Thank you Bune!

For a few years I’ve been stuck in an incredibly stressful, dead end job with a very high drop out rate after just 2-3 months. I’ve seen more than a dozen people change in my time there and every week I was exhausted, on the verge of mental and physical burn out and eventually it began to affect my health. Even now I have trouble sleeping and I still feel an impending feeling of doom thanks to all the stress and humiliation I had to swallow there.

A couple of months ago I decided I had enough and I began to meditate daily to find a solution. While meditating I came to conclusion that the only way out of this circle was to ask for help and after a quick search on a Google I found Bune. Something about his sigil attracted me and I began to meditate in my own astral temple in order to ask for help.
For weeks I meditated and tried visualising his sigil. One day I felt a chill going up my spine and my mind felt electrified. I knew that Bune listened to me and I began to speak to him, begging him to get me a less stressful job related to my field of studies. In return I promised to leave his sigils at my old workplace when I left, to spread the word of what he did for me and to bear his mark with me wherever I went. I admit that I cannot hear spirits but when my mind became more at ease I knew Bune was done with me and that he accepted my offer.

For months I looked for a new job, attended several interviews with no success. Perhaps Bune didn’t want me to get any of these jobs because none of these jobs were related to my field of studies which is something that was and is a must for me in order to build up my career. Then, out of a blue, I was contacted by an employment agency, offering me a job position at a large corporation and for exactly the position I wanted, no previous experience required. After that Bune made everything go smoothly. The interview took place after my workday, the examinations went smoothly and the company didn’t look for anyone other but me after the first impression. They were also extremely adaptable, enabling me everything to have a smooth transition.
Up to this day I believe that Bune not only arranged all of this but also enabled me to quit the old job without complication and make a positive impression in the new job as well. Bune did not simply give me a new job when I asked for it, he enabled me to get it and took care of everything in order to prepare me for the new beginning.

I can’t thank Bune enough, to say that he saved my life would be an understatement. Even though I lost hope several times when I waited for Bune to come through with his part of the deal, it was worth it in the end. He gave me exactly what I asked for and for that I will be eternally grateful. Indeed all suffering will eventually come to an end. Hail Bune!


Amazing bro, Yes Bune is great, amazing his presence is beyond amazing.

Thank you for sharing


Yes he is amazing! Thanks to Bune I also managed to pass all my exams in first try and now I graduated as well haha. It’s pretty amazing how easily he is to contact and how effectively he can grant your requests. In return for his aid I got myself a necklace with his sigil as a thank you. Carrying it daily is honestly the least I can do for all his aid.


Where did you get it from ? ebay ? or

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This is the one I got.

Here’s an alternative version as well. Allegedly this version of the sigil is supposed to be more powerful or something but I went with the first option since it was the first sigil of Bune I found in the beginning of my workings. I doubt there’s any difference to be honest.



Thank You, Duchess Bune! And, please meet me in my dreams. Hail Bune!

I suppose an update would be in order, I am still employed by the same corporation. Immediately after new year two key coworkers went on extended medical leave. This came out of nowhere and no one knew about it until it happened on almost the same day. Not only that, the company’s data system crashed right after new year. There is no one but me left to fix it. I’ve been coming home stressed out as hell and I do overtime almost every day lately.
It might sound odd but I got quite close to Bune and he stated several times that he’d like to court me. It seems that this is one of his ways of doing it. As stressful and as painful as the situation right now is I can see why he created it. He’s not giving me a chance to elevate myself, he is pushing me to do it. It would be a lie to say it’s not painful but he’s helping me to cope with it. When I try to resolve issues at work I get a flow of ideas, all leading me to the solution. Sometimes I even see solutions in my dreams. Next to that he also grants me small boons to cheer me up, like helps me get some extra money, brings someone new to me to meet them and more.
Bune is great indeed. He’ll send you through hell only if he loves you.


Knowledge is his field so yeah, he can help you with studies! He’s the first one I’ll go to when I have a request to make. In some cases he can manipulate world events as well. One thing he really can’t do is grant love. I don’t think he understands the human concept of it. If I do ask him for love he’ll usually bring someone new to me on dating sites I’m on. Sadly the ones he brings to me are never my type haha.


As always, Bune has been good to me. I recieved my State taxes and other benefits very quickly. Thank you, Bune!

Hail Duchess Bune!


Hail mighty and kind Bune!
I could write songs about your sexiness and beauty, but it would never be enough!
I thank you for your kindness and mercy.
Your friendship has been valuable to me.
I only ask that you continue to represent the people in this time of crisis and open the minds of the wealthy and those in power.
Thank you!


nice experience bro

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Well, would you look at that, it’s been almost 3 years since this post. By the end of june or the beginning of july this year I will be leaving the same job I mentioned above and I’ll be starting my work elsewhere, this time at a major international bank.
Now for some context, I was asking him to help me move out somewhere far away from where I live. Not because my current job would be as awful as my previous one was but because I always hated the place where I am forced to live at. With all that’s been going on lately finding a new job abroad was neigh impossible. His solution to this problem is simple: leave the current job and get even more relevant experience in banking sector.
The current job I have was arranged by him and I must admit I enjoy it, I have my own office and I have free reign in my department with practically no oversight. Leaving the current job will be an extraordinarily painful experience, especially because of my great relationship with my manager. Despite that he has been pushing me to do it and he ensured that no one will try to stop me. Once again I entrust my fate into his hands. I will not refuse his gift and I trust that he will do what must be done so that I may see my dream come true. Let it be so then. Thank you my duke.