That Moment When 5: It's dead Jim

Is it bad to say that if I was a spirit now and someone in my town was calling to me asking for a sign whether or not change is coming, I would just guide them to a local veterinary clinic who’s sign currently says “keep your eyes open change is coming”? I could see myself pulling some smart ass acts while being evoked


No, I’d do that too.

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Heck, if I decide to hang around this plane I’m probably going to be constantly insulting (and protecting) my descendants and the descendants of my close friends.


I got alcohol and its lightly burning my throat

That moment when profile pics move now when touching then on mobile… that was trippy

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TMW I finally do the Venus of Willendorf like I have been telling myself I should do for weeks.


That’s interesting

LOrd of the asshole?
Asshole of the ring? O.o

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Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s based on an ancient figure excavated in Austria


Its actually rather remarkable…since its definitely shows a unique look of plus size woman

That’s why I love it so much and wanted to replicate it in my wood burning. It’s speculated to be some sort of fertility goddess or somesuch, but we have no way of knowing. But for someone in that time period to put so much work and detail into it, it shows it was a woman’s body type that was appreciated and sought after.

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Yea but sadly that’s not the case anymore

That’s not true at all. It may not be the publicly ideal body type, but there are still tons of people who prefer it. :slight_smile:

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Not really in my area…we get bullied hard and used plus cheated on

Well those people are douchebags…

Have you tried specialty sites? One I usually recommend is Feabie. It’s heavily fetish leaning but is open to anyone of a larger build and their admirers. Plus you need an account to actually see it so it’s very private and free to use.

Yea I tried bbw dating sites…didn’t go well…plus like i said where I live were seen as creatures or easy sex target…us finding real love is impossible

Well that’s just sad. At least remember that says way more about them than it does you. And it says they fucking suck.

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Yea…I might as well just deal with having a dildo and vibrator for the rest of my life

Tmw there is half of the can left