Tarot reading training , 3 readings per day

Hello !

I’m starting to practice tarot divination, and I need to do it regularly.

You can ask me anything, but please avoid stuff that would make the reading take responsibility on the issue for example ‘‘Should I do this/that’’ . If you can questions should be more oriented to ‘‘What would happen if I keep doing this … in the matter of…’’ or for instance ‘‘What would happen if I ask this spirit for that issue’’.

I shall provide the following information :

  • How unknown forces influence the issue
  • Spiritual advice
  • How your subconscious mind views the issue (might be something you do not expect)
  • How your conscious mind views the issue
  • Practical Advice
  • Foreseen end result, if you continue on your path without dramatic changes

Now please take it with a grain of salt, as I’ve been only doing it for about a week ^^ sometimes I get precise and insightful results, sometimes they don’t seem to make any sense


I’d like one. Will I get what I want as far as relationship/romance is concerned in the near/medium future?

Hope I worded it well enough for you to work with. Thank you.

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I’d like to get the read please. Will my manifestation be fulfilled? What will I be like in 3 years?

Unknown forces (or circumstances/synchronicities) seem to seek to provide you with wisdom on how to manage your emotions, you seem to have some psychological/behavior habits patterns that are not optimal for seduction or might be exploitable by a malevolent/manipulative partner.
(Hermit + Reversed hierophant)

Spiritual advice would be : to be patient about it and be willing to explore/experience/test potential partners without engaging in anything meaningful with them (temperance)

Subconscious opinion : considers that a romance/relationship will be beneficial to you (sun)

Conscious mind: seems to be pessimistic about the idea that it will lead to a fruitful/pleasant experience

Practical advice : if you rush it , expect deception (moon)

End result : if you change nothing about your approach you might end up by being weakened (psychologically/emotionally I guess) (reversed strength)

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Just one question please and a bit more precise

Thank you

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What would happen if i start relationship with entity who is with me?@HelixArc

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Will my petitions to beelzebub be fully granted?

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Hi @HelixArc Can I know if the message I received in my mind last night was really Lilith or was it just my subconscious? Thanks

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Can you do a reading on what I will become in the future?

Unknown forces (or circumstances/synchronicities) seem to suggest that if you keep working with this spirit you will encounter success, but this has to be done knowledgeably and cautiously
(The star + Hermit)

Spiritual advice would be : You won’t meet the expectations that you might have of such relationship, which will lead to deception (Moon)

Subconscious opinion : That this would be the wrong path for your spiritual development and will lead you astray (Reversed Universe)

Conscious mind: seems to be somewhat optimistic about the idea (reversed sun)

Practical advice : Going into this relationship may result as a loss of magickal authority over this entity, and thus might not be beneficial for you (Reversed Empress)

End result : Getting closer to this spirit at this moment, would be made through OR could lead to an emotionally exploitable breach of your psyche, that should not be exploited. (reversed Hierophant)

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Unknown forces (or circumstances/synchronicities) it seems that you’re trying to balance yourself, your expectations and patience in order to not crave for the results but somewhere deep you are afraid of not obtaining the ones you wish (Justice + Reversed moon)

Spiritual advice would be : Spirits seem to advice you to avoid imagining the outcomes or the way that the results should manifest, trying to find any logical/rational explanations for that matter (Reversed Empress)

Subconscious opinion : Seem to be afraid of the consequences or acting overly cautious regarding the matter of this petition (Reversed Hermit)

Conscious mind: Basically, you are confident about the results and you know that success will manifest sooner or later (Emperor)

Practical advice : You will be confronted to a situation (or maybe you already are) where you’ll have to make a choice, it will be linked to the matter of this petition, it is adviced (for some reason) to pick the most morally ‘‘acceptable’’ answer, which displays goodness and mercy, for the best future outcome (Hierophant)

End result : The petition has been fully heard by the spirit and will be fully granted, the magick will be successful (The magician)

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Hi Smaug,

Every card that I pulled for your question indicated that it was Lilith indeed, and none suggested an imposter (magician + justice) Spiritual advice : encouraging you to find out a deeper meaning of this message. (hermit)

Interestingly your subconscious (death) and conscious (judgement) are both expecting a big change/transformation that is connected to that message. Practical advice would be to spiritually prepare and/or empower yourself for the upcoming changes (strength), otherwise this change will weaken you (reversed hierophant)


can you be a little more specific please ? what would you like to know exactly about your future

How successful will I be in life and in magick?

Thank you very much!!! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you so much.

You have a good card, so accurate.

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Hey there :slight_smile:

What will happen if I keep interacting with the being around me that I believe to be a female spirit?

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I will take one.

While knowing the value in a fellow human being or nation, why am I so adverse against India and it’s pantheon?

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I’d like one regarding my love life