Teach me how to destroy <Parasites>

Please teach me how to crush Parasites

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Why don’t you ask the Demon King you will soon be making a pact with?

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this is real! I did not pay attention to him, but… Does Lucifer really have time to protect me?

What if he is busy with something I don’t even know Lucifer how to think and where he is

I summoned once a parasite and attached it to someone who deserved it.

I feed it energy when I focus on it.

I image to destroy it I would need to starve it, let it shrivel and when it’s dead it will detach.

What’s the situation?

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My condition is that I do not detect it with the sensor

I feel if there is a soul with me, but I do not feel Parasites

I don’t even know what it is

Please, what are parasites and how are they formed?

Can it be controlled? What is it even recycled?

‘‘I feel if there is a soul with me, but I do not feel Parasites’’

I’m sorry this confused me a bit - can you clarify.
I can only really offer my UPG here and that is, I reached into the Abyss and found it, pulled it out and attached it. I could see if clearly with my Mind’s Eye using of course my meditation techniques and magick cirle.

I know this seems very watered down, and I apologise, but that’s all I can offer.

Have you tried researching the topic in books and online?

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Yes, I did, now I have the Banish methods in fact i have more than 3 methods to BANISH

Lucifer can’t be “too busy” to help you, that’s not how this works. The spirits will often appear in at least vaguely humanoid forms, but in truth they are more like forces and powers at work in reality, like gravity or friction. They will appear in forms that make sense to the human mind to allow us some understanding of their true nature.

If you have already banished, and you still feel that you are surrounded by parasites, this is either a product of your own fear clouding your perception, or perhaps your first ordeal with Lucifer.

Light-workers will often place great emphasis on cleansing and purification, and many will banish multiple times a day in an attempt to keep out what they perceive as “dirty” or “illusory.” A speck of dirt will stand out severely on a white background, but on black it is imperceptible.

You may find that in working with Lucifer you become more comfortable being around parasites. They are everywhere. You may spend your time obsessively cleansing yourself and fearing them and attempting to keep them away, or you may move through the world with confidence and strength.

When you inevitably encounter a real parasite (not one that you make up in your head), you may find that Lucifer grants you plenty of tools for dealing with them as you wish.


Thank you so much

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Do an LBRP and pray to Archangels

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What is LBRP? And how to pray to Archangels?

There’s many threads on here with that information, please do go and research you may even surprise yourself with what you find

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I am already know what I looking for but I want always find something new and effective

That’s your problem. Instead of actually practicing any of the different techniques to find out what works best for you, you are always on the look out for the newest shiny toy and running around like a toddler hopped up on sugar. Maybe you should actually spend some time learning and practicing instead continually asking never ending questions.