Teachings of BELIAL

I am starting his thread, because I believe it would help out alot of people…including myself as I need more organization. So this thread is EXCLUSIVELY only for the TEACHINGS if BELIAL. I expect it to be enforced not so much because I say so or because there are rules, but because to Preserve the purpose this thread was created.

Since Belial is a popular enough demon, it seems only fair to create this thread… Most especially because he is a VERY BUSY ArchAngelic Daemon. I have personally seen him in the Astral and Dreamscape…when he works he moves with a furious pace. This will help ease the burden of pestering him with unimportant stuff when his teachings can be found here.

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If anything, at some point this thread should eventually be made a “$ticky”.

I don’t think this is a good idea to create different topics for Belial, one for questions, one for stories and so on. It makes things too confusing and any new members that come along are not going to understand how your topic system works and will end up posting where they feel is best anyway. Think about it, if everyone in this forum suddenly creates organized topics for their spirits of choice and expects the mods to pin their topics as sticky posts, we would eventually have 10 topics on Belial, 12 on Paimon, 4 on Astaroth, and so on and the first 6 pages of the general discussion board would be nothing but sticky posts made on spirits. Other people have already created their own topics on Belial so with your proposed idea were you expecting them to abandon their topics, and only post on your topics for all future discussions regarding Belial?

I’m not trying to be a douche, although you may end up seeing it that way anyway. But your ideas (although the intentions are good) would probably just further confuse things on this forum. Think how many future forum newbies we’d have to pull to the side and remind, oh you posted that in the wrong Belial topic. It would just cause a lot of confusion and I assume it would frustrate you if people continually posted to the wrong Belial topic.

Topics afe labeled as such. Common sense =) no need. To complicate things.

I do agree with RavensAscent, but we’ll leave these for now and see how they go?

I believe it would be unwise to sticky topics that favour one entity over another, because that implies people here are expected to work with that being - remember, new people join all the time from all kinds of different backgrounds, and are not always sure how the forum works, or where to begin with black magick.

Much as I love the big guy, he’s definitely not right for everyone and it would be misleading to “promote” him in such a manner.

Also, last I checked there are 72 LKoS demons and many more from other sources, several dozen well-known angels, and then numerous gods, elementals, etc., so this forum would end up with pages of nothing but pinned topics! :slight_smile:

As we’ve seen when I post intro reminders to people, sticky topics often get overlooked, in the same way we train ourselves to overlook banner ads - I’ve done this myself when I join forums, joined in on the active current threads and not really read every last dusty pinned topic. “Sticky thread blindness” is a fact of life.

If the idea of a “thread per demon” works though, if other members are enthusiastic and want to post into them, I’ll compile a post that lists all the threads and then add it to the Member Resources thread.

That covers the same need, I hope?

But to be honest, I recommend using the Search function ahead of trying to compile current “mega-threads” - this is for three reasons:

  1. people sometimes move on from occult forums when they feel time online would be better devoted to their work, or their interests change, or whatever else.

This means there are excellent posts by members who haven’t logged in for months, even years (the oldest posts here date bback to 2012, and some are brilliant) so there’s no way a “snapshot” of current members, great as everyone is :slight_smile: can possibly cover everything this forum has on a topic, or about a specific entity.

  1. I don’t want anyone to feel compelled to post their own experiences in threads started by another member - it’s a basic right to start your own topic if you undertake a pathworking with Belial (in this case) or any other spirit.

People are often nervous about starting new threads or wonder if they’re posting in the correct place, and I don’t want anything to add to that impression, that might prevent someone posting their own work.

  1. I for one have written a lot about Belial and a few other spirits on here, and I’m not typing it all out again, so later on I’ll maybe add a link in one of these threads you’ve made to where I covered it already, but I don’t feel repeating myself with information that’s already on here is a great use of my time. :slight_smile:

I’ve decided to share some things that related to what Belial teaches me. Since I opened up this thread, I did it more to organize my own thoughts, but since this forum is more friendly towards the LHP than other forums I’ll post this here and some future material to keep this thread up to date (I AM what makes this thread STICKY).



