My main natural communication method I find common for me for communication with spirits is through what I would call , which most likely is, telepathy. I would like to compare with others experiences who use this method. Also I find this method coming through quite strongly at times but only as an “as and when” and far apart and they, or it, comes through, only when they want to contact me mostly, or when i sense a spirit and try initiating telepathic conversation, or really somehow have the energy to hone in, for example afew days ago when i had a flowing conversation with Belial and I wanted to talk to him again but I dont know how to initiate something like that with such oomph and clarity again ( but dont ask me specifics as my general memory hasnt been good…) Yet I generally dont feel I can initiate conversations to start off with at will, to call on, which Id like to do ( i know dont bug them too much and all…), especially when Im constantly fatigued or unwell and lots going on in my life and its frustrating trying to put ‘effort’(probably the’ trying to hard syndrome’,…) to ‘practice or train myself’. I want to be more ‘open’ and (clearer visions not just preriferal or fleeting) especially when I need it most, to get answers or need help or want to ask for contact. So what would be the best practice to open up from here?.
Also what would be the next best way to practice opening up, (and divination on my life path) that you might think will suit someone like myself with these already exsiting abilities. Soul travel? Asral projection? Or through divination through something like tarot, ruins or bones etc?
Id really like to get something more tangible. Maybe evocation, but again when one is fatigued and stressed trying to get yourself in certain states are quite tiring and noone physically around me to teach me ( could do with a good teacher…). And when trying with not much results how does one know if they are on the right track? I keep on dipping in and out of most things- whatever is availible I’d like to try, at some point - obviously with caution, without going coocoo lol.
Also, by the by, I also notice especially when there are big astral goings on, like eclipses retrogrades it effects my mood and my life emensely and I dont want to be a slave to this, yet I acknowlege it’s sycronicity and effect of it.
Anywho. Generally what would your advice be asides just meditation etc, something really to expand get answers and soar that might tailor to someone like me. Many thanks


I communicate telepathically, I rather thought most did. To initiate a conversation, you might just be able to think about the entity with the intention that you’d like to talk. What I do, since I came to this via a shamanic path, is journey out to meet them.

It’s pretty simple really, not unlike ‘finding a happy place’, you visualise a location you’d like to meet in. Doesn’t matter where, could be a cafe, a mountaintop; mine’s a grove, sometimes just floating in pitch black, sometimes in a dark spotlit stone temple. You can mentally draw a circle and call in the directions in this space if you like, which I like to do to set the energy up.

Then do this thinking about the entity thing, and they or others can just walk up and start talking to you (if you don’t want that you can send them away, set the intention of the space that it’s invite-only, anything you can imagine). If you don’t see them, call them by name (in your mind) and say ‘hey, I’d like to talk’. If you have an enn or chant you can use that. The communication is still telepathic, you’re bi-located, but now you have visual, touch and scent as well.

For me it’s easier, and requires no ritual apparatus because it’s all there in your astral space. To everyone else you look like you’re taking a nap or meditating.