That Moment When 7: Just Tears in the Rain


Yea and it’s bad. He was neutered last week so he is still recovering. He first got into my trash that is full of sticky notes, then a roll of paper towels, and finally got the cone off and was running around the apartment in all the ways the vet doesn’t want him to.

I had to tackle him and hold him down to put the corn back on. Now he is passed out sleeping. Thank goodness my first client call isn’t until 11am.

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Oh boy. Would a morning walk be an option to prevent it from happening in the future?

I think so but this insane for him.

I use them, Oh do I ever use them today just not being good :laughing:

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Oh my parents’ dogs would have days like that as well. They solved it with morning walks, which is why I suggested it.

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They just opened up the doggie parks here at the apartments. He can do them right now because of the Stitches but I will be using that. I need to get get him out more and for longer periods. He just pulls so much at the moment since I can’t use the gentle leader (head harass) with the cone :joy:

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Use them :woman_shrugging:t2:

I am smart ass :laughing:. You know loves ya. @Angelb1083

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Ha ha ha yea nothing new there.

Where is my food??!! :joy: like you would know.

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tmw you need to find an interpreter for Kazakh until Monday. Neat.


Good luck! This seems like a really interesting story. Oh how did the impersonating the singer go?

No. Its actually a really fucked up public authority situation. Until now I am not even sure if I’ll need a Kazakh interpreter or a russian interpreter (like: interpreter as translator, not interpreter as singer) or even both because of the different political situations at hand, back then.


Tmw is it normal to eat a full bowl of blueberries in one go each time you come home from the supermarket or does my body have some deficiency?


I was thinking someone to speak for you. I hope all goes well for you.

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Sometimes I have that with Strawberries (and Strawberries alone). It gets bad enough that I am only visiting a store to buy them so I can wolf them down on my way back :sweat_smile:


Yes. As well as healthy and highly enjoyable.


Tmw the family decides to take one of themselves and break his arm just to make or strength a bond and stole vital energy.
Let me sing happy birthday!

Bio dad ?

I do the same with pickles. All the time. Every time I get in from shopping almost :thinking:

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