One can get an idea as to how one truly sees ones self at the Subconscious level via ones Dreams, which one could term as the “Double.” Since ones Dreams are of the Symbolic arena, ones Double is also Symbolic: whereas one could transform the Double by adopting an “Alternate Guise” of a (Symbolic) Persona; but, while doing so at a Conscious Level, it has to be REALISTIC, which is accord with what one desires to experience physically; for if it is purely fantasy based it will not work; for ones Subconscious Mind will adversely react.

Ones Double of an Internal Self-Image is built up over time, due to certain influencing factors such as parental imprints for example, which if negative, will obviously have an undue affect upon ones interactions with others etc. One will also find that the Internal-Self image generates Synchronistic phenomena around its self in order to validate its initital imprint, which is invariably highly “Emotive” of nature; whereupon one may experience situations all as variables, which are based on a repeating theme.

The Double can thereby be seen as ones “Lower Self,” which one seeks to Consciously transform; for it governs over ones "Autonomic-Nervous-System:’ but in order to do so, one needs a Consciously wrought goal, which can equate with a “Higher Self,” although in this case it is not that of an Abstract concept; the “Higher Self represents ones Future Self” one seeks to become. When one has forged a Symbolic Goal of a FUTURE SELF, one will then be tuning ones Central-Nervous-System to attain its eventuality, while ones “Autonomic-Nervous-System” of a Double gets one there; when doing so, one may experience Precognitive phenomena; for one is tuning into a Future Self, which is calling back to one.

The technique described in general is what is communicated in much of Ritual Magick, whose understanding is derived from ancient Shamanic practices. For example, the Holy-Guardian-Angel essentially represents ones Future Self, who obviously knows everything one has experienced of Present and that of the Past, while ones Double is surrounded by numerous Emotively Charged Imprints of the Past, which have forged ones Present Self. Ones Present Self of a Metaprogrammer can transform the Past Imprints by transmuting ones Double in order to attain a Future Self one desires; whence one has the Metaprogrammer of the Magician standing amidst the “Ouroboros” of the Magick Circle; for Time is Circular in nature.

When one gains an insight into ones Subconscious Mind via Dreams, one can determine the true nature of ones Double. When Dreaming, one is within a Feminine domain, for ones Dreams are suffused by the Bio-Energy emanating from amidst the Mitochondrial DNA passed down from the Mother to her Children; whereby the Dream is the ‘Shakti’ power of the Double, which can manifest as Spirits whom empower whatever guise one to assume within the Dream; in other words, one Programs ones (Dwell-Point) Self in order to Program a “Spirit” (feminine domain) whom ‘Circles’ one of an informational-Associative Fractal.

The Dream will reflect back whatever guise one assumes as well as the Spirit. If one has any Subconscious issues these will surface to be reflected by the Spirit, which can simply be taken care of by “Transforming it” automatically. Whatever one to experience within the Micro-Cosmic Dream (Daemonic), will then correlate with those (Angelic) Macrocosmic Synchronicities one will thence experience of Consciously engineered reality.


Demons vs Angels, The Devil vs God.

Ok >>>beyond<<< the religious and culturally held viewpoints, there is actually no difference other than different layers of ones Being. The Demons represent the programming/spirit aspect of ones Body and in relation to time the Past/Present…and since they represent ones body they essentially represent the Lower World form of ones self.

The Angel can be thought of as the Energetic Programming/Spirit that stretches out from the body of ones personal energy cells to any distant focus’d upon future. Because of this, the informational body of said angel would be different from the body in the sense that it would have more abstract information/fractal imagery, due to the fact that it is from ones Near and Distant Future (remember…Angels are “Messengers”).

Because of this, there is no difference between Angels and Demons. Ones body is like a Vehicle that has a Demon of Past and Present… where it exists as the energy of the past (Memory) and the Present. The Angel is the energy of the memory of the future that is yet to come…so Angels are like an aspect of self that carries the message of ones future self.

This isn’t just Theory. As written above concerning the Doppelganger I work with my Soul (Doppelganger) and have split it into many Doppelgangers. Therefore, I actually do have experience concerning this. This extra addition of Angels vs Demons fits directly with the Doppelganger post.

Look at it this way. One has “God,” but then one has the big scary “Devil Dog” that guards the NWO in everyones imagination. Dog reversed is God. They are really aspects of the same being. If you strip away all the religion, you have many Beings that are God’s. Not to mention, in the Jewish Kabbalah, one has the 72 names of God (that should’ve raised quite a few eyebrows).

