy book?

In actual occult topics

TMW - You buy a new scrying mirror but have to wait for a day off to consecrate it. One more day to gooooo…