Thanks, my generous Duchess Bune. [Testimony]

At the moment I’m super broke. I’ve been working with Nitika, using the Magick cashbook, but I haven’t stopped seeing Bune’s name everywhere for a few weeks now. I had been postponing learning about her because though I feel she’s asking me to reach out to her, I’ve been too depressed and worried to go down that path.

A while ago today, I decided to stare at her sigil and draft my petition in order to summon her and ask for her help. I wrote down what I needed and what I’m willing to give in exchange for her favor. I repeat, I only drafted this, because I’m too exhausted at the moment, and I wanted to listen to her chant while I fall asleep and later tonight do the whole woo woo.

Part of my petition was to get a certain number of clients for my teaching business.

As I’m lying down in my bed searching for her enn. I felt the urge to look at my phone, which is on silent mode facing down and I had an incoming call, I answered, and it was from this renowned organization, asking me for a corporate course for their employees.

I was on the phone in tears trying to hide my breaking voice. It had only been 5 minutes since I drafted my petition. I cannot believe it. I have goosebumps as I write this, because … IDK, I’m just… so grateful.

Thanks, my generous Duchess.



Hail Duchess Bune!


Bune is generous, kind and safe to work with. Hail Bune


Hello. I’d like to try this. Can someone tell me the exact details of how to do it?
I’m very much, a beginner.

2 years ago I ordered the house repair crew to fix my roof. Then I lost money (somebody cheated me). A year ago I asked Bune to find the resources to pay the crew.
Half a year ago the roof has been fixed :slight_smile:
Hail Bune!


That is tremendous! Are you still working there? :slight_smile:

Congratulations, buddy. More power to you

Magical cashbook can be purchased from Amazon, then you would follow the instructions within.