Telluric energy in my house

.hello .I’m trying to understand an energy that’s in my house, it’s on a wall between the living room and the kitchen and when night comes I hear it because of the silence. that I made a measurement with several instruments of magnetism, electromagnetism and so on. I find her touching my legs, arms and my hair, is that an entity? in advance thank you for replying.

What were the results of this? What is it you’re hearing?

If you’ve identified it as telluric (Earth) current, you already decided it’s not an entity?

If you think it’s a “her” that’s touching you , you’ve identified it as an entity.

I think whatever you treat this as will probably work. Have you tried asking it questions and waiting with the noise to sense and answer?

I took measurements with devices to capture magnetism and this in nano tesla says it has 400. the device says it’s a lot. in addition, geobiology books show that they are living energies. I only noticed that they touch me after reading the book and seeing that they are alive.

I hear like a frequency, always at night, like a pulsar of energy like a lamp going up and down successively. I’m trying to get in touch with the pendulum. I realized that when the moon is in perigee here in Brazil it gets very strong too.