Test Group Wanted for Empowerment Series with the Loa/Lwa

Firstly this is not a religious approach or in any way shape or form related to hoodoo or voodoo. It is not meant to invalidate or replace that way of living or belief and may be used along with those practice.

Instead I’ve been presented with a system of working with the Loa for empowerment. It does not call for any heritage or prerequisite.

If you feel called to the pantheon but not the religion I invite you drop your name and I will created an unlisted group for this.

You should know this is under development and will include empowerment for your senses, your prosperity, your safety, your love life, your willpower and for healing at the bare minimum.

I intend to release it as I test it, otherwise I will end up with a backlog of journals that I’ll never transcribe or such long rambles you’ll never get to the rituals!

This is designed to be a safe approach and introduction to working with the Loa outside of the currently valid methods and can be used with your other magic and religious approaches if you subscribe to the Vodun way of life.

I will provide a new veve that calls upon several Loa for your protection and basically opens a line of communication for which you use during ritual or evocation if choose to work with any particular loa outside of this series.

This frame work will introduce you to roughly 70 different Loa, but we will not be relying solely on their powers as given or currently acknowledged, for surely we must remember that one who kill, can heal and one who can create great chaos, knows how to find peace.


You know I’m interested. I have a lot of experience with Papa Legba. And I’m not even in the vodun current.


This looks very interesting. I’ve only ever tried one time and that was so long ago I can’t remember what outcome I had other than I didn’t know what I was doing, I might not have even done whatever ritual it was as it required buying some brandy which at the time I didn’t want to do.

Does your process include using candles and offerings etc?

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This is very interesting but I don’t quite understand what we’ll be doing

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No, we will be communicating with the loa via telepathy, clairsentience, claircognianze, claireaudience and basically like you would for evocation if you didn’t have any senses.

I’m going to include a banishing ritual with the veve (idk what to call my emblem, it’s representative of all of them but does not take in their full veve as we are interested in the entities not their energetic entanglements with existing systems.)

Basically each ritual is designed to bring specific energy qualities into your life without invoking the Loa themselves. We aren’t going to be ridden, we approaching as magicians who want to learn and want the power to do more than what we are.

The only tools are the sigil and a breakdown of the Loa and their powers we are calling on specifically for each ritual. I believe seven days is what it is going to take to begin seeing an energetic shift, but this is part of the reason I need a test group.

The emblem is designed to allow you to communicate directly what energy quality you want to take on to the loa as we do the ritual. We have five Loa ensuring your safe communication, regardless of whether you are using it for evocation or this series of rituals.

Instead of visualizations or imaginary scenarios and emotions I’m giving to give you a basic statement of the type of energy quality or power we want to obtain from that specific loa, then all I want you to do is gaze at the image while you briefly consider the words I give you and then reword the statement as if you were saying it in your words.

I find that the Loa do develop deep bonds and relationships, but they also do really value discipline and respect in ritual.

I’ve always found they prefer to be called in groups with Legba first for ritual, but otherwise may show up in my dreams, or lend a hand unasked.

As such, I have been get clairaudient confirmation as well energetic that I’m heard when state their name, then silence while I speak my part and then restate my words.

Hope this answers your questions, I think I got sidetracked…I always have so many more words and details than I know how to get out or can keep in line! :rofl: I know what I mean, but I know it so I don’t think of the things you need to know as someone who doesn’t know it…


I understand better now

:joy::joy::joy: I feel you


Can I please join your group?
I don’t have any experience yet, but I’m an avid reader and have done a crossroads ritual with Papa Legba before after my friend passed away <3 It was a good experience and his energy felt very kind.

I promise to do my very best :slight_smile:

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always in with empowerment, count me in!

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hello, we are interested.

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What do we have to do to participate ive never worked with this current but empowerment is what i definitely need im interested


Yes thank you and it sounds great :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just let me know want to review the material and I’ll tag you in working thread, there is no prerequisites or requirements other than be respectful to the entities if you choose to work with them.

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Yes i would count me in thanks


Im so interested in this,i wish i could ask you to count me in but im tied to something else right now. Hope youd be doing this in the near future? and best of results to everybody involved!!!


I imagine this is a long term project as the material hasn’t been used by anyone but me yet, I’m still trying to make sure it makes sense and I am explaining myself and what I mean.


Oh this tickle my curiosity, since I’m studying voodoo lately, after Samedi reached out.

How long would this last, roughly ?


It’s going to vary by person, some people will be like me and want to do a particular ritual to strengthen the energies and powers obtained more than once.

I’m currently the only test subject, so while I feel 7 days each is enough to begin seeing a difference or improvement or however you view it, it might vary- it might be 13 days would be better for the average user, I’m not sure.

I was given a 7 day framework and the layout of the rituals, but it looks like dr scribbles in my notes, so I’ve only shared the veve, banishing ritual and protection so far.

I think I went overboard giving an example of what I meant for each part of the protection ritual though, and that the wording really all needs smoothed out and is subject to change so that it’s comprehensible to the majority of people- like when I’m asking Legba to protect my life path, I’ve said it a little different each time, so I’ve not reached the point where I’m certain I have the best wording at all-

But it was firmly impressed upon me that the words could be worked on, particularly if I knew how people took them, and that hemming and hawing and trying to perfect it before anyone but me had seen it was silly under the circumstances.

For example, I am not bringing in any curse work, though many of the Loa are adept with this. It is largely because of the fear and reputation associated with these entity’s despite the fact that without the context of what was going on, we don’t know why those entities did or didn’t do what they did, why they appeared that way or road that person etc.

So I’ve been given a framework in which the Loa will work and respond and as long as the user is respectful, we aren’t supposed to encounter the issues of the past.

So idk if I make sense, but I suspect if you did each ritual for 7 days each and it was the only ritual you did for that time duration, and moved through one at a time, it would take roughly 3-6 months to finish.

I don’t think that’s a good estimate however, as the energy of the Loa is different than angels and demons and some of the gods we work with, they in my experience are more likely to come forward in a strong way and be noticed and add to it the fact they often approach from behind or from the periphery as we are less likely to filter it- some people may want to do a ritual then take two days off to prevent energy sickness and headaches and the like.

If that makes any kind of sense…

I do intend to continue uploading the rituals a few per day until I’ve got all the material up, but it will take me a few days, this is not all I have going on, so I’m really guessing all together.

There is no requirement to work through it all or finish it all however. You could pick and choose the rituals/power/energy types you want to use, do those for the duration, then set it aside and never use it again.

Also like I’ve said to everyone else, (pms) I’ve blurred the veve, so you can review the material and choose if you like, without fear you are accidentally committing to it.

Even that’s not finalized, it needs drafted up digitally and I’ve just not had the time to even begin that portion of the project! Also I’m certain to get frustrated while doing it :rofl:

It’s all behind the unlisted wall, because this all needs verified and from someone whose not me and receiving the information :joy:

Also it’s going to end up being too much for a single thread, so even after it’s tested and verified I’m not sure what to do with it yet. It’s currently without much of the extra from how I’ve worked with the Loa I am close to and it’s already making for a long thread.

But maybe that could fixed with formatting, like boxes you have to click to view each ritual? Idk!


I am very interested and I’ve been wanting to get into touch with the Voudoun Current for quite some time while receiving some level of guidance from another human.

This is perfect, count me in :black_heart:

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seems almost a coincidence this discussion, about a week ago I gave a little greeting to Papa Legba and was waiting for the moment to call another great and powerful lady…
Kindly I would like to participate…

Just one question, do I need to pause other types of work? I think it may depend on the amount of work that everyone can handle, but I ask…

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Alright, I would be interested then in that case

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