That Moment When 3


They are sent from Hell I swear :expressionless:
But they can be pretty chill and fun if they are passionate about their job


I loved my English courses and professors. My former MIL was one and encouraged me to write my novel and publish it. :heart:


TMW after 7 months of pure blackness and not being able to visualize BAM!!! it happens. I also felt being pulled into the visualization and losing touch with my body like a tv was trying to suck me into it. Astral projection hopefully after I get back to the swing of things.

Im so fuckin happy I deserve the blackest Lager I can find…just gotta find it lol


TMW you know you done lots of energy work and you can go deeper into meditation and you keep getting a shadow being in the dreams like 2 times a week and you also being fallowed and watched and he can be seen going in out out of the room a glimpse of shadow.

LBRP seems like no affect for him or sage he seems powerfull.
He might not be negative.


TMW everything seems to fall into place somehow.


TMW you’re sitting on the toilet taking a shit and realize your succubus is rubbing your shoulders. :eyes: :laughing: I guess I needed some help!


TMW you’re dreaming of someone who’s dreaming about you. Wtf


It was this guy:


Definitely, if I was a burger :slight_smile:


TMW this gave me the idea to make a burger that huge


TMW Azazel scores you some free fabric (like £xxx worth and waay more than i was gonna buy [materialising free goods instead of cash] ) to complete a project with …
But …
Its from a church :thinking::thinking: not sure if i need to de-consecrate it :joy::joy:


Tmw you decide to have a burger for dinner seconds before you check the tmw thread…and burgers here too.


TMW you have a ton of inspiration all of a sudden but so little time :frowning:


That moment when…angel synchronicity abounds :flushed:


TMW you are happy it’s Friday. Going skating tonight after my workout.


Tmw your sitting in your favorite bar, sipping mead


Tmw you havent eaten More than a bowl of soup today, so The mead hits like vodka


Also… Typing drunk on Phone that refuses To show what I type before postin is hard


That moment when I think I’m going to be a Buddhist now.


Now I know. You can’t go back… How you thought events or experiences were good or bad. All you really have is… now.