Thank you for letting me be part of this forum!

I would like to thank all of you for giving me the opportunity to be in this forum.

I am very new to Magick - just started researching Hoodoo/ Conjuring only lately and I am extremely drawn and fascinated by the subject,
I also started last month asking for assistance to Duke Sallos which so kindly and sweetly is helping me with my request.
It is thanks to this Forum that I was able to know about Duke Sallos and how to request his assistance - so THANK YOU so much to all of you !!

I am a Psychic / Medium and a Professional Tarot Reader -
Things started to happen to me since my teens eventhough since always I am extremely aware of energies and very very intuitive -
Since my teen I studied and enhanced my metaphysical senses and was extremely lucky to be guided and taught by the Top Metaphysical researcher in my native country (believe it or not but in the University of my native City there is a full department which study anything to do with ESP / Metaphysics / Healing / etc).

I have also always known that in my blood line there is a long hystory of people which were extremely effective in using magick for healing purposes and to solve any type of problems - this is both from my paternal side and maternal side too.

One of my ancestors is still to this day being proclaimed as one of the best Spell worker of my Native Country.
Unfortunately the knowledge hasnt been passed to my branch of the family (very sad over that), but definitely you cannot deny what you have running through your veins and now I feel incredibly pushed to research different type of Magical practises -

I would like to keep reading about other people experiences in this Forum as this helps me immensly in understanding different topics etc.

Many Thanks again to all of you for allowing me to joying this forum


Thanks for doing an intro! :+1:

You can link any commercial sites/stores you run in your forum profile right away, and will be able to offer free readings to others on here (if you wish to) after 3 months, full details explained here:

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Where are you from?

Thank you so much Lady_Eva so nice for you to reply

I really appreciate it !!

I will be more than happy in 3 months time to help with short readings if they are needed :0)

Thank you so much for your message Sinister-Neophyte

I am originally from Italy but live abroad for the last 26 years now.

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Welcome to the crazy ass place !!! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much Mystic-Void -

This is definitely the right place for me so ;0)

Oh I believe it is!
If you ever offer free readings, you’ll find me on your list :slight_smile:

No Problem Mystic - Void

Was just reading about it yesterday how in the Hoodoo / Conjuring comunity divination is used before starting a work and during it to see where is the situation standing -
I intuitively used it without knowing this with kindly ask Duke Sallos to know things - and it is working for me brilliantely !!
There are different type of Divination that can be used in association with Magick (Coconut readings, Shell Readings, Tarot readings etc),

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I mostly use pendulums for divination. But I will move to other techniques in the future.

That is another very effective way to do Divination !!

Used in the past and it does really work - next I would like to explore the Christal Ball Divination option -

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Britain or America?

Crystal Balls yes!! I hadn’t thought of that option! Thanks for reminding me, I will definitely try that as well.

No Problem - I already have mine a good few years.

I felt immediately drawn to him (very much masculine energy from it) and I had to buy it.
He now sits right in front of me when I do my Tarot Readings - great help with opening up for channelling messages

Magical Mystical Ireland

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Lucky lass.

Yep extremely LUCKY and feeling grateful every day :0)

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