Tell me your twin flame stories

I found my twin flame
But we are in the conflict/ running stage.

Tell me about yours


I am happy you found your twin flame but what do you mean by conflict running stage.

Shouldn’t you mean the honeymoon stage?

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No its passed, he found me 10 years ago, i didnt realise till 3 years ago. Weve had some conflict ans he has run, so just waiting for the reunion


Complicated love story.

I can be your aunt agony. :innocent:

I have not “physically” met my twin flame yet but there are females around me claiming to be my destiny pairing.

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Its very complicated haha
But i have had a few readings, all saying hes my twin flame and we will reunite :heart:

You may have many souls mates my friend

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From what I have studied and realised on my own, an individual can have multiple choices of twin flames in his or her lifetime.

If that guy ran, I am sure a very attractive lady like you will find another twin flame.

Don’t be attached to anything and find your dream guy running to you!



Aww thank you sooo much! :heart:

This guy been my twin flames through life times, maybe theres a lesson we haven’t learned? I wont know hahaha

Ive read theres many soul mates but only 1 twin flame, but im still learning about these things :blush:

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A very powerful kundalini reiki teacher told me that once twin flames get together for 10 lifetimes, they would have completed their life lessons together and separate to move on to their next twin flames.


Ohhh wow!
But how does one know if they lived 10 life times… thats one old soul!

I dont feel mine is so old… i carry a lot of unnatural youth haha :laughing:

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Actually 10 lifetimes is still considered to be a baby soul.

The old soul has lived much longer than 10 lifetimes according to what I inferred from my studies and realisations.



Oooooo i cant even begin to imagine 10 life times

But energy goes somewhere
It can’t just disappear :laughing:

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Just curious though is your twin flame into the occult?

It would be hard to connect to someone with dissimilar interests.


Hes not practicing,
Hes more holistic

That’s probably where our subtle difference is
But theres nearly a decade between us :blush:

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You’re so lucky to have met your twin flame. I have searched and searched for mine in this life, I cannot find him/her. I keep searching and find people close but nothing like what it feels like to meet your true twin flame, do you have any tips or tricks to help find mine, PM me if you do. I really am in awe of you tho, even if you are in the conflict stage.


I have twin flame he’s 10 years older than me, I saw him in my dream yesterday morning. It felt very real to me. I just discovered him last year actually. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: We could meet sometime soon in the future. He’s also heavily into the occult and a successful humble man who had to endure a rough past to get to where he is in life.


Oh I met her right here on this forum her name is Pantherpaw. She’s the girl in my profile pic and I’m the guy on hers. For me it all began here on a post about a rejection I got while I had been broken up from my ex for a while and started dating again. Some girl rejected me because I was into the occult and if you want to read about that just scroll to the top but my story about my soulmate starts here. When after much thinking decided I was done dating and wanted to find her and if I was going to date again it was going to be as a couple with my new soulmate.

Now believe it or not this is where the synchronicity and the magick begins. Because the day I posted that👆 just so happened to be my soulmate’s birthday.
She was having a bad day that day actually because her then boyfriend had forgotten her birthday completely.
Needless to say they were about to break up real soon.

I asked Lucifer to bring me my soulmate and he assigns me Duke Sallos a spirit I had never worked with or heard of before. I’m glad he did because the Duke came through for me in a great way.
Over the next few months I actively searched for her because you got to meet the gods half way. They wont do for man what he can do for himself, I needed to put in an effort. I knew she was out there but who could she be? Duke gave me several signs to look for and what to be aware of.

  1. She would be exactly identical to me in every way from liking the same exact books, music, movies, games and everything down to a T. she would be a scientist and a magician, have very much the same views of the universe and her mind would be an exact copy of mine. She would also have my same exact sexual orientation, perversions and inclinations.

  2. She would have gone through almost the same sort of experiences and disappointments in previous relationships and suffered in almost the exact same ways. We would both be long overdue for happiness and ready for it.

  3. Once contact was made we would feel it and know it deeply. We would be ready to be married almost immediately after meeting. I would propose and no matter how soon I did it, she would say yes and without doubt hesitation or reservation.

  4. She would be willing to move heaven and earth to be with me just as I was and she sure proved it when she got on a grayhound bus and went across the whole country to come and be with me. She would pick up everything and come to be by my side for all eternity.

  5. The big sign was when she sent me pics, as you can see in my profile pic which is her. This photo she sent me along with some others…giggidy :wink:
    The feather which is the symbol of Ma’at the Egyptian Goddess and wife of the Egyptian god Thoth. She was the Ma’at to my Thoth. The feather was the last clue.

Everything lined up and the way I felt about her was beyond any words I could conjure from my vocabulary to articulate.

Duke Sallos had come through for me my magick changing the very fabric of reality through coincidence, synchronicity and serendipitous events. To quite literally bring my soulmate to me and on a grayhound bus none the less…
She came to me because I belonged to her and she came to claim me. She asked me, “where have you been all my life”? To which I only had one answer and it was the truth… " I was looking for you"


I’m waiting for someone to come out and say their twinflame is their teacher, friend, cousin, sibling, parent, and not the nitpicking heterosexual relationship :thinking:


I suspect that I either ate my twinflame (you know, like sometimes a twin consumes the other while still in the mothers womb) or that it went out for buying cigarrettes and never came back


i’ll just go for cigarettes. Getting devoured is a no no. Hell no to the no no…


Wow, I like reading good stories like that. Congratulations! I am happy for you both :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: