Tarot Readers How do You Protect Yourselves?

Hi everyone last week for some reason I was nudged by the universe to check up on a friend that I also do business with. I typically talk to her every week regardless but last week something in my spirit told me something was wrong with her. When I contacted her she replied to say we have a real connection and she isn’t doing well. The next day she told me she was at the doctor and later that same day she said she almost collapsed as a result of exhaustion in the doc’s office.

Yesterday I was nudged again and I did a reading on her and got 9 of swords a gloomy card. As I pulled the card my body kind of jumped and a sensation came into my head. Ever since doing the reading I don’t feel well myself, I have a tingling in my head. I reached out to her a few hours ago to check up on her and silence.

She’s a really good friend and I am really concerned. I am wondering if I should send positive energy towards her with a spell or if I should just leave her alone and work on me since some energy seems to have spilled on me. The next thing is that she isn’t in the occult at all and views it in a negative light.

I did use some spiritual waters on myself today and I am abt to do lbrp right now.

What I really want to ask is what other readers typically do to prevent this type of stuff from happening?


I don’t think this is because of the cards, specifically. It sounds like a parasite was bothering her and jumped to you. The cards were a link but would have been a phone call. Parasites as they get bigger can infect multiple people at once and they typically jump to the next easiest target in line.

So I’d look at this as a “how to not be a target for parasites” in a general way. And like a lot of these things, it’s not really worth going all out on trying to block 100 percent of the avenues, 80 percent will do and them knowing how o get rid of them if tere’s an issue.

This is what “having good spiritual hygiene” is all about: trying to beef up your protections and knowing a few self defence moves so you are not an easy target.

So the next question is, what are your current protections in place? They seem to have failed, so it would be good to know why and whether you need to fix anything (you might not).

Do you have any wards and shields up normally? With the banishing, what happened?


I “stick my chin out”, take the lumps until they bounce off,

but some feelings or sensations like that are important. I’m a little worried about your friend as well…


Regularly cleanse your cards, and keep them shielded when not in use. Do the same with yourself.


I thought it was really silly to wrap my cards without cases in foil…

Until I once discovered someone was trying to influence my cards to say what I wanted them to, because they wanted me to see basically a glamour- what they wanted.

But my cards told me… it was a really strange occurrence and if I hadn’t had a physical witness I wouldn’t have believed it. Basically the first five cards hinted at the draw being an illusion, which is a really strange thing to see with cards you use to dispel illusion in your life.

Otherwise @sailing the same as above, good spiritual hygiene. I was originally not real sure since her symptoms are rather physical and wouldn’t be entirely abnormal for someone not used to reading- but your response sounds exactly like a people hopping energy sucker to me, making me inclined to agree.

Either way the answer is spiritual hygiene. I don’t actually wrap my cards in foil, this is basically to link your actions and intent and direct it- do it if it, not if it doesn’t. You can cleanse and clear them like any physical object, or you can do it with your energy and shielding like techniques.

Wrap them in a layer of protective energy basically. But this helps more passively than with reading for someone afflicted, so it’s only part of a solution.

Anytime you even go near another person you can pick up whatever they are carrying, same as if they have a cold virus is sneeze near ya.

Some people will pick things up easier than others- my husband drives my crazy, I’ve sworn if he drug something back from a friend whose spouse or selfs was contaminated one more time…

About a dozen times :rofl:. They aren’t actually all bad anymore I’ve had some come along that wanted help from me too, so I don’t proclaim it as often as I used to!

But yeah, always be careful doing readings on others, receiving readings and all things spiritually related. Anytime you brush against someone else’s energy, even if it’s just in a reply here to someone else- you can pick stuff.

Good job recognizing something was wrong and taking action right away! :blush:

You could also employ a servitor to help/stand guard while reading, but I agree with worrying about the majority of the problem will take care of most of the outliers.

Most of these things are actually pretty whimsy no matter how tough the sound to the newbies. They don’t actually want to die, they want to keep thriving so if they believe you can make them die- they’ll usually fuck off.


