Teaching Suggestions for us Old Farts

By way of an introduction to this post: I’m female, 58, and I have about 45+ years experience with magick and metaphysics. I have been a part of several occult organizations and private groups, both positive and negative, and have an extensive occult library that now has it’s own room.

I have recently been asked to start teaching, but I could use some suggestions, since I have absolutely no idea yet where to start with creating a lesson plan!

I’m hoping that those here who have also been at this a while might have some ideas for me on where I might start with new students who wish to learn evocation and invocation, and working with various spirits.

For someone who wishes to learn ceremonial magick specifically (my basic forte), I’m thinking they may want some instruction in Kabbalah (both sides), astrology, understanding the grimoires, symbolism, sigils, history(?), etc., as well as some knowledge of various spirits, angels, and the types of beings that can end up tricking the magician into thinking they’ve contacted someone they haven’t.

From the newer folks here, I’d be interested in hearing what you think an experienced teacher should offer, and in what order you think would be helpful for someone starting out.

I realize not everyone wants or needs a teacher. I didn’t have a particular teacher myself, but I’ve had the pleasure of knowing quite a few talented magicians over the years that taught me much. I would love to return that favor to those who are asking me to.

Any suggestions or help on this would be very appreciated! :slight_smile:


I think you’re right on about the fundamentals

All of the above.


That’s a new term to me! There’s always more to learn. :slight_smile:

The potential students I’m referring to are local to my area, along with a few online. No one in this forum at this time, although once I come up with a logical lesson plan, I may consider offering it here. Most likely, however, it will be on a dedicated forum or website.


Where would you suggest I start?


I’d start with the kaballah, perhaps move into correspondences, invocations, astrology, training of the clairs…

Definitely a solid understanding of basic kaballah would be essential. That’s my opinion.


I think BALG would greatly benefit from what you’re talking about.


I’m still not clear on what you mean by “clairs?”

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I’m sorry the clairsenses, clairaudience, clairvoyance, ect


I’ll be sure to post here if I manage to come up with a lesson plan.


Personally, I would start the student off with just basic meditation, and concentration work, while dropping some foundational theory, before delving into anything specific like Kabbalah, or even sigils, because if they can’t maintain focus, then their mind, and thus their energy, will be scattered when they start into spells and ritual.

I know meditation isn’t as “cool” as evocation of spirits, and spells to get the attention of your crush, but there is a reason most, if not all, courses on magick, start there.


OH!! LOL That’s a great term. :slight_smile:


Oh, absolutely! I tend to not even take on a student unless they’ve been regularly meditating. You’re right, though, I should build that into the daily routine for a student. Thanks for that reminder!


A short overview of kabbalah would be helpful. I tried to read about it, but I still don’t understand what it’s for. It seems like I’m supposed to imagine/visualize myself in different spheres?? Sorry, I don’t get how this is useful.

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Of all the books I’ve read on Kabbalah, I would recommend John Michael Greer’s Paths of Wisdom. I personally prefer Dion Fortune’s The Mystical Qabalah, but that might be a bit too in-depth to begin with. It’s definitely a second choice, though.

You can think of the Tree as a map of the Cosmos, as well as Consciousness. By doing pathworkings into each sphere using the paths, you’re working on specific parts of your psyche and emotional makeup. A great deal of personal growth can come from doing this. (I personally wouldn’t recommend working with the Qlippoth, or Tree of Death, if you haven’t yet worked with the Tree of Life.)


I echo the fundamentals, but the prerequisites before fundamentals:
Basic energy work/circulation
Psychicism, Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience etc
Dealing with astral parasites for self detection and removal
Building the chakras, solar body and the other layers (etheric, astral, etc, will be necessary post parasite removal)
Good diet, sleep and exercise


Yes, thanks for that! Those are all excellent ideas! I definitely agree that energy work, focus, and concentration are the best places to start. That would give the foundation necessary for the work.

I’m also thinking that having students start with a magickal diary or journal of some sort in which they keep track of their meditations and exercises. That way, when they’re ready to start working, they’ll already be in the habit of keeping records.


A record is vital. I still keep one, a dream journal is a very solid tool too.

I’m of the mind the first few excercises in Franz Bardons initiation into hermetics is a great tool for aspiring magicians to master.

We had a newer student here on balg recently take it all the way to like step 7 or 8 and that dude was on fire!!!

I had the pleasure of doing some group work with him and I can say for sure the dude hit well above his weight class. Bardon is awesome.


Ok so I’m going to share what I’d look for in a course. I’ll also share questions I’ve always had and answers were nowhere, which I learnt with time and some that are still unanswered.

