Thanks for Prince Seere

I’d like to give thanks here tonight to Prince Seere.

I’m Catholic, a mother who previously exhausted all resources, legal, social, economical and otherwise, desperate for help to escape pure living evil and protect myself and 2 small children from a living monster.

I found myself looking to Seere out of sheer desperation at the end of my wits.

Seere came to me in the seconds before falling asleep- I saw his face. In every other place I’d sought help I’d never recieved such a quick response, if any. I had very little faith when I resorted to asking Seere for help.

In the last few months we have had peace, safety and security.
Things have gone our way.
People have done their job. Laws are working as they should be. Answers are coming.
I have no fear or anxiety, and help and support is presenting itself.

I’ve never had this before and I believe Seere is working with me for me.

I still owe my side of the contract and will continue to uphold it for as long as our work continues.

I just want to publically acknowledge the power and grace of Prince Seere and say thank you for his help. I will never forget what has been done for us.

Thank you to those reading and those who continue to keep respectful working relationships with Prince Seere and others as I believe it keeps the channels open.

Thank you Prince Seere for your help, your patience and understanding and for guiding me.


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Thank you for contacting me.
I apologise, can I delete it and repost there?
I had a lot of trouble last night when trying to create that post so today I just posted it there.

I’m happy to repost it in the other forum.


No, don’t worry about it. It’s all good. Just keep it in mind when next you need to thank some spirits :slight_smile:

Please do introduce yourself though.


Okay, will do.
Thank you.


I am happy that Prince Seere helped you out as much as he has.
Good luck :heavy_heart_exclamation:


This really resonates with me and my experiences with Prince Seere. I have found that things have been working out much more in the areas pertaining to my deal with him. Sometimes it does feel like he and I work together just like you said. He really is incredible.:green_heart:


I want to thank Prince Seere for his help in a recent event in my life. He made everything go so smoothly in my favour without any hiccups. He always comes through.
Thank Prince Seere
Hail Prince Seere.