That Moment When 4: Goodnight Sweet TMW!


That’s awesome!

I love Slavic people, be my friend. :grin:




TMW your Lenormand cards give away an oddly specific warning about a dude with red hair. Lel.


TMW you get the statue you ordered for your matron deity in the mail & it is bigger & even more gorgeous than you expected! :heart::heart::heart:


I actually don’t like cuddling at all. Prolly heading towards a divorce … but yeah, cuddling is not a thing with me. Sex yeah, holding hands or cuddling … hell no. Will give the odd hug or kiss.

Massage however, I’ll give those and take them too.

Cuddles … blech.


So if your SO or gf was affectionate and loving and tried to cuddle you when she was sad or kisses you when you see her you wont show affection?


Yes I would and do, but I feel nothing. Cuddling irritates me. Tough to hide it. A quick kiss is cool, but that cutesie flurry of kisses that people do makes my skin crawl. lol.

Massage and listening is what I can do, and I enjoy that.

I don’t do the “oh you seem sad, let’s cuddle” thing.

So we hooking up? lol. When she’s finally had it with me or her illness takes her, and I wind up alone, I’m staying alone.


High five on that


You are really mrs bubz


I prefer affection over anything else


That moment when…you have to be a wet blanket.

Sorry @Marticus, but you can’t offer readeings. You have only been a member since March and we have a rule against free readings until you have been active for at least 90 days.


I agree…if your SO or gf/bf isnt being affectionate with you and you show them how much you love them it would hurt you when they dont give it back


I mean naturally some people aren’t as a ffectionate as others-some are even afraid of showing affection due to past trauma but yea. I’m a big person for affectionate cuddles and kisses and all that mushy gushy stuff


I like guys like you and wish i met one when i was trying to date…all my relationships were one sided so


“HUGZ” to everyone LOL :hugs:



I’m giving 5 free readings too, just call me before you go to sleep and we’ll find a good bedtime story. Muah ha ha ha


I love that LOL


I swear to god @Oddnan is sinister.


Why is that???