  1. Basics and history of magick/evocation.
  2. What does evocation achieve
  3. What should the practitioner expect?
  4. How to meditate correctly
  5. How to meditate correctly
  6. How to meditate correctly
  7. How to develop the Clairs
  8. What to offer the spirits and how to make offerings
  9. How to dispose off offerings.
  10. What to do with spent candle wax, can it be reuused to make new candles?
  11. A daily regimen of discipline to keep one sharp for spirit contact
  12. How to identify an imposter, parasite or something that doesn’t belong
  13. How to get rid of these spirits
  14. Grounding
  15. How to raise energy and direct it
  16. How to scan people
  17. How to divine
  18. Responsibility and best practices during baneful magick
  19. How to not shit yourself when a Demon comes to you at night unexpectedly.
  20. How not lust for results
  21. How to control yourself from posting on BALG “I did my ritual, didn’t hear or see anything, did the Demons accept my request?”
  22. How to not lose faith when things go sideways after magick. Sometimes things go sideways to clear a path for the end goal.
  23. How to treat and take care of Familiars
  24. How to stay humble once your magick starts working like a charm.

I don’t know where you would put this one in, but if your student has a natural gift, than helping that student hone it would be great too. Perhaps something like a specialized course for that student as they learn the basics.


All excellent questions! I take it evocation is your goal, which is a specific branch of magick. Are you saying that, at least in your case, you’re not looking for an overall course in magick, but in spirit work specifically?

I’ll attempt to answer some of these, though not all, as some would take an entire class or lecture. Still, I appreciate all the ideas!


There is no “correct” way to meditate. Just start by putting aside 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night. Just focus on your breathing, and observe your thoughts as they come and go. After a while, try to get up to 20 minutes at a time, preferably twice a day if you can. You’ll find that not only will your magick improve a great deal, but your mind will settle down and you’ll overall just feel better.

Meditate. :wink: There are also exercises that can be done, but I wouldn’t start on that until a meditation habit is established. This really is all important for any magician, and I can’t stress it enough!

All depends on the spirit, really. Thanks for mentioning this as a specific topic. This would take some explaining. They all like different things, and disposing of demons is, for me, by burying them in the earth afterward (after they’ve been on my altar for a certain specified period of time). With angel offerings, I’m fortune to have a spring on my property for theirs.

The candles I use don’t leave any wax behind, but if a candle is consecrated to a certain deity or demon, I wouldn’t personally use it for another one.

I would start with meditation (I know I’m a broken record on this one), then once that’s established, I would teach various banishing rituals before I would get into any evocation techniques. The LBRP, in my opinion, is always useful, but there are others one should know, particularly for the stronger beings.

All very important, and this takes time and practice to learn how to discern.

Can you be more specific about this one? What is your goal with this one?

This one needs to be learned before evocation; otherwise, unless you’re clairvoyant or clairaudient, you’ll need tarot or skrying, for example, to have a two-way communication.

Good one. Another entire class or more on this one.

If you’ve done your protection rituals and daily exercises religiously (so to speak), this shouldn’t happen. Setting up wards around your living area is important. And if you’re going to evoke something to a PHYSICAL appearance, I wouldn’t recommend doing it in your house at all.

Understanding who and what these beings are goes a long way toward not having an immediate fear reaction if they do this.

I don’t personally see demons as “evil,” but rather chaotic. It’s simply in their nature to cause havoc in our physical reality. It’s just what they do, and some do it without having the desire to actually harm or cause fear.

Parasites are another matter, however, but even in this case, staying calm is the best thing you can do. These feed on fear and anxiety, and will use every trick in their book to make you have those reactions. Starving them is the most effective way to get rid of them. And if that fails, knowing ways to turn the tables on them and feed on THEIR energy, or to destroy them outright, will take care of them.

There really is no “how” on this one. Just don’t. If it pops into your mind, change the feeling to one of gratitude for the work that’s being done for you. Thinking about rituals afterward is one of the surest ways to muddy up the magick and kill the potential effect.

This is a part of learning confidence as a magician. No one can answer this except you and the spirit. Besides, talking about a ritual before you get your result is a no-no. It muddies the energetic waters in a big way. Remember the old axiom: “To Know, To Dare, To Will, To Keep Silent.”

And, more often than not, both demons and angels can be very quiet about their presence. You can request or demand a show, if that’s what you need, but if you’re using the correct sigils and have done your homework, I’ve always found it still works whether things start flying around in the room or not.

You just answered this one yourself. :wink:

A whole class in itself.

There’s some debate about whether you need to be humble or not. I think it’s good sense to be humble, especially since good magick makes you a good magician, not necessarily a god or even a good person. This kind of thing comes with age, too. Us old farts here have been at this for so long it’s become a way of life, so it now seems like brushing my teeth or making lunch. It’s just the way I take care of things I need in my life that I can’t get in any other way.

Thanks for taking the time to write out your questions. It really does help me get an idea of where to start. And you seem like you’re going to be an excellent magickal student someday if you’re not already.