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Difference between Vine and Belial is that Vine is more about divination and going on the offensive which can be destructive to the environment or person/s. Belial could do the same too, however he rather prefers to focus on strategic manipulations of people. Belial essentially has the ability to control all the emotions, thought and expressions and actions of an individual or group of individuals, which completely controls how an event is manifested. This is because Belial is all about…(cough cough)… Letting loose Power so that it may flow…but you see…he also uses finesse to manipulate that flow, and then cranks up the pressure so it flows full force.

Belial is one of the few I know whom could fully possess an individual, permanently change them and control their every action.

I also forgot to add. When calling upon Belial to do a change, one needs to be specific down to the smallest detail concerning some things at least. This is because Belial is about changing things while simultaneously keeping one stabilized. He has the ability to. “Transition” one from one stable environment to another by making many small powerful changes. However, you have to word your requests very specifically. I could do a write up on this, but I’ll save it for another day. To call upon Belial out of all the Goetics is like the equivalent to being given the Master Key to all the power tools to do anything within a given system or outside of a system.


I don’t know about teachings but contact with Belial has certainly made me more aggressive in all aspects of my life. Business, socially, hobbies…

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Hi MichaelSmith. Belial is all about bring ALL POWER down to the Physical Level to greatly empower yourself. If you want to know how he works…a good way of working with him best is figuring out how Energy Manifests and creates Situations or Effects.

On the Physical Level I have experienced:

  1. Empowers Confidence to the point of Stone Cold Pure Ruthlessness.

  2. Makes ones body dense and physically Strong.

  3. Can do the opposite of #2 to make one as light as a feather for specific spirit/magick work.

  4. Can shapeshift and change the physical energetic structure of your energy body. You could literally become a different person.

  5. I’ve literally in front of me seen peoples entire attitudes…demeanor completely change as if they “shapeshifted.” LOL to all thoze conspiracy theorists that see politicians faces shapeshift into Reptillians. Ive seen people go from emotionally cold, to hot angry, to sweet. Belial can drastically ALTER a person. He can even make that more permanent change (this is secret information I will not release. You have to Earn that from him).

  6. Despite what religious folk say, he is not so much associated with drug dealers and criminals. In fact he is present within every element and group of Society. There is nothing he cannot touch which includes Gods people if he wanted to. Also forgot to add, there are those that try to say he is a cursed being and some sort of Outcaste or whatever. This is not true and comes from a religious mindset. When I say he is present within every element of society and controls EVERYTHING from the beginning until the end of time… I am not kidding. Your ability to be able to call upon him and gdt him to do certain things regarding this in understanding the physical world will depend and reflect ipon your knowledge which he will teach you. Knowledge is Power and he is the Master. If he doesnt teach you outright and you know something he will gladly carry it out to test your theory (he tezts out christians vs thoze true to the path).

  7. He also happens to be the Guardian Angel of Daath. As Daath/Da’at means “belief” which is information working reality. Belial is THE meaning he is the one whom exercises that knowledge and so actually Rules all Spheres on the Tree in its entirety.


This is a GENERAL guide for those that don’t have it on hand. It is important to know these associations because it helps you understand how the Heirarchy operates with their powers, most especially King Belials. Keep in mind this is a GENERAL guide as there are more advanced “configurations” which understanding will come with practice and asking the spirits anyway. These are Goetic Associative Correspondences of Planets in relation to the 7 “Chakras.”

Planet - SUN
Metal - GOLD
Chakra - Solar Plexus (3rd chakra)

Planet - MOON
Metal - SILVER
Chakra - Pineal Gland (center of head 6th chakra)

Planet - MERCURY
Metal - Q-SILVER
Chakra - Throat (5th chakra)

Planet - VENUS
Metal - COPPER
Chakra - Heart (4th chakra)

Planet - MARS
Metal - IRON
Chakra - Naval (2nd chakra)

Planet - JUPITER
Metal - TIN
Chakra - Top of Head Crown (7th chakra)

Planet - SATURN
Metal - LEAD
Chakra - Genitals/crotch area (1st chakra)


Great thread. Very inspirational to see this info.

Its already happening but will pick up pace. There will be a great cleansing just look around at the world around you.

I have to say, this does make me interested in Belial. Are you sure you aren’t familiar with Faustus Brow’s work, because some of what you put here is almost like a direct rip of his stuff hahaha.

