That Moment When 3


Tmw a student of yours just doesn’t get it, despite you explaining exactly how he is gonna fuck up, and still tries to persuade you to his plan…and you like:



Tmw you at the DMV and get a boner, and you catch the lady next to you staring at it :smiling_imp::smirk:


That is OFFICIALLY the sickest sex fetish I have ever read on this forum, holy fuck @Micah! :astonished:

I can’t even.


Good sick, or bad sick?



TMW black obsidian crystals arrive and you feel so much love for them.


That moment when someone tries to stop you in your magick, by doing magick on you…
and you call forth ------MePhistO------ that opens up a Turbo-boosted way of doing magick…
And you realize, as you feel the potential, of being ‘Limitlessly BaddAss Great at magick’…
–and so ready to make a pact!–


Why not both? :smiling_imp: @Sentinel


TMW - You wonder what to do now you’ve called all these beings that have different agendas that go against all the really ‘naughty’ things you wish to do… and you hear the song in your mind

“Prick your finger it is done, the moon has now eclipsed the sun…”
(1:44 - …) played, by a spirit in your mind - (reminding that one can make a pact)
(without 'the angel has spread it’s wings the time has come for bitter things) in my case.


Best bit:

Earlier this year, the DMV said it was unable to proceed with disciplinary action because the issues had not been adequately documented. The report says that documentation was completed in March of this year.

I bet the fucking bureaucrat documenting it was having a nice restful snooze as well. :laughing:


Dont worry i got a thing for cider too :wink:


that moment when you are fucking and she says

cum inside my pussy

then you think , dammit i dont want to be father lol but she is so wet and creammy i cant stop now, its so good

this is a hard situation lol


The proper procedure is to fill that bitch up, then make her take a ‘morning-after’ pill.


The proper procedure is to fill that bitch up
Then leave and never speak to her again :joy:


16 years later:

hi balg my mom got dumped by this pos who gave her all these genital warts and i need to fuck him up some pls help!



Balg: What was his name?

Kid: Well…I never met him so I don’t know his name :joy:

Balg: Does your mom know his name?

Kid: Nah, he never introduced himself :rofl:


I find you morally reprehensible.


Alot of people do and so do some spirits :ok_hand:

You aint the first, and you won’t be the last :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


TMW you smile resolutely.


That moment when I will be getting a pretty fat commission for today’s port-in customer sales.
(I work at Boost Mobile)


I just made it rain.