Tarot reading training , 3 readings per day

May I have one considering my love life. Thank you

May I have a reading? working with Belial

I’d like a reading. I have a question in regards to a deal I’m trying to make with Satan. Thanks ahead of time.

Hey Chriss,

Here’s the reading.

Unknown forces (or circumstances/synchronicities) : Looks you feel ‘‘good’’ while interacting with this spirit, you feel reinvigorated perhaps a sensation close to being high, yet you also feel that there’s a certain lack of control sometimes, that this entity might take advantage of you or something might slip in an undesired way (reserved strength + reversed hanged man)

Spiritual advice : to ‘‘meet’’ with this spirit under a more ritual-like experience, or perhaps use a certain system of magick that your comfortable with. (Empress)

Subconscious opinion : that there’s need of certain equilibrium , perhaps a need for moderation as well, to make longer breaks when meeting this spirit again (temperance)

Conscious opinion : Thinks that you might work with this spirit for overcoming struggles or other mundane desires (chariot)

Practical Advice : Again, it indicates a lack of magickal knowledge that need to be fulfilled for the best outcome (reversed magician)

Final Result : Happiness and contentment ! This relation will lead to good outcome and the spirit’s intentions are benevolent towards you

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Hi, this method is not adapted to answer general ‘‘why’’ questions but more to predict a result of something and provide advices… Now I still tried for your question and there was some relevant cards…

Unknown forces (or circumstances/synchronicities) : There’s clearly a discord with the indian pantheon and it is explained by a certain change or transformation that you underwent that doesn’t please them ? Other way of seeing this has something to do with your birth, that since you’ve been physically birth this pantheon did not apply to you… (Reversed lovers + Judgement)

Spiritual Advice would be… to be more tolerant towards them but without seeking to work with them, just to give a distant form of respect (reversed fool)

Subconscious : shows that it knows exactly why , because high priestess symbolizes knowledge

Conscious : No content and unhappiness towards them for some reason (reserved sun)

End result : Slight deception (reversed moon)

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Thank you, will ponder the reading :slight_smile:

Wow, Im a little speechless.
First of all thank you for the reading.
Second of all the things I can confirm are spot on. And the things I cant confirm (like advice) seem like a really fantastic idea.
Im honestly kind of shocked how good this fits.
Very good job Helix and thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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If you’re up for it, I’d like one please.

Hey whenever you can, I’d like one about future career.
Specifically, I quit a safe secure job to pursue something kinda ambitious and curious how successful I can expect to be/not to be.
Thank you for your time

Yes please! About me (Anastasia) and stratis :slight_smile: Thank you

Sorry for not providing readings at the moment, I had a period of finals but it’s finally over so I’ll slowly start doing readings next week !

Hello, I’d really like to ask, How does my subconscious mind view myself as? And what will my life’s themes be this year 2022? Thank you in advance!!

Sorry was busy all these months, but here I am with some free time !

@Snow88 @Czar_Lish @eric433 @Aryaa_57 are you guys still up for a reading? same questions ?


Hey! Yes my questions are the same although instead of the year 2022 id like to ask for the year 2023 if possible, thank you

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Sure, no worries, take your time. Yes same question would be great, thank you!

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@HelixArc Is this still open?

“If possible, I would like “Spiritual, Practical advice.” Thank you.

If you could, I would like a reading about my path, and my potential future in magick.

I would like one on my spiritual journey and career

Yes i am but my question is defferent. I would love a reading on my love life please. I am single with nobody in mind