I have this “cast iron pan” policy that probably lacks due hygiene. It works, but I see where people would want to clense lol


I don’t think there’s inherently anything wrong with that if the individual can handle the problems on the slight that they crop up.

I never used to do much this either, I haven’t any problems with spirits coming at me randomly, even the ones that sludge home and ooze off my man don’t bother me, they irritate me though because I see what it does to him… so not allowed!

Usually once they enter my space they are more than amicable but I have had trouble with people, spiritual people mostly…

Like not long ago I was woke up by a spiritual hit man… told me which cemetery he was hired out of and everything…

It was kinda hilarious because he was naked and I had been trying to sleep only to find myself instead being attacked by a dead naked, scrawny man whom immediately fessed up when I took a hold of him…

So I hear ya but I personally got tired of people being asshats. oh you don’t like what I say, I’ll show you.

I haven’t had nearly as much of that kind of thing since I started being more regular with maintenance. I didn’t expect to need to do it, but life seems to be easier if I do.


I know what you’re talking about.
And I do need to give my shit more consideration.
Thanks for your input.
That was badass.

I need to spray myself after smoking weed too lol

Seriously though.
Thank you.


@Mulberry I have slacked off where protection is concerned I think this could partly be due to any enemy working so that I become demotivated. After reading this thread though I did a bunch of stuff. My typical protections would be LBRP, spiritual baths (many taken from that draja’s book spiritual cleansing), using spiritual waters, i do say robert bruce’s affirmation daily a member here told me about in I think in the year I first joined. Thanks for linking the thread!

@DarkestKnight they are overdue for a cleanse will be cleansing using palo santo incense smoke tonight and I will be smudging myself with palo santo tonight too. Thank u!

@Keteriya I do agree with the spiritual hygiene I need to get back to doing it regularly. I also bathe every day with the green ayurvedic soap said to work for spiritual hygiene. True at the receiving readings got a reading here already and the reader told me in pm that he thought his energy maybe spilled on me.

I have never had a lot of luck with servitors but I see some new books about them that i have meaning to check out. Thanks so much for the reply!


I haven’t noticed any lately but I have been too busy to look.

I like Elwood, and the Forty Servants seems sound, plus there’s a bunch of mine running around here too, so if you do pursue it and have any questions maybe I can help :slight_smile:

I didn’t use them as much as I do now, until I realized how well they worked as an alarm system! Or a reminder, motivational nudge etc :joy:

I find most work that I don’t take into a targeted ritual is appropriate for servitors in my practice, though for a while I didn’t see nearly as many uses.

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9 of Swords. Mental anguish. Worrying over another. The Swords, suit of air and the association of communication, thought, and clarity. 9, related back to the major arcana IX The Hermit, associated with turning focus inwards in a search for truth through introspection. Combined, it shows one has turned their own thoughts against themselves. Mr. Obvious cards strike again. Your deck was being snarky and saying, “You’re overthinking again.”

I have received similar non-answer messages in my own readings, particularly by pulling XVIII The Moon. Basically boils down to not wanting to tell you shit. Perthos in runes. “Try again later” magic 8 ball.

I do not sense you are under attack in this particular instance. However, full disclosure: this may not necessarily true if you have a parasite trying to hide itself and where I’m not attempting a full scan but an impression, such a cursory glance can lead to such a thing being missed.

The headache pain may very well be your third eye being overstimulated, particularly if you seldom exercise the astral senses associated with the practice of tarot reading. It is not uncommon, especially when reading for others, to feel drained and/or develop headaches when you first begin. One can view this similarly to the muscle aches experienced the day after beginning a new weight-lifting program. If you continue training on a regular basis, it’ll become easier and your muscles won’t ache the next day like they did at the beginning.

Question though: it sounds like you and your friend psychically were linked in connection with one another, especially where she confirms your claircognizant insight that she was physically unwell. Did you break your connection since? If not, imagine your friend is standing 10 feet before you and a cord is connecting your third eye to hers. See the cord dissolving away completely. You can further reinforce a boundary between you by picturing a tall brick wall between you both.

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