I am familiar with alot of peoples work, but not “famous” people. Some things will be changing of course regarding Belial…for example:

  • Star Trek Belial will change to a different “Ark/Ship” theme. =) This will be utilized more to be custom tailored to my own symbol system. This of course has nothing to do with anyone here. This is all about me and whomever actually validates my reality.

  • It will not be politically/religiously influenced other than what I deem necessary. I’m not interested in being caught up in other peoples non-sense.

  • and there will be a number of different shamanick masks to go with it.


Regarding “Enns.” It is highly recommended you dont utilize Enns with Belial, because he cannot stand the christian associations to it despite it being channeled from Satan and Demons =) Do not ask me why as he told me this, just use his classical sigil without any Intent backed by judeo-xian nonsense.


So the lirac tasa vefa wehl Belial is not to be used?

This is UPG (as is Biosynth’s comment of course) but he’s told me he likes that enn - then again he also never objected to me using the Goetia sigil, whereas with some people, he’s specified he prefers the Dukante sigil.

When I first began to evoke him, he’d flash the Goetia sigil as his ID - only after I did the artwork of it did he start to show me the Dukante sigil instead. I didn’t ask why because it seemed irrelevant to me.

I presume none of us are making stuff up, and all the people who commented seem to be getting results, so probably the best thing to do is ask him yourself what he wants for/from you?

I say this because UPG (unverified or unsupported personal gnosis) is sometimes only useful or relevant to the person it’s revealed to, for reasons that baffle me, whereas a more widespread perception (like that Belial will frequently offer opinions on how to change your sex life) become verified and supported when it happens often enough to different people.

So no disrespect intended there to Biosynth at all, I’m just offering my experience to add to the database. :slight_smile:

Yes, that enn is what I use. He never appears alone to me in my dreams, last night after doing the gateway ritual, there was a ton of people with him, one I remember had a long face and one giant hair braid going down his/her back.

The term ENNS, is said to be derived from the word, Enochian; however, it is often used as a surname, which originates from the German. The word Enns is derived from a short form of the German given name as ANSELM.

The ancient Germanic name Anselm is derived from the Germanic elements ans “god” and helm “helmet, protection”. The name was brought to England during the late 11th century by Saint Anselm, who was born in Northern Italy. He was archbishop of Canterbury and a Doctor of the Church.

As for the occult usage of Enns, the term was used by Richard Dukante; he was apparently born around 1931, who is considered to be a generational Demonlator. It is said that he established what was known as the Shadow Guild of Demonolators. He mingled amidst the demonolatry community who said that he had ascended to the demonic plane where his God, Satan showed him numerous Demons he wrote detailed descriptions of.

It was from these descriptions that the Dukante’ Heirarchy of (Enns) Demons was established. Dukante’ himself was seen as lunatic by the occult community, just as the Catholic Church sees Channellers as being mad if they claim to see Angels.

Dukante is mostly unknown today. Dukante’ wrote some 25 books on demonolatry, known as the Dukante’ Grimores, which are presently in the hands of his daughter Selinda Dukante.

You could see the usage of ‘Enns’ as a sideswipe at Paul P. Enns, who is an evangelical Christian pastor, Biblical scholar and writer who serves as a full-time minister at Idlewild Baptist Church in Lutz, Florida, and as adjunct professor at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Unlike Dukante, Enns is notable as being one of the translators of the updated New American Standard Bible who is the author of The Moody Handbook of Theology.

In addition to The Moody Handbook of Theology, Enns has also the authored other Christian ‘Grimoires’ about his Biblical God, such as the, Manners & Customs of Bible Times (2000), Approaching God: Daily Reflections for Growing Christians (2003), and Heaven Revealed: What Is It Like? What Will We Do?.. And 11 Other Things You’ve Wondered About (2011), and “Everything Happens for a Reason, God’s Purposes in a World Gone Bad” (2012) along with a number of Biblical commentaries, including four volumes in the Bible Commentary Series.

Looks like Bible thumper Enns has authored as many Grimoires about his God as Dukante has written about his God, Satan and accompanying Demonic Enns.

My point…it all still sits within the biblical paradigm even if its demonic. Think about that just a little.

It’s a fair point for sure, but Belial seems to really hate religion, so I wonder if he doesn’t enjoy that reversal?